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anonymous, December 07, 2021
Hello, I used this frequency on myself; I only got vaccinated because of the ubiquitous pressure, not out of conviction. I started "printing" this PEMD on water a week before the vaccination appointment. I always added ginger extract. I kind of prepared my cells for this vaccine to come and they just drain it. Now I am vaccinated; I vomited several times an hour after the vaccination. The hair became extremely greasy within a few hours and after the first night the air in the bedroom smelled metallic - that was never before. My skin became quite shiny, as if "oiled", a strong detoxification took place here too. I keep drinking programmed water, tagged with this frequency, and I also add ginger extract. My body is detoxifying, I can feel it. I need sleep, but I don't feel "sick", I feel like I'm in a healing process. I hope I have made myself clear.
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Denise Black, December 07, 2021
Use this IC along with my sleep IC to enjoy a great nights sleep and pain free when i wake up in the morning!
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Tim, December 06, 2021
Wow, I had a headache and some neck tension from drinking a can of strong cider. This IC pretty much cleared it up. 4 cycles, and I used it on different spots around my head/neck (IC Hummer). Hearing the guy speak numbers straight into my skull felt weird tho, ngl
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Lloyd Blake, November 29, 2021
It’s working Nice study energy to my workouts.
Robert M Black Jr, November 28, 2021
Totally fantastic! I am able to push my body harder and recover better than ever. It is such a great way to feed my body with the energy, nutrients, minerals and other crucial elements required. I am saving over $350 per month that I use to spend on supplementation to get what I felt my body needed. Now I just program the IC's into my structured water and reap the benefits. Optimal health and wellness in a glass of water !
Diane Wells, November 27, 2021
Amazing , is an understatement
anonymous, November 24, 2021
I use it for sleep or for patients who are stuck in sympathetic overdrive.
anonymous, November 24, 2021
I feel good, I also notice that I have became more lean simply by adding this into my routine. I do lift and what not as it is, but definitely more lean now, doing the same stuff except having this water on top throughout the day. Thank you.
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Gabriel Pesa, November 24, 2021
This IC is amazing. It is by far the most effective Ic created. I was able to get back all systems within the "green"(normal biological parameters) in hours. This was verified with interstitial scanners (Zyto from Do Terra) Thanks Anton and team. Gabriel Pesa aka Bralgei Shackry (Biohacker, Nutritionist and Antiaging expert)
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anonymous, November 21, 2021
Use this IC for hypertension, the compilation is a general recommendation of my TCM teacher for vessel cleaning and blood revitalization. It contributes significantly to the avoidance and dampening of palpitations!
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anonymous, November 20, 2021
My liver values actually went down (laboratory value at the doctor).
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anonymous, November 20, 2021
I use this for many of the issues stated in the description. I feel as though I'm doing something good for my body.
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Mike Lucas, November 19, 2021
Very effective at reducing the wife's allergies.
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anonymous, November 17, 2021
Best thing ever ! Thank you for making my life even more awesome ! I’ve been telling everyone about this amazing tool
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Angie Wolf, November 16, 2021
Help me in minutes. Breathing through the nose is possible, a very liberating feeling and the pressure in the frontal sinus / head subsides.
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Frank Delventhal, November 15, 2021
My standard water for every workout for over a year. Have good results and feel good. My customers (bin coach and personal trainer) also respond well to it.
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BILL WILLIS, November 12, 2021
made up my own Complex for me and my partner from another site I use and was transferring to my water going on about 3 months now ..then I just had a brainwave and thought to myself all this could be inside InfoPathy and I went looking and there they were all sitting to be put into my complex so about 3 weeks ago I was realizing I was feeling absolutely great and so was my partner we suddenly had this brightness and glow about us my hands and feet weren't so much inflamed as they had been we know it did work but didn't realize how good we would feel my runny nose is coming along just fine as is my partner I,m really glad we stumbled upon this .. try it and see ..Bill Willis
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Jake, November 12, 2021
I use it everyday. Gives me energy, helps the brain stay focused.
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andrew black, November 11, 2021
nice boost of energy after drinking
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Ted Etheredge, November 10, 2021
More stamina for weight lifting. Easily noticeable.
anonymous, November 10, 2021
Love it! Provides great peace of mind!
Fiona, November 10, 2021
This was great. It felt alchemistic. I loved the extra boost by having real charcoal in the water. The combination of bio hack and age old remedies hit the spot!
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Lori, November 09, 2021
I developed this complex to treat a toothache for the past week until I could get in for my dentist appointment today. It has kept the toothache at bay without the use of any analgesics!
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Drahomira Novakova, November 09, 2021
A noticeable change in my emotional state. Mega good!
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Kevin Brick, November 08, 2021
Allergy Extreme appears to significantly reduce allergy symptoms for most of the day. 2 ounces 3-4x/day seems to work well.
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Don Beaulieu, November 08, 2021
My palm trees and tropical plants love this IC and show it by sprouting lots of new growth and healthy branches.
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Jonathan Roseland, November 08, 2021
On Anton's (the inventor) advice, I used the Energy Wake IC for about 15 minutes during meditation which resulted in subtle energizing body sensations and a very positive, clear headspace. I meditate with a red light therapy lamp shining on the crown of my head, listening to Brain.FM binaural beats, while monitoring my heart rate variability with my HeartMath sensor - which resulted in a good but not outstanding (for me) HRV score. While this put me in a very cool headspace, stacking a bunch of different biohacks during meditation robs from the mindfulness itself as the Bluetooth never seems to work flawlessly. What I love about my red light and the Infopathy IC Pad is that you just plug them in and they work reliably.
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Lori, November 07, 2021
I developed a head cold this week after traveling cross-county to Florida. Using myself as a guinea pig (again!, I created a complex using existing ICs and adding some supplements I typically take when I get a bug. I knocked the cold down 90% in little more than one day, drinking imprinted water throughout the day. Continuing for a couple more days to address the residual 10%, which is so mild as to be insignificant! Very My friends and family are amazed and some are disbelieving, but I know my body and I am stoked about this fast and postive outcome!
Lori, November 07, 2021
Knocked out a head cold 90% in a little more than a day!
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Jonathan Roseland, November 07, 2021
I don't have any knee issues but I use a standing desk for about 7 hours a day and my knees get a bit tired, so I tried Knee Pain Relief - using the Hummer on each knee. I do think it relieved a bit of strain and I managed to stay standing about 90 minutes longer.
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Jonathan Roseland, November 07, 2021
I tried the Super Sleep PEMF, I held the Hummer to my chest for 15 minutes while watching a show. Combining this with the Super Sleep plus CBD that I drank and a little before-bed red light therapy I slept heroically and had a memorable dream.
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