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Daniel English, February 16, 2024
Takes pain away very well
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Borut Kuk, February 16, 2024
Perfect! :)
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Jaslin Varzideh, February 15, 2024
I was able to heal a herniated disc with doing IC's for 2 nights in a row. I could barely walk and then the next day felt better so I decided to do it again and then the next morning I woke up with no pain. This stuff is a miracle. 
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Robert M Black Jr, February 14, 2024
Always feeling great!
anonymous, February 14, 2024
Definitely notice a lessening of symptoms after using this IC regularly  if I come down with cold symptoms and also applying the  'traditional' methods (chicken soup, fluids and rest) 
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anonymous, February 14, 2024
Works great
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Janine Eby, February 13, 2024
I've suffered typical gut symptoms- bloating/ constipation/ symptoms with gluten - I'm feeling much better and have less symptoms using IC's 
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DM, February 12, 2024
I  use for the time indicated 
I use in my arm 
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Carrie, February 11, 2024
Gave the best relief to my cat after months of itching, licking, biting and swollen paws and cheeks. This is the only thing that has helped to alleviate his discomfort in months. 
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Chris Reid, February 10, 2024
My wife uses it twice a day. She's noticed a significant reduction in the edema she has on her right foot and ankle over the last two weeks. 
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Penny Heer, February 09, 2024
It helps me relax before bef
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Mark, February 09, 2024
This is the most effective complex I have experienced here, instant calm
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Carlie, February 09, 2024
Used after feeling some bloating and digestive discomfort. Feeling some relief already
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anonymous, February 09, 2024
Love this IC! I feel so much better, more energetic than without it.
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Laurie Nickell, February 08, 2024
Excellent results!

Annette McKeown, February 08, 2024
I love this PEMF, I definitely notice a difference after it.
Ava, February 08, 2024
Woke up from nap with severe pain in thyroid that isn't usual for me. Had been up all night helping daughter with university assignment. This audible just made me smile and the pain melted away. My hands tingle when I listen to audibles. They're very powerful. Thank you Daniel 💗
Melissa, February 07, 2024
Cures my migraine within about 10 minutes 
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Yasmine, February 07, 2024
Very calming

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Marian Roper, February 05, 2024
I use this every single morning to get clear and sharp... and for long trips... any extra stressors....

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TIM MÜLLER, February 04, 2024
Helps very well. After hanging up I feel noticeably fitter

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anonymous, February 04, 2024
I tend occasionally have trouble with PVCs. I woke up early this morning experiencing PVCs and tried this Heart Arrythmia audio. On checking my pulse after using it my heart rate is regular, without PVCs. Impressive.
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Juan Esteban López Sossa, February 03, 2024
I have used this IC two or three times a day and have noticed its enhancing effect on any cognitive effort. My personal and professional relationships have been forged in a better way. Additionally, I feel much stronger clarity and self-awareness, and my metacognitive capacity increases.

At this moment I am combining it with Alpha GPC, so I will wait for the changes it will have. Thank you!

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Juan Esteban López Sossa, February 03, 2024
After causing a medial meniscus tear and misaligning the meniscus, I went for a long time without treatment. This IC has been spectacular. The pain and inflammation has decreased to the point of making me walk and recover 85% of my mobility. I did it once or twice a day and it helped me a lot. Thank you!

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anonymous, February 03, 2024
Been much Healthier thisWinter-noColds-not one!
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Nathalie Roy, February 02, 2024
To no longer have a gallbladder for 30 years, this endobalance does me a lot of good

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anonymous, February 01, 2024
Helps me very quickly
Danny Duncan, February 01, 2024
After a medication changed my metabolism, I gained over 15k in 3 months. (!!!) Stopping the medication didn't stop the weight increase. I went from being someone who could, within reason, eat what I wanted of my safe foods - to gaining weight even whilst very ill for 2 months and eating almost nothing. After drinking this IC imprint 3xdaily for maybe 6 weeks, I am finally feeling the weight beginning to stabilize and slightly shed. Very grateful, that was unsettling to have my weight go suddenl out of control. 
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anonymous, February 01, 2024
Covid symptoms lasted 2 days using this 'treatment'.
anonymous, January 31, 2024
Been using it for over a month. It seems to be helping little by little with blood sugar management.

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anonymous, January 30, 2024
I use to help me sleep…… sometimes it helps sometimes it doesn’t.  
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