Turn a glass of water into a natural remedy

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anonymous, September 26, 2021
suffer with outbreaks of eczema around the nose and cheekbones ..this IC cured the problem after 2 days of running the program twice a day.
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anonymous, September 26, 2021
Surprised that this worked. I've felt nothing from any other ic. My back pain has decreased using this.
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Kellee Machado , September 26, 2021
I use it to stay focused and energized to study and work. The story I want to share is about a friend whose debilitating neurolgical disorder causes her to have restless leg syndrome. She stayed the night at my house without her prescription for Gabapentin, so I made her a complex that included Gabapentin, Calcium-Magnesium, Super Sleep PEMF, and Brain Delta. Not only did she not have the symptoms of restless leg but she slept through the night!
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Pam kososki , September 23, 2021
This really helped me today. My stomach was killing me today. I threw some acupuncture needles in, those didn't help. Used this IC directly on my abdomen and within the first few minutes my stomach pain subsided and it's almost non existent after 5 minutes. Pretty cool stuff.
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Kevin Brick, September 18, 2021
It's been 18 months of patients breathing on me (I don't wear a mask). No CV-19 symptoms. N-AC is an important addition to this.
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Katja Riemer, September 18, 2021
is part of my everyday detox. In the medium term I always notice when I've skipped them again, I'm more concentrated and my immune system is stronger.
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Robert M Black Jr, September 16, 2021
Body feels fantastic, I feel that I am the healthiest I have ever been. Pretty simple process. Pick out the IC"s you want and need build the complex then transfer it to your water ! Drink and enjoy the benefits......!
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