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Nola Miguel, February 08, 2023
edmy cT LOVES IT AS it walks all over the keyboard.... my Cat loves it..
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Tsaprounis, February 07, 2023
for several years, I had deep muscle pain, cramps, headaches possibly related to neck pain and symptoms of digestive disorders (bloating). I drink the complex 1.5L per day (new bottle every 2/3 days) and for 10 days I have had no more muscle pain, no headaches and minor bloating, feeling of better physical ease as if it there was no more "crystallization" in the muscles.

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anonymous, February 07, 2023
This has the same effect as the actually remedy I use.
anonymous, February 05, 2023
Not sure why but when I’m running this IC my stomach makes sounds.  Overall I’ve seen improvement using this for my h pylori 
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anonymous, February 05, 2023
Good for relaxation

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Karl Hochstoeger , February 04, 2023
This IC undeniably makes me an aggressive powerful Neanderthal in bedroom. 
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anonymous, February 04, 2023
That's great. My blood sugar seems to be getting better little by little, and my body is less tired.

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IntoSoul, February 03, 2023
I had 2 trigger fingers in both left and right hand for over 2 years now. Most went away on their own over time but my left middle finger continues to be a problem to the point I could not really use my left hand to do any heavy lifting or grip. Tried several Thai stretch exercises, supplements and rife with little to no relief. 

First time use, I had my left hand with the fingers on the ic glow pad for 1 hour. It made my affected fingers became slightly swollen with noticeable joint stiffness. I thought would wait for a day to see if they would heal on their own and gain improvement but they became stiffer to the point had trouble even making a fist. So this PEMF actually worsen my trigger fingers. On the third day, I decided to give it another try. This time instead of laying the hand on 1 IC glow pad as before, I sandwiched my affected fingers with 2 IC glow Pads simultaneously. During the treatment cycle, I shift and hold 2 IC glow pads to ensure my fingers  are sandwiched in a 3D fashion. I repeat the IC glow once so a total of 42min PEMF. 

After the  treatment, my middle finger again developed noticeably two small lumps around the tendon. Entire finger looked slightly swollen and stiff to bend like arthritic finger. This time I used a mini handheld massager (like a theragun) at lowest speed to gently massage the entire hand, spending the most time working on the middle finger tendon and joints -front and back. I worked on where ever I felt stiffness or muscle sore to push out whatever toxins in the tissue causing my trigger finger. An hour later, I felt remarkable relief and my left middle finger for the first time in 2 years could flex and bend without the affected joints catch or lock when bend. I went to bed and the next day morning, my trigger finger is miraculously cured. I could finally use my left hand to open cans and grip grocery bags. 24 hours, I could feel the middle finger stiffing up again and gradually getting lock in again when bend. So I repeat the PEMF and massage procedure except this time I only need to massage for 20 minutes and my middle finger regains its flexibility again. So happy that I had to share this PEMF with everyone.
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Amauri Schon, January 31, 2023
I used it along with other therapies. 
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anonymous, January 30, 2023
relief from the first moments of use with the glowing IC pad

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anonymous, January 30, 2023
I feel a bit of effect but not that much as a real substance 
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Diana Burchill, January 29, 2023
Definitely noticed a difference after using this IC
anonymous, January 29, 2023
That's bordering on witchcraft. I ate too spicy yesterday, again knowing better. I know I can't take it, but sometimes I just can't help it. As always, I regretted it this morning. I had bad stomach cramps and was prepared to suffer for a few more hours. I started this program and - unbelievably - within seconds the pain was reduced by more than 90%. As I write this, I basically don't feel any pain anymore. I used the IC Hummer and ran it at minimum volume. Unfortunately, this IC is very noisy.
Absolutely recommendable!

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Marian Roper, January 28, 2023
I start every morning with this great IC.. remotely...

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Carlos, January 28, 2023
Been feeding my plants with this formula and they really seem to like it. Produces nice shiny green foliage.
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anonymous, January 27, 2023
this works well for my neck pain or when it feels like upper cervicals are out of alignment, not just jaw pain.
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Jairo Borjas, January 26, 2023
I felt turbulence in my head, dizziness, I put it on my forehead for 30 min, I feel better

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marcelloviv, January 26, 2023
Works. This morning, January 26, '23, I woke up with a severe headache. I loaded the ICs "Acetylsalicylic acid" onto a bottle of water (500 ml plastic), following the instructions on the site and using the IC Pad circuit. Half an hour after taking about 200 ml, the pain was much less and after two hours it was completely gone. As a precaution, I will take another 200ml in the afternoon and, if necessary, also this evening. Thank you

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anonymous, January 25, 2023
I was tired and beside myself all day. Have run the Hummer a few times and I'm really better now.
Not that you're reborn all of a sudden, but you feel fitter.

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anonymous, January 24, 2023
Many of the spots on the soles of the feet are gone.

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anonymous, January 24, 2023
Use IC as food, hot flashes (noticeably less)
Scars and tendon (thumb tendon rupture) no improvement. Osteoarthritis stiff fingers no improvement. I miss a kind of application note such as period and frequency such as a kind of package insert

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Anne Lelong Trolliet, January 22, 2023
My plants are delighted and grow visibly

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anonymous, January 20, 2023
When I'm nervous or scared, I always have a "sluggish" feeling in my stomach area. After this audio, it is noticeably reduced. Not gone but much easier to endure.

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Robyn shields, January 19, 2023
I have been using this for a few months and have stopped taking any allergy pills. So far- my allergy symptoms have really been reduced!
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Connie, January 18, 2023
I use this IC for my aged Shire mare, Trudy. She is afflicted with "Shivers" and has become more compromised as time passes. She is now 28, quite an age for her breed. This has made an incredible difference for her. Although the pain and inflammation settings were of great benefit, adding the neurological support made all the difference for her. I infused this IC on natural, home mead apple cider vinegar which contained a lot of mother. I'm so grateful she's recovering. 
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anonymous, January 17, 2023
Felt relaxed. Works really well-  placed pad on sternum. Ran for 13 minutes. 
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Susanne Schumacher, January 17, 2023
We like to use it here in practice - the patients immediately notice a difference to infusions without information =))
Practice SYSMED Lorsch Susanne Schumacher

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anonymous, January 16, 2023
I love it! I always take it with me everywhere. Great tool! I am grateful that it exists 💗 as it helps me with various things. 
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anonymous, January 16, 2023
Nice. Took the edge off. Exactly what I was hoping for on a Monday. Used IC Pad on lowest point of sternum. 
Ran twice. 
Started off feeling quite anxious, finished with the sharp side of anxiety being noticeably diminished. Much calmer but not tired. 
Will use again. 
Susanne Schumacher, January 16, 2023
Very revitalizing
As a result, even the curcumin infusion runs much faster by at least 50% faster!!!
Practice SYSMED in Lorsch Susanne Schumacher

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Patty Gaffer, January 16, 2023
Sharper *and* calmer
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