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anonymous, May 10, 2023
It calms my gut, there's less gas and it doesn't hurt as much

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anonymous, May 10, 2023
Definitely notice a lessening of symptoms after using  once a day for two days.  
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anonymous, May 10, 2023
At the rate of one liter a day for a month, I felt a real improvement on my joint pain and general fatigue linked to the lack of sleep due to pain. Regularly I redo a cure for a few days.

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Susan, May 10, 2023
I’ve had my IC Glow Pad since March and Loving my results. One short story, I have a bunion on my right foot and was working outside had a wood roll cart fall down across both my feet ( right place, wrong time ) I couldn’t talk, scream etc. the pain on that bunion was pretty bad, immediately went inside and used the PEMF Inflammation and Pain 2 x’s then later in the evening, went to work next day and was on my feet over 7 hours, very little tenderness and discomfort then I’ve used that same PEMF everyday since. I can bend my big toe more than I could prior to this mishap, this is one of many positive results I’ve had. I’m learning about this continually and appreciate Anton’s support and love Listening to Daniel Knebel’s webinar’s! 
Jeffrey Johnson, May 10, 2023
This complex was created to give you a morning energy boost along with valuable supplements derived from fruits and vegetables. Enjoy!
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Jeffrey Johnson, May 08, 2023
things are looking better
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Sophie, May 08, 2023
amazing results. My plants are recovering and growing greener.

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Kathy Larson, May 07, 2023
This definitely got them moving. 
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drkropf, May 07, 2023
Improved size, color diameter and easier blood draws and infusions
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ed, May 07, 2023
Herbal purifier feels very balanced , no harsh purification involved , effects re  more noticiable if the levels of toxicity is high
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anonymous, May 06, 2023
I have been able to use Infopathy for my Thyroid issue for approx 2 years without having to resort to Prescription. And my Blood Test come out excellent!
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anonymous, May 06, 2023
This remedy helps a lot more than just my back. It has significantly increased my mobility, my dexterity, and my overall energy. It works best to charge a single time to start.
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drkropf, May 05, 2023
Good I was much more energetic today and definitely less discomfort
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anonymous, May 05, 2023
It seems to help with mental health

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Mariette Lobo, May 05, 2023
Definitely one to treasure.
anonymous, May 04, 2023
Less pain
Dali, May 02, 2023
Rally does as it says very happy 
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anonymous, May 02, 2023
It seems to help control blood sugar.

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anonymous, May 01, 2023
The effect is a bit delayed, but it works incredibly well. I use it for muscle cramps and constipation.

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Troy, April 28, 2023
I usually use this when I wake up feeling a little off in the morning. I find it especially helpful if I've used any depressants the night before such as Cannabis or Kratum and it gives my mood a nice boost so I'm ready to take on the day!
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anonymous, April 28, 2023
In combination with the pemf, cold infections are not gone, but they are hardly noticeable and are dealt with more quickly.

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Penny Heer, April 28, 2023
I take 2 droppers 3xa day  for an abcessed tooth. Swelling has been coming down. 
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anonymous, April 28, 2023
We love it. Has helped us a lot. 

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anonymous, April 27, 2023
I feel like it works. Nose cleared after a few minutes (audio).

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Jeffrey Johnson, April 26, 2023
I created this complex to reduce the skin disorder symptoms experienced by my elderly house cat. There were noticeable improvements within days.
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anonymous, April 26, 2023
Excellent! My Dr. wanted to put me on BP meds & I told him I didn't want any more meds. I use this to get my  levels in the normal range & this IC helped me - it took 2 months to lower but another drug bites the dust...  RCK
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Jeffrey Johnson, April 24, 2023
I created this complex to reduce and eliminate my symptoms of MRSA
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Jeffrey Johnson, April 22, 2023
This complex was developed to help restore prostate disfunction and help reduce stress related symptoms. 
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Guilbot Franck , April 22, 2023
Very good experimentation on a fairly recurrent problem in my physiological reality after a week of use (1 liter impregnated per day)

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Robert M Black Jr, April 22, 2023
This is my key to optimal health and wellness.
anonymous, April 22, 2023
This is a trip - another bolster I found that works with many different ailments, you guys are awesome. You have changed my idea of health care.  RCK
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