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Fiona, November 10, 2021
This was great. It felt alchemistic. I loved the extra boost by having real charcoal in the water. The combination of bio hack and age old remedies hit the spot!
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Lori, November 09, 2021
I developed this complex to treat a toothache for the past week until I could get in for my dentist appointment today. It has kept the toothache at bay without the use of any analgesics!
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Drahomira Novakova, November 09, 2021
A noticeable change in my emotional state. Mega good!
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Kevin Brick, November 08, 2021
Allergy Extreme appears to significantly reduce allergy symptoms for most of the day. 2 ounces 3-4x/day seems to work well.
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Don Beaulieu, November 08, 2021
My palm trees and tropical plants love this IC and show it by sprouting lots of new growth and healthy branches.
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Jonathan Roseland, November 08, 2021
On Anton's (the inventor) advice, I used the Energy Wake IC for about 15 minutes during meditation which resulted in subtle energizing body sensations and a very positive, clear headspace. I meditate with a red light therapy lamp shining on the crown of my head, listening to Brain.FM binaural beats, while monitoring my heart rate variability with my HeartMath sensor - which resulted in a good but not outstanding (for me) HRV score. While this put me in a very cool headspace, stacking a bunch of different biohacks during meditation robs from the mindfulness itself as the Bluetooth never seems to work flawlessly. What I love about my red light and the Infopathy IC Pad is that you just plug them in and they work reliably.
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Lori, November 07, 2021
I developed a head cold this week after traveling cross-county to Florida. Using myself as a guinea pig (again!, I created a complex using existing ICs and adding some supplements I typically take when I get a bug. I knocked the cold down 90% in little more than one day, drinking imprinted water throughout the day. Continuing for a couple more days to address the residual 10%, which is so mild as to be insignificant! Very My friends and family are amazed and some are disbelieving, but I know my body and I am stoked about this fast and postive outcome!
Lori, November 07, 2021
Knocked out a head cold 90% in a little more than a day!
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Jonathan Roseland, November 07, 2021
I don't have any knee issues but I use a standing desk for about 7 hours a day and my knees get a bit tired, so I tried Knee Pain Relief - using the Hummer on each knee. I do think it relieved a bit of strain and I managed to stay standing about 90 minutes longer.
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Jonathan Roseland, November 07, 2021
I tried the Super Sleep PEMF, I held the Hummer to my chest for 15 minutes while watching a show. Combining this with the Super Sleep plus CBD that I drank and a little before-bed red light therapy I slept heroically and had a memorable dream.
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Jonathan Roseland, November 07, 2021
The first PEMF IC I tried was Love (Crown Chakra) during meditation before date night with my wife, I just placed the Hummer on my chest. Before sitting down to dine with my love I also drank the new Psilocybin IC, and I found myself in a state of sublime relaxed arousal. We did a roleplay together and then made love very playfully.
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Ackle Romina, November 06, 2021
Use the IC for hip and knee pain and for ISG blockages, as drops or I put the pad on directly. The discomfort becomes less and the pain less. With the ISG, it supports the healing process and I am pain-free again sooner.
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Jonathan Roseland, November 06, 2021
I tried it twice while fasted and I do think it had a subtle positive effect on my mood - I did meditation on it, hoping for some kind of trippy light show on the back of my eyelids but nothing...
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Prakash Verapen, November 03, 2021
A wonderful, balanced variety of ingredients. When I take this I feel calm yet energised
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Ehren Van Der Werf, November 03, 2021
I've noticed stronger/faster gains in the gym! In fact my spouse told me to use caution as she thinks its not 'normal' to see a change that fast.
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Don Malec, November 03, 2021
I enjoy the T- boost
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André Minhorst, November 03, 2021
I have the impression that I can keep the onset of cold symptoms in check with this IC.
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Banana Bev Emmenecker , November 02, 2021
it really show up when you use it regularly.... then you don't use it . That is when you notice.
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anonymous, October 31, 2021
My acid reflux has gone
anonymous, October 30, 2021
this works clear MRI
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Mary Ellen , October 30, 2021
This helped me feel better when I thought I was coming down with a cold. Helps my allergies at night a ton!
Don Malec, October 29, 2021
Gives my brain a boost
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Denise Black, October 28, 2021
85 years old and still playing tennis and golf twice a week. IC helps my total health and recovery
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nicole song, October 28, 2021
I use this Ic complex whenever my son and daughter have skin trouble. The result is really great!
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Don Malec, October 26, 2021
I imprint my pre-workout drink. Works great.
Scott Hamill , October 26, 2021
I feel like it helps my recovery from a hard workout.
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Denise Black, October 26, 2021
great addition to my complex
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Diego, October 26, 2021
I have three herniated lumbar discs so when I surf too much they get inflamed and I get a lot of pain. I used the Arnica imprint in my water and then pain goes always in minutes it’s amazing!
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Jess Schroeder, October 25, 2021
After using this I definitely feel like I have a deeper sleep, it's one of the IC's that I am pretty confident I can actually feel the difference
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anonymous, October 25, 2021
The plants literally explode. Do not need any fertilizer or the like.
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andrew black, October 24, 2021
use this IC everyday. Definite improvement in hair and skin tone!
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