Tight Hip Flexors/Psoas Muscles PEMF

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The Hip Flexors are the deepest core muscles that take the strain if the abdominal and/or Gluteal muscles are weak. They shorten and can feel tight when overworked. This may cause low back pain,hip pain and groin pain. There can also be an emotional component to the cause of tight and stiff psoas muscles that is described as 'flight or fight'. We have included frequencies to address these issues. For best results we recommend that this Pemf be run with our 'Relax and Balance' Pemf and 'Happy Hip Joint' Pemf. Also it is important to set a good intention for a good outcome before running each Pemf.
Place the IC Pad in front of either hip or abdomen.
Sean Durkan Osteopath and FSM Practitioner, Fsmworks.com

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anonymous, March 30, 2024
I was under a lot of stress and today I discovered that the PSOAS is also called the soul muscle because it works closely with the nervous system. I felt a lot of emotions when the PEMF was running...but in the end the acute pain in my hip was actually less! I'll try this more often.

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Tight Hip Flexors/Psoas Muscles PEMF
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