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anonymous, December 01, 2023
I take this whenever I feel any initial cold symptoms.  It knocks it out immediately. 
anonymous, December 01, 2023
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anonymous, December 01, 2023
I did not expect this to work for long term constipation with only one application. I played it over a small speaker which I alternated listening to and pointing into my stomach. 

I have since played this over larger speakers. It works each time, which is incredible to me. 
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Jerry Brunet, November 30, 2023
This has helped me a lot. I had a backache and muscle spasms in my back after lifting some boxes. I used this IC on my back yesterday along with one or two others, and had very good results that could legitimately be considered miraculous.
Tim , November 29, 2023
Great Great Great always!!!!
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anonymous, November 29, 2023
I’ve been using every day for the past week and I’m seeing a huge improvement in my face skin hydration and plumpness. As someone who is allergic to most creams this pemf is a God send.
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Barbara Warzywak, November 29, 2023
Had a 'weather' headache - one application cleared it 95% gone.
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Melissa, November 28, 2023
Well I can definitely tell it has CBD because if I’m awake still when it kicks in I can feel it! I try and take it pretty close to bed time. Like within 15 minutes of going to bed 
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Julia Zoellner, November 27, 2023
I use this IC nearly every day- especially during the winter, when I long for sunlight and more ease & brightness in my life. 
I feel kind of uplifted & supported, a bit more patient & relaxed in my day to day life. 
I would not consume the ingredients as physical substance but the imprinted version is smooth and gentle.
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susan, November 27, 2023
so far brilliant.
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Sharon mclellan, November 26, 2023
I had a sore tooth on the right bottom tooth. I used this ic and the toothache and tooth decay followed with some bone boost.
The first day I did it twice. The pain was gone. It came back day 2 so I repeated. Day 3 and 4 only had to do once, and have not had the pain back after 2 weeks. Cheaper and better than a dentist.
anonymous, November 26, 2023
Immediately helps my allergy symptoms!
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Merilyn Bullen, November 25, 2023
I only just read instructions about placing on chest. Whoops, I’ve been placing it on the top/crown of my head with my glow pad and having the deepest of sleeps. Great for a shorter intensely restful Power Nap too (I usually struggle to Power Nap and usually if I do I feel so much worse for it, but after experimenting so far only twice with this SUPER SLEEP PEMF for a power nap I’ve felt amazing!!!)
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anonymous, November 25, 2023
I can tell it works - very sensitive to brain function and use supplements - have found good results using this IC
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Marian Roper, November 25, 2023
I use this IC remotely (using a surrogate doll ) every single morning... to feel fresh and sharp all day... As well, this is the best IC to run remotely when on a long trip... you'll be amazed at how clear and sharp you remain ....
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Jairo Borjas, November 25, 2023
I feel better. I used on my stomach, it help with my irritation. 
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anonymous, November 25, 2023
top very good return

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Gé, November 24, 2023
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Robert M Black Jr, November 23, 2023
Always keeps me top notch with my health !
Daniel English, November 23, 2023
Helps to keep my blood pressure down
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anonymous, November 23, 2023
I use it every day because my adrenal glands are not working well.
The IC gives me more energy and I feel better.

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anonymous, November 22, 2023
This worked well to help calm down anxiety for me very quickly.
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anonymous, November 22, 2023
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Belinda, November 22, 2023
i feel by the first time already movement i am very grateful xxxxx
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patricia romero, November 21, 2023
seems to work. Felt more alert, better word recall and uplifted mood
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Daniel English, November 21, 2023
Really good for pain
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Chris Reid, November 21, 2023
I use this complex each and every day for the last few weeks. I have an IC pad on each of my feet running the same sequence (same set of PEMFs). My legs are so relaxed and warm (not hot warm) just great relaxing feeling. I don't want it to end so sometimes I press the repeat button. I am on a repeat cycle now that is why I am commenting :) 
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Isabelle Nagel, November 20, 2023
I have had several fillings and struggled with pain due to inflamed gums after they were placed. This IC improved it by about 50% in half a day! Let's see what happens in the next few days if I continue drinking it. Thanks :)

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anonymous, November 19, 2023
Had a head cold with a fever.  I felt immediate relief of my nasal symptoms.  Fever broke within a few hours and feel much better on day two.  
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drkropf, November 19, 2023
Of the four or five different daily adjustments PEMF I have made this is the best
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Daniel English, November 19, 2023
Very good for sleep
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