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Geoffrey Nunn, Oct 22, 2020
I put it on a friend yesterday (who had no idea what it was) for shoulder pain and he came back this morning for more. Also I used myself with a program called brain fog and it certainly did something. Even half way through I felt better
Iris Rothenberg, Sep 24, 2020
Got rid of cold wearing the IC Pad overnight.
I had a cold stuffy nose/cold. Got rid of it wearing the IC Pad overnight.
anonymous, Mar 14, 2020
That's when I decided to give Covid-19 homeopathic IC a try...
Paul MacDonald introduced me to ICs in 2018. I have been exploring them by making them up then muscle testing before drinking. Over time, many have muscle tested strong for me. Life is in the moment so I make what I intuitively think might help a certain issue and muscle test. This way, I'm not guessing what I need. I can't thank you enough for what you have created. Today I was about to head to the hospital because I've had a wicked sore throat for a week that hasn't budged with all kinds of natural options. It started with sneezing and runny nose before the sore throat set in. I was fearing the worst- Covid 19. I rarely have respiratory problems so this scared me. I could only sleep for a couple hours at a time and the painful throat would wake me up. I felt this burning, super dry sensation in my nasal passages. That's when I decided to give Covid-19 homeopathic IC a try. It clearly muscle tested that I needed it!. So I made it. After my first dose the pain mysteriously vanished yet congestion remained. After the second dose, I had the longest, most restful sleep I've had in a week. I've just taken the third dose. I believe this IC is saving my life. I can't thank you all enough for the IC Platform. And Paul MacDonald is a hero!
Michael Erharter, Feb 28, 2020
The next day the lungs were completely free
My friend and our 6 month old son went to the doctor for a severe cough. The doctor diagnosed severe bronchitis and prescribed Sultanol (4 pumps per day). When asked if we could wait a bit, the doctor said no and if it gets worse on the weekend, we have to go to the children's clinic and take cortisone sprays. On my own, I decided to wait another day. I treated my son with "Endobalance Infection Killer" and PEMFs (4 hours). The next day we went to see another doctor for a check. The lungs were completely free. Very slight cough, but nothing threatening. No medication was needed... We continue to work with the ICs and PEMFs and it gets better by the hour. Thanks for these opportunities.
Daniel Knebel, Jan 09, 2020
All joint felt free and my legs were even afterward
I tested the Chiropractic PEMF and the whole body reacted. All joint felt free and my legs were even afterward. The pain in my right lower back was gone. Just put the IC Pad on the floor, lay down and relax. After 15 Minutes check your joint ROM and your leg length! They should be even! I am impressed! You can put it in front of your team bus or in the dressing room and every joint is aligned before the competition! Excellent for Soccer or American Football Teams!
Yvonne Leitner, Dec 22, 2019
I get pleasantly tired and can fall asleep easily
Der Supersleep IC ist wirklich super. Ich nehme 10 Tropfen eine halbe Stunde bevor ich ins Bett gehe. Ich werde angenehm müde und kann ganz leicht und vor allem schnell einschlafen. ❤️❤️ ------------------- Translation: The Supersleep IC is really great. I take 10 drops half an hour before I go to bed. I get pleasantly tired and can fall asleep easily and, above all, quickly. ❤️❤️
Yvonne Leitner, Dec 22, 2019
I exchanged my training booster for the IC
Ich habe meinen Trainingsbooster gegen das IC getauscht und ich bin wirklich begeistert wie gut es wirkt. Das tolle im Gegensatz zu konventionellen Booster ist, das ich nach dem Training nicht nicht mehr aufgeputscht bin und ohne Schwierigkeiten zu Bett gehen und einschlafen kann -------------Translation: I exchanged my training booster for the IC and I am really impressed with how well it works. The great thing, unlike regular boosters, is that after training I am no longer pumped up and can go to bed and fall asleep with no difficulty.
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