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anonymous, May 19, 2024
combined with red and blue light very good effect, about 2 days after drinking 50 ml of water twice a day

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anonymous, May 18, 2024
Worked for me after 2 rounds.

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Vidar Mobakken , May 17, 2024
More energetic, generally feeling good, clear and positive in day by day❤️
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tanja, May 16, 2024
worked immediately! my stomach started to "communicate" with the pad in seconds!😉 and the pain was gone!🙏🏻

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anonymous, May 15, 2024
I have had great success with this IC.  I have been away for a few days and did not take my glo pad with me!! I have not slept well.  I won't do that again. I imprint a glass of water and drink it about an hour before bed. I also run the sleep prem
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Noni, May 13, 2024
I used this in the middle of the night after disruption in my gut by wrong amount or combination of digestive enzymes and HCL. This formula quieted the fire in my belly and after, feel so much relief and calm ☺️ 
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Joele , May 13, 2024
It helps me getting read of the virus in 2 days. 
anonymous, May 13, 2024
I use it in the morning after a coffee around 7 a.m. before starting my day.
Afterwards I feel more available.

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Guidoni Valérie, May 12, 2024
my skin gradually regains firmness and suppleness.

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Jen Weir, May 12, 2024
My daughter’s sleep has greatly improved. 
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anonymous, May 11, 2024
It works I feel good
Karen Hayward, May 11, 2024
I used to be on a lot of medication for rhinitis and asthma - not typical tight chest but fluid like bronchitis - from allergic reactions / exercise. This IC works great when I get those reactions & when I feel a cold coming on.
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anonymous, May 10, 2024
Love this for my 8 year old!
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Banana Bev Emmenecker , May 10, 2024
Ll, May 09, 2024
This works! I had been using this with semi regularity for a few months with an open mind and zero expectation. I would imprint water and last month added some imprinted globules. I was surprised last week when I noticed some light spots on my cheeks. Upon further inspection, I realized it was my melasma lightening. Since then I've seen daily improvement. Once I realized it was working, I started drinking this IC daily and have seen noticeable progress each day. For full disclosure, I also upped my usage of my OTC vitamin C serum to daily application about a month ago. I finish that with an imprinted skin lotion from Infopathy. The vitamin C serum is the same one I've been using for over a year, so although the frequency of usage has increased, it's not a new product in my regime. 
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Kirsten Hedden, May 09, 2024
Smarter almost a genius 
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Guidoni Valérie, May 09, 2024
My dog is better, he still climbs the stairs whereas before this treatment he could no longer do so. he is old and has a lot of osteoarthritis.

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Thomas Dauber, May 09, 2024
Can put more weight on in the gym.
Thomas Dauber, May 08, 2024
Sleep like a stone!
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anonymous, May 08, 2024
This IC was specfically created for personal ill health/debilitaion/pain due to extreme sensitivities to any type of emf.  Physical improvements were noticed within a week and quality of life continually improved.
 We make litre bottles of 6 cycles ususally.We fill a water dispenser and use as our main drink daily. Another without DMSO was also created.
A definite health decline was noticed when not drinking the water for a day or two.

Renee, May 07, 2024
This IC does seem to take the edge off pretty quick.  Have used it for many clients and recently used myself with success. 
Valerio, May 07, 2024
I use most ICs with headphones, sometimes I use the Glow.. for water.. to drink.

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Thomas Dauber, May 07, 2024
I you use it twice every day. I use it for getting more energy. After drinking it I feel more clarity, I make decisions much faster and I have much more sex drive. Physically it turned out that the whole body starts to vibrate.
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Thomas Dauber, May 07, 2024
I didnt feel any difference. 
anonymous, May 06, 2024
Drinking this water enhances my mood! 
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anonymous, May 06, 2024
Perfect match

Thomas Dauber, May 06, 2024
no difference after drinking
anonymous, May 06, 2024
Incredible. I ran it for my family before, during (on the plane), and after lengthy travel and we stayed healthy. 
Blandin linda, May 06, 2024
marked improvement, deflation of the legs, also visible on the scale

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Robert M Black Jr, May 06, 2024
My personal complex always keeps me at top health and protects me from the many viruses and other health challenges we deal with every day.
Joele , May 05, 2024
I use this IC to help the kidneys with their functions and may to regenerate them. It's certainly a long term treatment but it feel good to do it on my back.
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