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Kathrin Ben Haim, March 10, 2022
Have an old injury from a skiing accident with pain both with and without weight bearing. Able to walk with virtually no pain after application
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Patrick , March 09, 2022
Definitely feel more power in the gym and visually more pumped
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Patrick , March 07, 2022
I use it on my non gym days and feel a definite lift in energy and vitality. I also put in in my smoothies even though I know the food slows absorption
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Silvana Berciu, March 06, 2022
I use for my boy who is doing professional tennis. He drinks before his practice and it gives him energy. Sme wih me before my training.
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Nathalie, March 06, 2022
My daughter used it on her hands full of eczema and she no longer has any left there. Now will need to try it on the rest of her body.
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anonymous, March 03, 2022
I use it daily for 2 weeks, every couple of months. It always makes me feel better.
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Robert M Black Jr, March 03, 2022
Great asset for my overall health and wellness
Kevin Brick, March 02, 2022
Combining Sports Brain Focus Booster, Pre workout Booster and Ben Greenfield's Workout Mix has allowed me to perform longer than most in my spin class. And most are 30+ years younger than I.
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anonymous, March 02, 2022
Took a week or so before I started feeling this imprint but energy has been improving the past week!
Maria Langmayr, February 27, 2022
I feel very good using this Infoceutical. Drink this water daily.
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Dan, February 26, 2022
This IC is just the the perfect combination to help me with digestion. All the other IC’s either don’t help or are too harsh.
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Kimberly Reynolds , February 25, 2022
I had tooth pain so bad i could not take my head off of the pillow.(I have 2 broken teeth) i used the tooth decay caries PEMF for 16 minutes on each side of my mouth, immediately after i felt a bit better. i used it again the next day for the same amount of time. after the second round i had no pain. and i remained pain free for nearly a month.
Jossilynn Flewelling, February 24, 2022
I feel grounded, balanced, aligned, happy, at ease, clear, excited about life. Can really feel the full chakra balance.
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anonymous, February 21, 2022
Always helps with sleep at night and I feel energized in the morning.
anonymous, February 20, 2022
Infusing this info facial lotion really helps to reduce acne breakouts. Usually lasts about 3 weeks.
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Elissa Helfrey , February 18, 2022
This is a MUST for muscle pain! This works better than ingesting BCAA'S for me. I cannot use the IC Hummer enough! I swear I just wear the thing all day long! This product is so revolutionary. Thank you for thinking outside the box❤
anonymous, February 18, 2022
After covid, I had joint pain and it seemed to linger for weeks. The low grade achiness even began to interfere with getting a sound nites sleep. After drinking this IC, I noticed that the discomfort began to ease and finally just disappeared. I now use this if I have gardened or gotten too much exercise and feel sore.
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Brian , February 15, 2022
I have lost over 50 lbs, 6 cm off my gutt, I sleep less but much better and deeper sleeping and 5 times more energy. I am so happy and grateful I found this device and its recipe
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anonymous, February 14, 2022
When I eat certain foods sometimes I have an immediate reaction where my stomach valves start spasming and I have intense pain. I immediately run this program and after the 30 minutes are up I feel so much better.
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Don Beaulieu, February 14, 2022
This formulation I created is helpful in supporting my immune system while providing frequencies essential for my overall good health and well being... And it works for me.
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Christopher, February 12, 2022
I've taken this as a Pre-Workout, and generally, the only other thing I drink is coffee. I feel good and complete the CrossFit workouts feeling energized. It's a good part of the stack.
anonymous, February 12, 2022
I really thank you last night. My son had a severe headache and bad feeling of his nose and could not sleep. I think it was the beginning of the flu. I put the IC device and left it for two hours and he able to sleep , after waking up he did not feel anything.
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anonymous, February 12, 2022
I work as a veterinary technician so I am on my feet all day. I run this program at night after I get home from work. After a couple months of use, I am able to climb stairs for the first time in years without discomfort.
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anonymous, February 11, 2022
Every time I use this IC I have a very restful night’s sleep.
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Gail, February 10, 2022
I used this for the first time last night. I fell asleep quickly and my FitBit recorded 1hr 27minutes of deep sleep, which is twice as much as I normally get. I will keep using and monitoring but that was pretty impressive.
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Elissa Helfrey , February 08, 2022
So far the Energy Awake is my favorite energy one. I put it on my sternum and can feel the power up inside, which is saying a lot with fibromyalgia! I'm so excited to keep trying so all of these. I'm working through my different symptoms and finding some relief! Thank you for the very out of the box thinking!
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anonymous, February 08, 2022
My plants respond really well to this IC program.
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Kirsten Perley, February 06, 2022
Strong relaxation and very rested after waking.
Chad , February 06, 2022
So far I am loving it and feeling the complex's I have selected
Anne Schneider, February 06, 2022
Helps very well with daily use!
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anonymous, February 04, 2022
Was exposed to someone who tested positive to covid took this for 3 days straight & never tested positive...
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