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Sarah Fordham, November 17, 2023
I’ve been sub clinical hypothyroid since 2017, my TSH  level usually around 5. Since using this amazing PEMF my TSH has dropped  to 3, so withon normal range!!! I don’t take any other medication apart from selenium and vitamin d3. I’m over the moon. Thank you so much. 
anonymous, November 16, 2023
Use it for a skin infection, for my husband. Has varicose vain with ulcer  the wound did not want to heal,  because has an infection. After use this complex from one month,  the wound start to close. Also use the Hartman product for the wound.  
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Daniel English, November 16, 2023
Very effective pain relief!!!
anonymous, November 15, 2023
Great for sports

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[email protected], November 14, 2023
immediately picked up on my headache
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anonymous, November 14, 2023
It seems to be helpful for mental health. It seems like my anxious feelings are disappearing little by little.

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Michael Bley, November 14, 2023
Distributed in a liter of water throughout the day, noticeably improves the function of the intestines.

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Jodie Grondin, November 14, 2023
My pain level decreases after this PEMF. I feel it when I need it again. Loving how I will feel after it. Makes a difference. 
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anonymous, November 14, 2023
My guy started having gallbladder attacks. This is the only thing that would get rid of his pain. Obviously he is changing his diet and we have him on herbs to dissolve the the Gallstones now so he no longer will get attacks, but when in an acute extreme pain attack this would relieve the pain when nothing else would and I mean nothing else would (Infrared, red light, caster oil packs, acupuncture, cupping, heat, magnesium spray, magnesium or clay detox baths, herbs, advil, etc).
Kirsten Hedden, November 13, 2023
Just is happiness in water. It works. 
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anonymous, November 13, 2023
It helped me a lot with my Hashimoto

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anonymous, November 12, 2023
Helps with yeast issues
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Linda Harris, November 11, 2023
I feel relaxed and I sleep well.
anonymous, November 11, 2023
It helps with your daily life. I feel less tired

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Silvia, November 11, 2023
Always brings improvement!

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anonymous, November 10, 2023
I found this to be amazing, I used this with a client as a case study and found that before I even started my treatment she burst into tears. She felt very emotional and congested so had to stop the treatment. She then confessed the she had some trauma that she needed to release.
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Sharon Goodyear , November 10, 2023
I've added this IC before my regular workouts for a couple of weeks now and am definitely noticing a difference.  I can push myself harder,  have more endurance and am feeling stronger.   
anonymous, November 09, 2023
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Isabelle Nagel, November 08, 2023
I really notice how I become calmer and can relax and unwind, especially after a strenuous day at work.

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Julie Henderson , November 08, 2023
love this PEMF. 
anonymous, November 07, 2023
Always helps relieve my allergy symptoms!
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anonymous, November 06, 2023
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John Parkin, November 05, 2023
I have used this twice and repeated twice.My Mole on my leg has realy gone half the size Amazing.
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Banana Bev Emmenecker , November 03, 2023
great stuff

DM, November 03, 2023
I use this every night. This is a must have if you are a mom and wake up multiple times a night and have to go back to sleep quickly and still function the next day. I call this my off button lol I turn it on when I need to sleep and I'm our and wake up rested. AMAZING 👏 
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Corina Grether, November 02, 2023
I've noticed that my cycle is becoming more regular again. My mood is more balanced and I feel calmer.

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anonymous, November 02, 2023
works well on skin infections
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Beth Roszman, November 01, 2023
Felt noticeably better after 2 treatments and was not doing any other supports for bladder. 
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anonymous, November 01, 2023
Fantastic for helping to prevent recurrences of herpes simplex. You can also add lemon balm (Melissa officinalis). I take these daily and have been without an outbreak for months, even during stressful times. 
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Nesreen Makhdom, October 31, 2023
When I have stomach pain. This one is the best relieve my stomachache. 
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Penny Heer, October 29, 2023
It works pretty well. I like it
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