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유인애, June 28, 2022
I did the partial pmsf with hip joint pain, and the pain was much less in an instant.

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Judit , June 28, 2022
A well functioning IC I feel it every time that it helps
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anonymous, June 27, 2022
I made this complex for our dog who is very anxious and has a poor immune system from stress. After just two days, I see a significant improvement. He is very relaxed and the constant scratching has gotten better. I'm just excited. Thanks

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Claudia Zarik, June 27, 2022
I did not notice a change immediately but after a few weeks of using this - I feel and look different. My husband said he says I look different or younger.
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Caroline Droege, June 27, 2022
I have seen increased growth in my plants with the use of this ic. Increased folage and "babies" popping up in plants that propagate from roots.
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anonymous, June 26, 2022
This stuff actually works, I was pretty taken back not going to lie. I tripped in a low-grade microdose way where the patterns on the floor started to emerge and my vision came in and out of focus when I wanted it to. Helped with my mood a bit too but the hallucinogenic effects were definitely there.
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Judit , June 25, 2022
Love this IC, very helpful every time
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Mike Lucas, June 23, 2022
Seems to help with seasonal allergies
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Judit , June 23, 2022
Great IC, helps a lot with bloodsugar. In a week I am back to normal :)
Andreas Mildner, June 22, 2022
Works very well to reduce the effects of mental stress.
anonymous, June 20, 2022
I've been using this IC for a few months and I'm doing much better with it. My period isn't that painful anymore

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anonymous, June 19, 2022
This has been a very successful transition from my Life-long need for a Thyroid Rx (and the vulnerability to Chinese ingredients). In 30 days I was tested and have been using just Infopathy only---for 2 years.
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Tyler, June 19, 2022
AMAZING!! had achilles / heel pain for months. Osteo suggested it was kidney. Used this 3 times (3 repeats each) and pain almost fully disappeared
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Frank Ania Sieben, June 17, 2022
Always my no 1 goto when allergies hit me
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Banana Bev Emmenecker , June 17, 2022
this program helps me sleep like a baby. I have trouble coming out of this deep sleep and waking up to my alarm.
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Sharon mclellan, June 16, 2022
I cannot speak enough of how much better I feel doing the infopathy. I have the ic hummer and the glow pad, and both are great. I do 2 bottles in the morning and one at bedtime to drink.
anonymous, June 16, 2022
My adrenal function is low so I use this formula and you would never know I have any issue with my adrenals at all. I usually use multiple cycles to program but it works amazingly.
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anonymous, June 15, 2022
I use this with a mix of Ginseng daily & I really love how it instantly gives me a mental & physical boost.
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anonymous, June 15, 2022
I have added this to my daily routine it has made a phenomenal impact on my life. Almost feels like my body is replenished from my water now, if that makes any sense to you. I do add additional imprints etc... BUT this is essential is your healing journey.
Judit , June 15, 2022
I am not hungry! This is a great help with weightloss.
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Denise Black, June 14, 2022
great boost and recovery IC
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anonymous, June 14, 2022
Relieves tension

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Sharon mclellan, June 13, 2022
I cannot say enough about this and other IC. I know it is helping and cannot wait to use others to aid in my stay healthy journey.
anonymous, June 13, 2022
We love this IC, it helps a lot with detoxing.
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Adrian West, June 13, 2022
Works great feel so much better
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Nick, June 12, 2022
Worked for me
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Judit , June 10, 2022
The best IC Helps a lot every time
Frank Delventhal, June 07, 2022
My wife is doing much better with this IC in the pollen season

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Sharon Sanders, June 03, 2022
There is a slow change. I notice a bigger change in my hands but my feet seem to be about the same.
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Susan, June 03, 2022
It helps but sometimes frequency build up in me and I need help w lymphatic drainage possibly
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Barbara Dollowitch, June 02, 2022
I'm not sure what it's doing, but I am feeling much better. My allergies and asthma are being very mild.
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