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anonymous, August 11, 2022
These frequencies are making a huge positive impact on both my husband and I. Love the audibles!!
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anonymous, August 11, 2022
Immediate relief!
Nick, August 11, 2022
Seems to help me
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MP, August 06, 2022
In October of 2021, I was diagnosed with a high blood sugar of 7.2. I went to work to find out what I could do. Through a friend, I found the dietary guidance of Dr John McDougall and also started using this Diabetes 2.0 IC. This past June, I had new blood work done and my blood sugar level is now down to 5.9!! Thank you all again for this wonderful and amazing site!
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Guidoni Valérie, August 04, 2022
very effective if I put 10 drops in 1/2l of water and drink it from 6 p.m. I no longer wake up with nocturnal cramps in the lower limbs.
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Marian Roper, August 02, 2022
when I am short of sleep... this IC really works well....
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Denise Black, August 02, 2022
great for recovery after workout
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Jossilynn Flewelling, August 02, 2022
Balanced. Alive. Vibrant. Clear. Calm. Content. Ease. Love. Life. Beauty. Abundance.
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anonymous, August 02, 2022
Sore eyes and headache from looking at computer screens too much got better after drinking this IC. I was surprised with quick result.
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Nola Miguel, August 01, 2022
Dogs are great love it
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anonymous, July 31, 2022
Last night I sprained my knee. I have felt decrease in pain after completing this IC. I am also pairing it with the Ibuprofen IC for inflammation. I had trouble walking this am but am eager to see how this goes.
Marian Roper, July 31, 2022
I use this IC for my plants - indoors and out - with great results!
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anonymous, July 30, 2022
This is working---and the option was not one I would agree to: Angio, Medication,(several) and ultimately Open Heart Surgery! There was no way I would go that route without first trying to reverse the problem natures way!
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Claudia Zarik, July 30, 2022
My husband says this works well after a night of over indulging! Sometimes it takes a couple of doses: so drink 2 ounces wait an hour and drink again. Definitely speeds recovery.
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anonymous, July 28, 2022
knocks the headache right out
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jeanpaul Béret, July 28, 2022
Hello, I have been taking Sildenafil IC for about two weeks and I notice a real effect on my erection and also on the sensations that I had lost in the penis. I will continue with the more complete "male potency" complex. Thanks !
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Nathanael, July 27, 2022
I started using this for allergies at night and it is fantastic. I wake up more rested, without a stuffy nose, sneezing, or headache. My son doesn't wheeze in the morning when he uses this. If I skip it for a few days... my body lets me know!
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Daphné, July 24, 2022
My husband sleeps much better when he takes this IC before bed. Its deep sleep range is much wider.
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Carol, July 23, 2022
great. this, so far, is the complex that is working well for me.
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Mohamed , July 23, 2022
Wonderful response by a pre-teen in a village in East Africa. The boy is diabetic and was bed ridden. Parents reported lack of appetite, extreme fatigue and weight loss, etc. He was given Diabetic 2.0 & All In One on first day and Metabolism Support & Diabetes Complex 2.0 in day 2 and amazingly the boy's appetite returned, fatigue all but disapppeared and was running around around playing with his friends. The boy's parents wholeheartedly thank the infopathy team and the noble work they are doing.
Nick, July 22, 2022
It’s working very good for me
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anonymous, July 21, 2022
Great. It feels like taking a good multi-vitamin.
anonymous, July 20, 2022
I have low adrenal function but when I use this water you wouldn't know that! Love this formula...
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Dr. Eberhard Kern, July 19, 2022
I have a histamine intolerance and therefore poor digestion. Digestion works wonderfully with this IC.
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anonymous, July 19, 2022
I felt much better after I used this IC. I had severe pain from fibroids and decided to try this remedy. I will use this this everyday until I am cured.
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Kevin Brick, July 16, 2022
Before, during and after strenuous workouts, I drink a x4 mixture of Mitochondrial Booster, x2 Supercharged Water and recently added x1 Deuterium Depleted Water. It has helped me not to have to take a nap after working out!
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Janice , July 14, 2022
This IC has significantly reduced my irritable bowel syndrome.
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anonymous, July 12, 2022
Seems to be taking the edge off for my son’s moods - helps avoid meltdowns.
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anonymous, July 12, 2022
I have been using this IC for about a month now. I haven't seen much of a difference in my symptoms but are continuing to use it. It has been a few years that I have had this issue so I know that it could take time to heal.
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Sonia Roy Hamon, July 11, 2022
My plants are superb since I give them water with Infopathy
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Katja Riemer, July 10, 2022
I had a tough, wandering BWS problem. The IC helped in the end I think :-)
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