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Donna Kearney, June 06, 2023
Helped me to get off my regular meds and BP is getting better now. Feeling better too. 
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Nick, June 06, 2023
I usually drink it at bed time and during the night when I wake up. 
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anonymous, June 05, 2023
anonymous, June 05, 2023
I've been using this on my cesarean scar for 3 weeks and the difference is amazing. Scar is 2 years old, the redness has completely disappeared and the actual tissue is slow becoming more flat. I find the process relaxing. I run the PEMF along the scar line, usually taking 3 sometimes 4 sessions to complete the scar. I try daily, ideally am and pm, but sometimes it's every other day. Highly recommend trying it out on a scar!
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Jodelle Fitzwater, June 04, 2023
Worked very well clearing mucus from my daughter's lungs when she developed a respiratory infection.
Daniel English, June 04, 2023
Great way to start the day with energy and a good feeling 
Banana Bev Emmenecker , June 03, 2023
Use every day. Solid wellbeing
anonymous, June 03, 2023
super cool, it works
anonymous, June 03, 2023
I have sensitive skin and had started to develop a hive allergic reaction on my forearm. It was itchy with red raised bumps and spreading. I decided to try this pemf before ingesting any allergy medication and it provided relief within ten minutes. The redness/bumps disappeared as well as the itchiness. I applied the pemf directly to the hives. It was wonderful. Usually these episodes have a tendency to spread but this stopped it in its tracks without having to wait for medication to take effect. 
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Nancy, June 02, 2023
I notice I have a much calmer reaction to unexpected stressful events and find I'm able to more easily make decisions to deal with problems that arise. That gives me greater confidence. 
Kevin Wood, June 02, 2023
Great for promoting strong growth
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anonymous, June 01, 2023
Love the leanness I can see and feel since using this complex!
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anonymous, June 01, 2023
Love it. 
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Dali, May 31, 2023
These are essential minerals. I was not taking before and I feel more energetic 
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anonymous, May 31, 2023
No symptoms around my cycle when I take this IC during my menstrual phase. 
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[email protected], May 31, 2023
Less appetite. Support me to lose a few kilos. Thanks

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Clement, May 30, 2023
Frank Delventhal, May 30, 2023
I program this into a cream and use it against mosquito bites, etc.

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Jeffrey Johnson, May 30, 2023
I created this complex to address my house cats skin disorder which resulted in painful  open sores and hair loss. After just two weeks with just one 2 minute charge the sores started to heal and 30 days in the hair loss is almost totally unnoticeable. I tried to bump up the charge time on the IC Transfer but the cat refused to drink the more potent offering. 
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Lorena Lemaire, May 30, 2023
The best thing ever . 
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drkropf, May 30, 2023
This has helped myself as well as several friends with seasonal allergies
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anonymous, May 29, 2023
I feel. Always the same

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anonymous, May 28, 2023

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Kathryn Speer , May 27, 2023
It works like a charm especially when you feel a cold or bug coming on. 
Jodelle Fitzwater, May 26, 2023
I can definitely tell that any issues with candida in my sinuses after being in a moldy environment have dissipated. 
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drkropf, May 26, 2023
Use daily as PEMF add any symptoms IC enjoy 
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Richard Wen, May 25, 2023
I feel general wellness and full of stamina.I feel more powerful with the immunity for any kind of infectious disease.
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Banana Bev Emmenecker , May 24, 2023
I use this complex EVERY night!
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Troy, May 23, 2023
I feel like it gives me a little extra pep and puts me in a mood to get more done. I worry that it may be too many IC's in one complex but I don't really want to take any out so for now I'm sticking with it.
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Guilbot Franck , May 23, 2023
Initial awareness of cardiac fragility... Felt arrhythmia... 1 liter per day with staggered doses and a state of full consciousness during ingestion for the healthy balance result to be obtained... I don't know if I am clear but it is my feeling Sincerely Franck

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[email protected], May 22, 2023
I used this PMEF today after having a panic attack. Since November I felt like I couldn't breathe properly. My arms fell asleep while driving today. I had to stop, hyperventilated and had to go to the hospital with an ambulance. Nothing serious was found there. By chance I applied this PMEF. I can breathe freely again and feel much better.

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