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Gayleen Richards, March 30, 2024
when used consistently it certainly helps 
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Candace Milbry, March 30, 2024
This IC has helped me to get a good night's sleep!
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Banana Bev Emmenecker , March 29, 2024
D, March 29, 2024
Used this on an epidermal cyst on the back of dog's neck.  Cyst comes and goes of its own accord but never truly goes away.  The cyst ranges in size from a shelled walnut to a golf ball, and the size fluctuation is gradual lasting over several weeks to grow or diminish.  I used this IC 3x in a row on the cyst when it was fully engorged.  The next day it was half the size.  Used it again 1x (dog wouldn't sit still for longer than one session) the following day and it shrunk to half its size again.  After those first 2 days in a row, I've been using this IC on this neck cyst for about 2 weeks intermittently but not daily; sometimes dog will stay long enough for 2 or 3 cycles, sometimes he only gets half a cycle.  This cyst has not grown since and is currently about the size of a pea.  It has not fully disappeared, and the empty fluid sac is still palpable, but there is no indication that the cyst is growing again.  I will continue to use this IC to see if it will eventually permanently disappear.  This was amazing to watch happen.  It provided a very physical affirmation for the use of IC's and frequency healing.
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[email protected], March 28, 2024
helps every time!  I love my infopathy now!
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Penny Heer, March 28, 2024
it works really well
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Sonia Roy Hamon, March 27, 2024
really effective and no need to spend money to buy vitamins 111

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anonymous, March 25, 2024
anonymous, March 25, 2024
Everyone needs flowers to handle the expected and unexpected moments in a day!  
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Carla Alton, March 24, 2024
This allergy IC is very effective. I use this one daily due to my extreme allergies year round. Highly recommend this one and others similar to this program.
anonymous, March 24, 2024
We both suffer from the effects of 5G, so much that we considered moving from our home in Australia. We had been using the IC for 5G with mitochondrial energy support. My wife added magnesium, as she had been taking supplements to prevent leg cramp at night. We stopped using this IC and I must say we have certainly felt a decline in our health......perhaps we were unsure of it's efficacy, or we became complacent.....we have started taking it again.😊
Dana Franks, March 23, 2024
I used this at the start of another sciatic episode which usually lasts for at least 2 weeks of intermittent agony. Im really happy to report that, although I had another day of symptoms after use, it just went away. Absolutely amazing for that to happen. Ive been a lifelong sufferer of sciatica so it's a really big deal. Thank you for helping me drop the pain of this awful affliction caused by a childhood injury.
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Roselen Santiago, March 23, 2024
I use it when I have hemorrhoids, and it is the fastest way to recover. Since 2 or 3 times I already feel improvement.

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Hee, March 22, 2024
The Bestest
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Ava, March 22, 2024
Ivonne Lamers, March 21, 2024
I love the Infopathy and I use it every day for myself and my family. I am working as a Naturopath and I have combined the best products and combinations and formulas with ingredients in the Sculpt Total Mind and Body Formula. 
Robert M Black Jr, March 21, 2024
I always drink this IC  before my workouts, it definitely makes a difference in my training!
Joanne Thomson , March 21, 2024
I made this for my leg  and feet cramps. And it works. Didn't use it this week and suffered a spasm in the night 
anonymous, March 20, 2024
Works immediately. I was extremely stressed today and this helped me to calm down again.

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anonymous, March 20, 2024
Works great!! Frequency, vibration and energy
anonymous, March 20, 2024
I felt a clearing and more energy
Ll, March 20, 2024
I have a new rescue pup from overseas who didn't have the best start to life. She was severely neglected and found tied to a tree sick and malnourished. She's a really good dog but has had some fear reaction issues as she transitions into her new home. Recently, she's turned a bit of a corner and I noticed significant improvements in her reactivity and self resilience. It's hard to say how much of it is the pemf protocol, positive training and counter conditioning, or just feeling like she's safe and in a real home BUT it's been wonderful to see her calmer and more self assured. I imprinted a piece of tape to place on the inside of her collar for walks and we start each day with a remote protocol one by one using a glass jar filled with her hair. They say that stress hormones can linger in a dog's system for many days after a fearful incident and my gut tells me that this has been helping her tremendously to reset. 
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Sheila , March 19, 2024
Feel safe using this IC against the spike proteins that may be shed by surrounding people 
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Austin Goetsch, March 18, 2024
Use it to enhance PBM lights
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John Parkin, March 17, 2024
I used this as PEMF and works Brilliant pain gone first time.
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Yvonne Kirnich, March 17, 2024
I took this IC immediately when an infection developed. I have the feeling that the infection is still there, but it is very mild and has almost no symptoms.
I didn't take any other medication the entire time.
I really believe that this IC helped me with this.

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anonymous, March 17, 2024
a joy for the plants!

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Ivonne Lamers, March 17, 2024
I absolutely LOVE my Infopathy and use it daily for myself and my family. I can highly recommend everyone to get one!

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Katja Riemer, March 15, 2024
I just let the complex run - one at a time!
I first wanted to put together such a mega-complex myself and then stumbled upon this one. Afterwards I let the adrenaline pemfs run and reacted to the pemfs completely differently than usual. Everything was tingling.
From my experience: more than 5 PEMFs at the same time don't work for me. With the ICs I always only work with 1 IC -> on the stomach... with the stronger white glow.
Here too: From my experience, I have noticed that from a certain point in healing, my body (with material-pulling scleroermia) needs organ and metabolism-specific material replenishment. I have built a lot of Mega-ICs myself and play them one after the other on my stomach very regularly, for example during my afternoon nap with the white glow.
Since then, “Daniel no longer complains about my values.” I just haven't had a look at the pancreas yet ;) I'm excited to see how my pancreas continues to develop... thanks to this mega-IC

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anonymous, March 14, 2024
I used it for my tooth inflammation, which went away after a while after daily use in conjunction with the PEMF "Inflammation of Gums and Jaws". With my current, now long-term bladder infection, the pain went away immediately when I put it on, but it couldn't be eliminated yet. I tried and continue to try other corresponding PEMF and Imprint.

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Kathy Larson, March 13, 2024
My plants seem so happy. I've been using this for a while. I charge it several times, so I'm giving a stronger version. 
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