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Orazio, March 04, 2023
On muscle pain, 2 times a day for 7 days, the blockage is dissolved as after a massage. Incredible.

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Troy, March 04, 2023
I sleep much better with than without and when I combine it with my sleep PEMF, I sleep even better
SUSAN PATTON GUY, March 03, 2023
Definitely noticed a difference in reducing the severity - duration and - symptoms of a cold, I use this at the first sign of a cold, and continue to use until a few days after symptoms are all gone, Love this PEMF
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Sabine Monheim, March 03, 2023
The plants are growing like crazy.
All my orchids are blooming.

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Bernadette Münzel , March 02, 2023
The rough patches of skin become flatter and lighter

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anonymous, March 02, 2023
Mole on my arm is shrinking.  Use it twice each day.   Hopefully it continues to shrink
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Pierre de garam, February 28, 2023
Positive CI, very good classification, main effect supporting physical rejuvenation. Action on liver and gall bladder confirmed.

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Troy, February 28, 2023
I feel like I sleep much better when I use this combo, especially when I combine it with another sleep combo that I use for imprinting some raw milk every night an hour or two before bed.
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Jonathan Roseland, February 27, 2023
Phenibut is the alcohol alternative. The IC has a more subtle effect - it will take the edge off a bit if you drink it with dinner. When I abstain from a nightly glass of vino, I sip this.
Jonathan Roseland, February 27, 2023
I regularly drink this after a gym session. There's not a real subjective effect although, I have gained some weight and muscle - 59kg to 63kg. Although, I also supplement Creatine and HMB along with moving a lot of metal.
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Jonathan Roseland, February 27, 2023
L-Tyrosine is a good intervention for sleep deprivation. I had an awful night of sleep after a little too much wine and was out of powdered Tyrosine so I gave this IC a try. And good news, it didn't totally make up for my lack of sleep but assuaged my fatigue some.
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Carlos, February 25, 2023
This IC definitely gives me more workout energy. 
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anonymous, February 24, 2023
Longer and calmer sleep

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Kathrine Lavidas, February 23, 2023
Good. If I use it consistently 
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Marian Roper, February 23, 2023
I use this IC one by one to start my day!
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anonymous, February 23, 2023
Obesity seems to have decreased

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Kevin Brick, February 22, 2023
Pomegranate helps prevent broken blood vessels.  Iodine is essential for just about everything and is generally absent in most current foods (soil depletion).
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Elliot, February 22, 2023
Use it for sleep
Both my girlfriend and I feel it makes us drowsy almost immediately. Haven't discerned if sleep quality improves as measure by oura ring yet.
The only IC I've noticed significantly so far really 
Marian Roper, February 21, 2023
Running them one by one... this IC is amazing! I often start my day this way..
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Natasha Loeffler-Little, February 20, 2023
I always feel a little better after I use it 
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Robert M Black Jr, February 20, 2023
keeping my health at top notch status using this complex I designed
Linda Harris, February 18, 2023
My friend has solved her sleeping problems with Super Sleep Stack plus Immune System.
She sleeps like a baby now.  Thank you.
Charlotte Schwarz, February 18, 2023
Helps very well! Had severe sore throat for 1 day with extreme runny nose and

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Robert M Black Jr, February 16, 2023
I just had my left hip replaced and have used this complex IC's to treat the recovery of the hip replacement.  I have not needed to use any medications prescribed to me and the healing process is far ahead from what my Orthopedic Dr. has ever seen before.  Healing fast and felling great !
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anonymous, February 15, 2023
Less sweating in the groin and much less itching

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Anne Lelong Trolliet, February 14, 2023
Very effective. Difficult to explain, you have to try it!

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Tirza Tjugum, February 11, 2023
I have some problems in my spine since I was young.I am in my 50s now. Some years ago I discovered you. First I started using just 1 freq. Then I made my own complex, that a have used at least twice a week 3 times lower, medium and upper spine. Maiby I have used for a year now?  I see changes and I complete the treatment with fascia training every morning. Thank you so much for making your website available to the ones that know and the ones that believe ♡
Carl Shanahan, February 10, 2023
I use this daily for surgery pain and NOT taking pain pills!!
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anonymous, February 10, 2023
I’m making this for my husband who has terrible psoriasis. We are seeing minor changes. Any suggestions are welcomed 🙏🏻
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anonymous, February 08, 2023
great. My body has become lighter, and it seems to be helpful for my daily life.

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Jairo Borjas, February 08, 2023
Excellent, I like that program and another favorite is blood pressure..I see results right after using it..thanks for the work.

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