Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are infoceuticals (ICs)? What is the connection between homeopathy and infoceuticals?

Infoceuticals (ICs) are electromagnetic signals that are generated using algorithms or recorded from substances that have healing, therapeutic, or other biological effects. Simply put, ICs can be regarded as the evolution of homeopathy for the 21st century. Much like homeopathy, ICs work by stimulating the body’s own healing abilities. It is possible to imprint ICs to water and then by consuming this water, deliver the information to the body to promote self-healing.

2. Should I substitute my medication with infoceuticals?

No. If you currently use any medication, do not replace them with infoceuticals. Infoceuticals should be used to complement your treatment. If or when you will need to change anything regarding your medication, contact the practitioner who prescribed the medication to you and they will make the necessary adjustments.

3. How much IC water should I drink? Is there a dose-effect relationship?

It does not matter whether you drink 250 mL of IC water or 1 L - one glass of IC water contains the same amount of information as two glasses of water with the same IC. What is important is to drink IC water 2-3 times per day. This is because we need to periodically supply and influence the body with infoceuticals in order to cause an informational effect on the body.

4. How should I store the prepared IC water?

IC water should be stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, and at least one meter away from electrical devices.

5. Are there any side effects from using infoceuticals?

There have been no reports of negative effects from infoceuticals. If an infoceutical is not right for you, it will not resonate with your body and thus will not affect you. Some people may notice mild body pain during the first few days of using infoceuticals, which is normal and practitioners interpret this as the start of the body’s healing process using the newly acquired information. If you have any concerns, please contact your practitioner.

6. Can children use infoceuticals?

Children may use infoceuticals under parental supervision. If your child is taking any medication, do not substitute their medication with infoceuticals - infoceuticals should be used to complement their current treatment.

7. Can I give infoceuticals to my pet?

You may give infoceuticals to your pet. However, if your pet is taking any medication, do not substitute their medication with infoceuticals.

8. How many infoceuticals can I include in my personal complex?

The number of ICs that can be included in a personal IC complex depends on the person’s health and energy state. For some, 10 or more ICs in a complex works well; however, this is not the case for everyone. On average it is recommended to start with up to 6 ICs per personal complex. Depending on how you feel, you can increase (or decrease) the number of ICs in the complex.

9. How often is it recommended to take ICs to see results?

In general, it is recommended to drink IC water 2-3 times per day. This is because we need to periodically supply and influence the body with infoceuticals in order to cause an informational effect on the body. With respect to seeing results, that depends given it is different for everyone – some may see results within a day, while others need more time. Moreover, it depends on the health condition, whether it is chronic or acute.

10. If infoceuticals have the same vibration as the real substance, why take infoceuticals? Why not just ingest the real thing?

Infoceuticals are not substitutes for real substances! It is usually a good idea to keep real substances as part of the diet. However, some people may have problems related to the substance such as difficulty with digestion and absorption, allergic reaction, lack of access, dislike the taste or smell, etc. To ensure people are still able to obtain the benefits associated with the substance, they can try infoceuticals.

Additional questions from users

Jan 14, 2021
Hello, Antoine, how to have the text in French Thank you
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Hi Briglia, soon (in 1-2 weeks) we will finish the French translations and let you know when they are ready. Thank you!
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Jan 03, 2021
Hello! Is there a way to get the individual frequencies from 1 to 500 as options? Thank you!
Hi Debra, thank you for your request! We will make that functionality (algorithmic ICs synthesizer) available for all users later this month.
Dec 28, 2020
Hello! The page where you explain that info critical a platform is now infopathy and click to "go to Infopathy" interrupts absolutely everything I am doing on your website. Is this happening to anyone else? Making it hard to login and logout and download!
Dec 28, 2020
J Grayden, That is *infoceuticals platform
Hi J Grayden, thank you for your comment! That info should be shown only once and after you click go to Infopathy it should not show anymore. Anyways we will try to fix it later today. Thank you!
Jan 03, 2021
Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko, I figured out that the platform does not work well in private page. When I shut the private option off the infopathy website started functioning fine.
Hi Debra, thank you for your comment. If you use Private (or it maybe called Incognito in some browsers) mode then you can not use benefits of cookies for long time. For example, if you select your transfer device and later come to website again in a Private mode you will see that you need to choose transfer device again. Some happens for some other settings. But we will try to improve that. Thank you!
Dec 17, 2020
Hi Anton, wanted to ask why infopathy is so slowly?! Sometimes it takes several minutes to load an 2 min imprint. It’s like this for over a week. Sometimes it’s fast, but most of the time horribly slow. Thanks on advance! Best regards Angi
Hi Angi, thank you for your comment! We currently investigating this issue. Seems users in Germany at a specific time experiencing slow loading speed. We are trying to solve this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience!
I have IC pad 12 min. which I have been using for 2 years straight. It became scratched in several spots. Can I continue using it? But the most important question is whether it is MacOs Air Catalina compatible. It is my new computer, I hesitate to use my IC platform with it. Thanks for your answer. Irma simuni
Hi Irma, thank you for your questions! If you don't have deep scratches on the coil part of circuit IC Pad then it should be okay. It will work with Apple devices and pretty much any devices where you have internet. Make sure your audio volume is set to maximum After you connect IC Pad to your laptop, because sometimes volume is automatically set lower when you connect device to audio output.
Dec 09, 2020
Hallo Anton, many thanks for your answer.
Dec 08, 2020
Hello Anton, is there a possibility to print out all ICs and complexes as a list in German to get a complete overview? Greetings Eduard
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Hello Eduard, thank you for your request! We are currently translating the entire Infopathy including all descriptions of ICs and IC complexes into German (also into French and Korean). We should finish the translations into German in about 1 month and then create PDFs of all descriptions in German. Thank you!
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Nov 29, 2020
HI Does the Ic pan need toughing the bottom of the bottle? Some bottles are concave so there is air in the center of the bottle. Does the color of the glass help keep the IC longer ie brown glass vs clear? Does a lid on the bottle reflect the sound waves back into the water?
Hi Linda, it is okay if IC Pad does not touch all the bottom of the bottle. Blue or brows grass helps to protect from some light, so it is better for storing prepared IC water. If you preparing small tinctures (method 2) you can cover them with aluminum foil after the transfer. IC pad does not emit sound waves, just electromagnetic waves. Lid does not reflect electromagnetic waves. If IC Pad would emit sound waves as well, lid could reflect some sound waves, but not substantially.
Nov 25, 2020
hi Anton I have been using the hummer vereith satisfaction. By the way the coin shaped patch has been worn out? The falken part is not big, just a rim of the patch. However if I keep on using it, the metal part would come out, I guess.. Should get some more patches for it?
Good morning, I am quite new to this method and have some questions. Does the IC Omega fish oils f.e. substitute the taking of the "real oils"? Is using an imprint per glowing IC pad as good as adding it to water? How often can/should I use a PEMF like whole body and spin whenn having acute hip problems? Can I use various different PEMFs per day, every day? Is there a limit? Thank you very much in advance for your time and attention!
Hi Nelly, thank you for your questions! We can not recommend substituting any medications or supplements, only using ICs as an additional method, and if you feel you can reduce or stop using some medications or supplements, you can do so after consulting with your practitioner. As you are just starting using ICs, in particular, PEMF ICs you can use same PEMF IC 1-2 times a day. You can use different PEMFs per day. There is no limit, but a general suggestion would be to start from a smaller variety of PEMFs (like 2 different ones) and later add more. If you feel tired, then reduce number of different ICs.
Nov 21, 2020
Hello, I got my machine and love it! However, the cable fell on the floor and my pet rabbits chewed it. Can I buy any stereo cable to replace it or is this something special?
Hi Camille, thank you for your question! Yes, you can buy any other stereo cable up to 3 meters long.
Nov 22, 2020
Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko, thank you for your reply. It was very helpful. (I had to use a conversion from meters to feet - haha).
good morning, how often should I "replay" my personal complex with 3 infoceuticals of 2 minutes each?
Hi Nelly, thank you for your question! If the Primary application for your complex is Imprint, then using Glowing IC Pad you don't need to repeat it, that is just run it once (for 2 minutes) in a "Transfer all at once" mode.
Nov 12, 2020
Hello, I signed up for a membership so I can use everything with the Leucht ic pad. I've tried it once and it worked. Then logged out, logged in again. Now I no longer have access to the ic's. Says only possible with a premium membership, although I have already signed up with card details Please help. LG Jörg
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Hello Mübus, we fixed it. You should now have an active membership under your account.
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Nov 10, 2020
Hey there, I‘ve tried to create a new complex twice, but ist was not possible to save the data. System told me: something went wrong. So what can I do? Thx for help! Jenny
Hi Jenny, thank you for letting us know about that issue. Fixed, please try again.
Nov 10, 2020
Loading ICs often hangs What can I do?
Hi Thorsten, thank you for your feedback, we will investigate what can be the issue. Usually, it may stop loading due to the internet connection.
Nov 08, 2020
Do I have to pay for the IC transfer and become a member to use this. It was not clear to me.
Hi Camille, thank you for your question! Some ICs available without membership. Other ICs available with premium membership. When you sign up for premium membership you will have 30-day free trial.
Nov 05, 2020
Hi! The lights of my glowing IC Pad are shining without any reason (no PEMF Transfer, no cable connected). It stops after hours with empty battery. When I charge it with the USB cable the lights are shining again. When I start a transfer, it shines brighter. Can I "reboot" it?
Hi Jochen, thank you for your message! Sounds like IC Pad experienced some damage and broke or just had a defect. I will email you further instructions on what we can do. Thank you!
Oct 30, 2020
CanadaPost: Small Packet International Air In the case of delivery option, how long does delivery take to Korea?
Hi AN BYUNGOK, about 10 business days.
Oct 30, 2020
Eventually I've got a Hummer!!!! I've been satisfied with it until now except the sound it makes while working. the loudness of the sound depends on each IC. It's very convenient since I can get PEMF or audible ICs while finishing my routine work. Most of all, when I use an ic pad sometimes the connect has problems. Besides they(cell phone snd ic pad) are heavy but Hummer is light and no problems with the connect as lona as I move too far from the bluetooth area. I have some questions. Hummer has some parts. One of them, a coin shaped patch! What is it for? Is it supposed to be patched to the bottom of Hummer? Even though I put the hummer on the cotton shirt, some ICS make the hummer pretty hot to touch while working. Is it okay?
Hi Nicole, Thank you for your feedback and questions! If the sound is too loud you can reduce the volume to a comfortable level. If you set the volume to 100% or so, then IC Hummer will get hot - that is an extra infrared spectrum that has its benefits, but you can reduce the volume to reduce the temperature of IC Hummer (also battery will last longer). Coin shaped patch that is already attached to the IC Hummer is to achieve more protrusion from the body of the device and therefore better transmit vibration to the body. The suction cups sticker is for the experiment on Cymatics (we will publish a video and more info on that later). Also, just a coin patch that is already attached to the device can be used for the Cymatics or just to attach IC Hummer to an aquarium or other surfaces. All possibilities (use cases) are not explored yet :)
Oct 29, 2020
Are there any IC's you would recommend for skin cancer, Basal Cell ?
Hi Connie, we just added PEMF IC from the Rife frequencies set, please search for "Carcinoma - basal cell skin (Rife)".
Dec 26, 2020
Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko, Should the Pemf be used directly on the lesion or can it be used on the wrist for ease of use? How many times a day?
Hi Connie, thank you for your question! If it is possible then better to apply directly on the lesion, you can apply to a stomach area (due to high blood circulation). But if the stomach is also not comfortable then you can try the wrist. You can apply PEMF 1-2 times a day.
Oct 21, 2020
Hey, today we received our Hummer. We are a little bit surprised about the noise this little thing is marking. Is there a chance to only use the magnet and vibration without audio? Or is this not recommendable? Thanks in advance!
Hi Angi, IC Hummer is a vibrational speaker, if some IC contains high frequencies, it will emit those waves and sound can be loud. For those ICs you can lower audio volume to a comfortable level. Also when IC Hummer is attached to the body (depends which part) it will sound more quite.
Oct 20, 2020
Hi, Anton. Im really into Hummer! I have a question. When I use Hummer, does it have any sound? for example, when I use it with an audible IC, does it make any sound or just vibration? Actually I don't want to bother anybody while Im using Hummer. Thanks!
Hi Nicole, thank you for your questions! Yes, IC Hummer makes sounds and vibratuins during the transfer. Some PEMF signals can sound pretty loud, you can lower the volume to make them less loud. Some ICs will sound pretty quite when IC Hummer is attached to the body. It depends on a frequency spectrum of the IC.
Oct 13, 2020
i apologize for leaving previous questions, i found they above. (i did not see or remember them when i read them the first time)
Oct 13, 2020
I have a few questions: How much water should be in the bottle how much water should i drink in a day - at a time how often shall i drink per day will the opeoids manifest constipation like the physical pills do thank you
Oct 11, 2020
How do I delete an ingredient from an existing list of created Ic's?
Hi Doreen, thank you for your question! You can Edit each IC Complex that you created or even delete it. To edit your personal complex, click on the [...] button on the Complex card (or under the transfer bar at the Complex page) to open a small menu and then click Edit.
Oct 08, 2020
Hi Anton, How often do you recommend using the PEMFs per day and how long in duration? I am using immune, trauma and asthma PEMFs. Thanks, Tania
Hi Tania, thank you for your questions! There are no limitations on how many times a day you can use any Infoceuticals. For PEMF IC you can start from 1-2 times a day for each PEMF IC you choose and see how you feel. For the duration, you can use for a few days or a few weeks if needed 'deeper' changes.
Oct 06, 2020
Hi Anton, Could you please explain how I can delete one of the ingredients from already existing ic? And if it’s not possible, then how to get rid of the whole one? Thanks, Irene
Hi Irene, thank you for your questions! You can Edit each IC Complex that you created or even delete it. To edit your personal complex, click on the [...] button on the Complex card (or under the transfer bar at the Complex page) to open a small menu and then click Edit.
Sep 26, 2020
Hi, Anton. Thanks for your response. It's really helpful and gave me a good chance to use the renewed infopathy system. By the way, I'm into HUMMER. Especially its its function to operate three different types of ics by itself. I have a question. when I use the Hummer with its audible method, am I supposed to use it with a pillow as you show in the description for HUMMER? By any chance, it'd be okay to patch Hummers on some parts of the body to use it in audible method? Thanks!
Hi Nicole, thank you for your question! With IC Hummer you can also apply Audible ICs directly to the body.
Sep 24, 2020
Hi, Anton. Thanks for updating. It is more convenient to use than before, but I have some questions. When I imprint an ic complex, there are two options. I usually transfer all the ics included in an complex all at once, however whenever I try to transfer, it has been set one-by-one. So I'm supposed to choose 'all at once ', it's kind of troublesome. its easy to forget to adujust the option. Is there any difference between two methods (all at once vs one-by-one) in effectiveness?
Hi Nicole, thank you for your question! Fo the complexes that include Imprint ICs it is better to transfer them All at Once. To change, the default transfer mode for your personal complex, click "edit" on that complex and then uncheck "One-by-one" default transfer mode, and click "Submit". Then each time you will be visiting page of that complex it will be set to default mode.
Hi Nicole, thank you for your question! Fo the complexes that include Imprint ICs it is better to transfer them All at Once. To change, the default transfer mode for your personal complex, click "edit" on that complex and then uncheck "One-by-one" default transfer mode, and click "Submit". Then each time you will be visiting page of that complex it will be set to default mode.
Sep 17, 2020
The Transfer did Not work with the new apple ios14!!
Dagmar, thank you for reporting about this issue. We made some updates. Please try again and let us know if it works now.
Aug 22, 2020
what is the most conductive material to use during imprinting? glass is pretty insulating?no? also i read about solutions needing to be 50% water to imprint, how would I go about creating a massage oil or lotion?
Hi lynn, thank you for your questions! Better to use glass, plastic, or ceramic is also okay, but better to have translucent material if using Glowing IC Pad. You can not use metal, because it will shield the signals. But you can prepare water in a glass bottle and then pour it into a metal container. Regarding 50%, it is about alcohol solutions, it should consist of at least 50% of water - it was experimental observations of Jaques Benveniste. With oils and creams, theory probably more complicated, but people use it for a long time.
Oct 29, 2020
Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko, I use glass dropper bottle that are brown or blue. Should I use clear glass instead?
Hi Connie, you can use brown or blue bottles as well.
Hi Connie, you can use brown or blue bottles as well.
Jul 17, 2020
once the IC in the water, how long does it hold the imprint?
Hi Stephanie, thank you for your question! If you use regular drinking water it will be about 3 days (Method 1), if you are using Method 2 (please check the instructions) you can transfer ICs to water with extra minerals and it will hold ICs for 30 days. When using Method 2, we also recommend wrapping tincture in aluminum foil after the transfer to protect it from environmental EM smog.
Jul 09, 2020
Could you add an IC for the herb Lobelia? I would like to use it for muscle spasms.
Hi Connie, thank you for your request! Added to the wish list)
Jul 06, 2020
hi, i use method 2 and id like to know, how many different bottles are recommended a day? is there an upper limit you would suggest? regards!
Hi Magdalena, thank you for your question! It would be also a good idea to start from a small variety of ICs and Complexes (like 3 different Complexes a day) and focus on one thing first and later add more IC in your ration. The maximum would be limited by the amount of water you can drink.
Jun 29, 2020
Dear Anton. Thanks for the kind answer. I have a request. :) I want a method that automatically transfer PEMF or audible ICs sequentially. Is there any other way I don't know?
Dear Jihye Moon, thank you for your request! Do you mean like creating playlists, so ICs can play one after another? If so, we are thinking about this feature.
Jun 17, 2020
Dear Anton Can I use transfer media as oil instead of water?
Dear Jihye Moon, thank you for your question! yes, you can use oil as well. Some people use CBD and other oils.
Jun 17, 2020
I want you to make a mosquito repellenthusiastic.
Hi Kim, thank you, I will add your request to the list!
Jun 02, 2020
Hello! Can a water and brandy mix be used to store the IC or does it have to be saline? Thanks!
Hi Lauren, thank you for your question! Yes, you can use alcohol solutions. But water content should be at least 50% (i.e. alcohol content should be less than 50%). You can store/use it for 30 days and I suggest wrapping the bottle in aluminum foil after IC Transfer.
Jun 04, 2020
Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko, thank you!
May 28, 2020
Dear Anton, recently I've been listening to audoble ics. They are very convenient and good. I have some questions about Audible Ics. 1. how many times do you recommend us to listen to each audible ic a day? 2. Is it okay to listen to another one right after finishing an audible ic? 3. it,s a similar question. when we use ics with pemf based, some ics are supposed to be used in sequence. for example,, (1. Aspergillus Flavus 2. Aspergillus glaucus 3. Aspergillus Niger (Black Mold) 4. Aspergillus Fumigatus 5. Mycosis Fungoides) should we have some pause right after finishing each one? Thanks!
Dear Sangmi Han, thank you for your feedback and questions! 1. You can use the same Audible IC 1-2 times a day. 2. Yes, you can use another one right after. 3. With PEMF ICs same - you can use them one after another. Thank you!
May 26, 2020
Dear Anton, I'd like to ask you a question: according to your instructions(Method 1), it is possible to add the new water when I finish the half of the prepared water(procedure #6). Then, I wonder if I can repeat the process(#6) several times(more than once) in 3 days before I make wholly new IC water. Thanks a lot.
Dear MoonHo, thank you for your question! Yes, you can do it several times during 3 days. Thank you!
May 26, 2020
Hey Anton, can I drink differently programmed bottles one after another or should some time pass between the consumption and if so, how long should i wait before i drink the next program? Thank you!
Hi Magdalena, thank you for your question! You can drink them one after another, but it might be a good idea to have a short pause 2-3 minutes between different bottles.
May 22, 2020
Dear Anton. What do you think about listening audible IC through speakers instead of headphones?
Dear Jihye Moon, thank you for your question! I think it should also work. But if Audible ICs have binaural beats, then you should have headphones or good speakers, so you can hear the stereo sound and beat effect. So far we dont have many binaural beats, just one example (you can search binaural beats IC), but we will have them later. So with all other Audible IC you can use speakers.
May 22, 2020
Dear Anton. Thanks for your kind reply. How is the frequency band of binaural beats IC? I'm going to consider it when I buy headphones.
Dear Jihye Moon, they usually up 20kHz. I think pretty much any modern headphones will have a good Frequency Response Profile. If you have good headphones besides therapy you can use them to just enjoy the music :)
May 18, 2020
Dear Anton. I'm really using it well for my family's health. By the way IC complexes I made are increasing more and more on the category of my own IC complexes. Thus I feel to need directories that I could manage for my each family. Could you please add the function of directories on your site if you can by any chance? Thank you.
Dear Mashall3, thank you for your feedback and suggestions! We currently working on whole web-site redesign and later plan to make 'folders' in favorite categories, so you will be able to organize your Favorite ICs. Thank you!
May 13, 2020
I would appreciate if you can add the following substances; SAC(calcium), romaine lettuce,caprylic acid,Lugol solution,amoxicillin,natural progesterone,hydrocortisone,coenzyme A,cauliflower mushroom.
Hi MoonHo, thank you for your request! Noted!
May 12, 2020
Dear Anton Could you add growth hormone IC for PEMF? I really want to do that for my daughter. Thanks.
Hi Jihye, we will look into available frequencies for growth and will try to create PEMF that have similar action to growth hormone. Thank you!
Apr 24, 2020
Could you please add the homeopathic Antimonium Crudum 200cc?
Hi Connie, thank you for your request, we will try to add it!
Apr 14, 2020
Can distilled water be included in the type of water used?
Hi 정순우, thank you for your questions! No, you need to use regular good quality mineral water. Distilled water seems pretty unstable and cannot hold structure for a long time.
Apr 13, 2020
Hi Anthon, could you please tell me which side of Glowing Pad supposed to be up: one with metal button in the center and slightly raised perimeter or one with flat surface. Thank you, Irene.
Hi Irene, "one with a metal button (magnet) in the center and slightly raised perimeter" should be up.
Apr 04, 2020
In the IC for B12 and Folate by Kraft&Gesundheit, is there any way to find out what type of folate and B12 used? I have a heterozygous MTHFR mutation and can only use certain types of folate and B12. An IC for those with this mutation would be awesome!! ←
Hi Connie, sorry for the delayed reply! I will double-check with the IC Developer and let you know if they have information about type of B12 and folate. Thank you!
Hi Connie, regarding B12: Methylcobalamin, Adenosylcobalamin, Hydroxycobalamin, and folate: Calcium-L-Methylfolat. They were used for that IC.
Apr 03, 2020
suggestion: a way to search testimonials about various IC results. Example: how Supersleep is used and when?
Hi Monica, thank you very much for your suggestions! We definitely will add that in the future!
Mar 23, 2020
Can you clarify that both IC pads you sell are suitable for PEMF transmission.
Hi Monica, thank you for your questions! yes, you can use both IC Pad (Circuit and Glowing) for transferring PEMF signals. But if using Circuit IC Pad, for PEMF-based ICs that are shorter than 10 minutes you need to transfer them a few times in a row.
Mar 23, 2020
Thank you for the quick response.Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko, What would you define as a few times in a row??
Monica, to make total total transfer time at least 10 minutes. If PEMF-based IC has duration 4 minutes, for example, then transfer it 3 times in a row with Circuit IC Pad.
Hi Anton Can I use a metal bottle
HI Colin and Nancy, thank you for your question! You can prepare IC in glass or plastic bottle (glass is better) and then pour it into metal bottle. Do not transfer IC to metal container, because it will shield the signal. But storing IC water in metal container is okay.
Mar 06, 2020
Hi Anton, i ordered an IC Pad - Circuit a few days ago. I also want to use the PEMF based ICs directly on my body. Is this possible with the IC Pad - Circuit or do I need a glowing IC Pad? Thanks for your answer.
Hi Andreas, thank you very much for your question and your purchase! You can use it as well, but PEMF-based ICs that are shorter than 10 minutes you need to transfer them a few times in a row.
Feb 28, 2020
Hi Anton, thanks for your useful information. So for the complexes my doctor made for me, if I use method 1, I only have to do the transfer once every 3 days? What if I do a transfer every day?
Feb 28, 2020
Hi Anton, How many different ICs and/or complexes can I safely take in one day? do they all complement each other or do some not mix well together?
Hi Wendy, thank you very much for your questions! In general IC and IC Complexes are safe to use, so far no one reported negative effects. But if you consume too many ICs at once, they may have not any effect, because it might be overwhelming for the body to process too much information. I mean if you have 10 or more ICs in the same IC Complex, that can be too much. Better to start from smaller complexes (up to 6 ICs) and if needed prepare few IC Complexes and use them one after another during the day. If using method 1, you can prepare a new bottle of water each day, no problem.
Feb 28, 2020
Hi Anton, Can PEMFs be downloaded to an IC pad? Also, it says to keep water away from electrical sources. At work I'm surrounded by computers, etc. Should I keep the water a meter away from all of those?
Hi Wendy, thank you very much for your questions! IC Pad is just an emitting device, it can not store any signals. But you can connect IC Pad to a smartphone if you need mobility. Regarding protection: You can use Method 2 (prepare small tinctures) and after the transfer, cover them into aluminum foil. Or if using Method 1 (direct transfer to 1-2 liter bottle) you can use glass bottle/plastic for transfer and then pour water into a stainless steel bottle. This will help you to keep IC Water isolated from EMF sources.
Feb 23, 2020
hi Anton. me again! When I read the explanation of the ic for coronavirus 2019,, I skipped this phrase 'with the help of a highly diluted solution of COVID-19', so now I got it. This homeopathic ic is a kind of a nosode, right? Thanks!
Hi Sangmi, thank you for your questions! Yes, you are exactly right, it is a nosode, we recorded the signals from 30C potency of the virus itself.
Feb 23, 2020
Hi Anton, I've been using the Glowing  IC Pad and it is really helpful in many ways. I'm really thankful for that. I have a question. Recently one ic for Coronavirus 2019 has been added. You mentioned it was created with the help of a homeopathic remedy. Could you let me know what kind of remedies Coronavirus 2019 was made up of?  Actually I have some homeopathic remedies for flu or pneumonia. When I take your IC for Coronavirus 2019,,  I wonder if I can take other homeopathic remedies, but I have no idea whether they are the same or not. Novel Coronavirus ! Take Care! Thanks.
Feb 12, 2020
Hi Anton, does the bottle with water should have a lid on during the transfer of ICs and be covered during storage for 3 days? Also, could i add 3 ICs for the treatment of blood pressure to the IC complex "Cough" as it only has 3 ICs ? What I'm asking is that quantity -wise it should be OK, but might some of the ICs be incompatible with the others? Thank you, Regina
Hi Regina, thank you for your questions! You can keep the lid during the transfer and storage. But you need to vigorously shake the bottle before the transfer, so you might need the lid to do that. Regarding complex, yes, you can add extra ICs into it. To do that you can click on "copy" button located on that complex's card and then add extra ICs to it. You can try to add extra ICs and use that complex and then see what effect you are getting. Later you can do some modifications to it if necessary.
Feb 10, 2020
Hi one more time. It’s Irene again. I use IC complex for high cholesterol created by my health practitioner. Is there a way to find out which ICs she put there together. I wanted to make some addition to that complex, but I need to know first what is already included in it. Thank you.
Hi Irene, thank you for your question! You can see what is included in your IC Recommendation in its description section. You can see there "Included ICs: ..." And list of IC names.
Feb 10, 2020
Anton, sorry I forgot to put my name in my comment. My name is Irene.
Hi Irene, thank you very much for your questions! I am good, thank you :) PEMF is Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field. In that category we are including all ICs that generated via some algorithms, not recorder with the help of substances. Rife frequencies we also include under PEMF category. Some PEMF ICs can be 20 or even more minutes, because it is a set of frequencies that should be emitted for a specific time. "Pad" stands for the IC Pad, you can use your Glowing IC Pad. If you have any other questions, please let me know. Thank you!
Feb 10, 2020
Hi Anton, how are you? Have a question about PEMF. What it stands for? Also I understand one need a pad to apply IC to a target area . Is the word “pad” stands for the platform itself or it’s something different to get in addition to the glowing platform I have. Also, are all Rife frequency ICs will be PEMF? And can it be that transfer can take as long as 20 min? Thanks
Jan 31, 2020
where can I find my recommended complexes?
Hi JemPorro, to find IC Recommendations from your practitioners you can go to My Account -> My Favorites and then "IC Recommendations" tab on that page.
Jan 06, 2020
Hi there. I am having issues with my ic pad staying activated. It seems to be an issue with the cord/plug in. The program will run ( I am mostly using the PEMF on my body) and just randomly the disk will not be emitting anything......I can usually remedy by turning the plug in around a bit until it finds a spot it likes but that is no longer working. This has been the same when plugged into my computer and phone. The cord is fine, no tears or bends. I have only had the disk since the fall. Is there a warranty or??
Hi Ali, thank you for your message and sorry for the inconveniences! We had a few cases like your. Seems the problem is in the cable actually, the connector part. We will send you another cable to try it. I will contact you via email for the details.
Jan 03, 2020
Hallo, ich habe diese Methode durch Kraft und Gesundheit, Deutschland, kennengelernt und mir ein glowing IC Pad zugelegt. Ich erhoffe mir, die Kosten für meine vielen Nahrungsergänzungsmittel dadurch reduzierenzu koennen. Ich habe eine Autoimmunkrankheit: Hashimoto. Meine Frage ist allerdings, ob die Infoceuticals diese ersetzen koennen? Muss nicht die Substanz in den Körper biochemisch eingebaut werden? Oder reicht die Information, damit der Körper sich Magnesium lernt, selbst zu versorgen? Liebe Grüße Anju
Hi Sabrina, thank you for your questions! We do not recommend substitute any current products or treatment methods, but start using infoceuticals as additional method. If later you will need to reduce the dose of some products (e.g. supplements) you can do so. You can also talk about this with Kraft und Gesundheit. Thank you!
Jan 01, 2020
Hi Do you have experience with a magnetic stiier for the IC? Is it possible to use with the drops (method 2) or could it affect the IC in the water? Thank you. Best regards. Gabriel
Hi Gabriel, thank you very much for your question! We don't have experience with a magnetic stirrer. But you can use lab vortex/shaker to "excite" water before transferring ICs. Or if you plan to use magnetic stirrer just to dissolve salt, then I think it should be okay.
Hi Anton I am John again, two of my IC programs crash, "Anti age cancer complex" and "Comprehensive multi vitamins and minerals formula"
Dec 20, 2019
Hi Anton I am John from Italy, thanks for the prompt intervention, I see that it is working very well. I have another question to understand: when I finish transferring frequencies with my IC Complex and I want to add another combination of ICs in the same water what should be done, what is the most appropriate procedure? 1) Can I transfer more programs in the same water? 2) Do I have to make two separate transfers and then mix them?
Hi John, thank you very much for your questions! After you transferred ICs into the water, better do not transfer anything on top of that. You can make two transfers on a separate volume of water and them mix them or better just prepare two separate volumes of water and drink them one after another. I hope that helps, if you have any other questions, please let us know! Thank you!
Dec 19, 2019
Hi Anton, I am John from Italy, I've been using the IC Glowing Pad for several days since I bought it. So far it has always worked wonderfully but tonight when I loaded the frequencies, the program loaded up to 99% and froze. I don't understand what it can depend on. The Glowing Pad is loaded, I have a super-performing PC with which I work. I have turned the PC off and on several times but your program freezes at 99%, what does it depend on?
Hi Giovanni, thank you very much for your comment. We just checked and found that a few ICs had some incompatibility with older internet browsers and that was causing "freezes at 99%". We fixed it, please try to transfer it again, it should work. If you have any questions, please let us know! Thank you!
Dec 12, 2019
Is there a minimum amount of water for the 10 IC drops (Method 2)? Thank you. Best regards Gabriel
Hi Gabriel, thank you very much for your question! Some people were reporting that they put drops directly in their mouths and it worked for them. But that may be too salty and that were just several feedback cases for now. You can dissolve 10 drops into at least 50 mL of water.
Dec 08, 2019
There is a naltrexone infoceutical. In the description, it describes both naltrexone and low dose naltrexone. Which effect does it have? Also, can it be combined with one of the opioid frequencies or do they cancel each other out?
Dec 09, 2019
Hi Lisa, There is no definitive answer to your question. It is a good one. I'll tell you my own thoughts about it (I uploaded that particular infoceutical, BTW). I think (and I think there is evidence in support) that there are two components to any substance. One is its physical nature. The other is the electromagnetic field it generates and imparts to water, a field that contains the information of that substance. When naltrexone blocks opiate receptors, it is doing so both through the physical interaction of the molecule with the receptor, and also through an informational modulation of that receptor. Receptors actually act as antennae, and specific receptors will receive specific signals. So, I think the physical substance acts in a mechanical way on the receptor, and that activity is dose-dependent. But I think that delivered as an IC it will modulate the receptor and its activity much as, say, phosphatidylserine will modulate adrenal function: pick it up when it's low, push it down when it's high. In this regard, my suspicion is that the IC naltrexone will be appropriate for those with autoimmune disease or cancer *and* taking opioid pain relievers. That's all, of course, my best guess as to how it works as in IC. I hope you'll report back here your experience with it. Best regards, Greg
Dec 07, 2019
Hi Anton! I add ease-pemf in my IC complex and the transfer time went from 12 minute to around 4 minutes. Can put together substances based ic-s with pemf on the same complex( water) or have to download first the ic that I use and after that download in the same water the pemf. Thank you!
Hi Lidia, thank you for your question! Yes, currently, if you add PEMF-based IC into a complex the transfer time will be determined by PEMF IC's length. This may be changed later, i.e. minimum transfer time will stay at least 12 minutes. But you can do it, you can include PEMF-based ICs into complexes.
Dec 04, 2019
Hi is it possible for me to create or request an IC that is not currently available?
Hi Mark, yes you can send us a request at we will send it to different IC Developers and hopefully will be able to make it fast) Thank you!
Nov 22, 2019
Anton, It worked. Thank you, Irene.
Nov 21, 2019
Good Morning, I was trying to use my glowing pad this morning and seems it did not work properly. It stopped loading at 99% and just continue doing something. Never started count down. Any suggestions? Thank you, Irene.
Hi Irene, thank you very much for reporting about the problem! Yesterday we had some updates, which may affected some devices. You probably were downloading the IC Recommendation and got some problems. We will fix this today. Thank you!
Nov 20, 2019
Can I add liquid magnesium or boron to my water?
Hi Dorothy, thank you for your question! some people were adding borax (boron compound) to their water and it was fine. Liquid magnesium or any other mineral also should be fine. If you preparing 30-50 mL tinctures with IC saline (method 2), then to your glass of water you can first add boron, for example, and then drops of IC saline. If you using "method 1" then you can add minerals to your water first, then shake it and transfer ICs to it. If you have any other questions, please let me know! Thank you!
Nov 08, 2019
Hey Anton, has there been any studies on using the icpad with hydrogen rich water? I have a hydrogen generator water bottle and I'm wondering what steps should be first, to use the pad first or after? Also how far off of the pad can the water be and can the signals pass threw other materials rather than glass? And I'm also curious if this technology works well with translighters technology. Any studies with that? Thanks!
Hi Cody, thank you for your questions! We do not have any studies with hydrogen-rich water. But as I understand the generator breaks water molecules with electricity to get H2, therefore I think that better to treat water with ICs after you prepare hydrogen-rich water. The closer IC Pad the better, but about 5 cm should be still okay. As for material, you can use any non-metallic and better somehow translucent materials, like plastic and glass. We do not have studies with translighters technology, but I think it should work. If you have any other questions, please let me know! Thank you!
Oct 27, 2019
Hi Anton, I connect my glowing IC pad to my laptop, to the headphone jack - so, I don't hear anything, but the pad is glowing until transfer is complete. When I switch audio output on my laptop to my wireless bluetooth speaker, I can hear the transfer but the pad stops glowing. My question: As long as the pad glows during transfer, do I need to be concerned with not hearing it? Thank you.
Hi Monica, thank you for your question! When you turn on Bluetooth speaker then the signal going to that speaker, not IC Pad. Glowing IC Pad should glow during the transfer and you should not hear the sound, otherwise there is no signal comming to IC Pad. IC Pad emmits electromagnetic wave, not acoustic.
Oct 15, 2019
Hi there, I have a couple of questions : - you make the comparison with homeopathy, but I cannot find any information of the dilution of the infoceuticals. For instance Arnica could be in 5CH, 30CH, etc. Where I can find this information ? - I see that the infoceuticals are coming from various providers. Do you evaluate the quality of the infoceuticals you are being provided ? Do you guarantee they are conform to their description ? - Is there a way to make my own infoceuticals files ? For instance if I own a scalar wave device. Thank you
Hi Elie, thank you for your questions! Regarding comparison with homoeopathy, in the video on this page (please copy the link and put it in your browser) we try to explain how homoeopathy works using the quantum electrodynamic theory of coherent domains. The same theory is applicable for infoceuticals because not a substance has an effect but the water which was "modified" by a substance or a signal from a substance (matter). Different homoeopathic potencies have a different effect. If IC is created from the homoeopathic product with a specific potency then it is possible to expect the same effect as that exact potency. Regarding different IC providers - IC Developers. Usually, IC Develope is a practitioner who can test created ICs. We provide the IC Developing kit for them and instruct them on how to create ICs - IC Developers use the same technique. Plus we receive feedback from other practitioners and users. Because ICs do not have side effects, there is no harm trying. But some ICs before getting public status are in a "research" mode and only practitioners have access to them. Regarding descriptions. The description usually provides information about the effect of the IC source itself (pharmaceutical, mineral, homoeopathic product, etc). Effect of IC itself may be different, especially if the source is pharmaceutical - because the substance itself in most cases will act much stronger - but that could be a reason for getting side effects. Also, the effect from ICs may depend on persons current state of health and energy level. Usually, it does not work at all if it is not needed for an organism. That is why we can not guarantee that the effects of ICs conform to their description. Regarding making your own ICs, I will send you an email about that. Thank you and have a great day!
Oct 15, 2019
Hi Anton, Thank you for your quick answer. I think I had understood that the original properties (such as structure of matter) of the source product are transmitted to the target water (I assume you use scalar waves as suggests the shape of the antenna); but when I browse the ICs tagged as homeopathic, none of them displays the potenty/dilution of the original product (pick Ignatia, Mercury for instance), to my understanding that makes them inaccurate and useless. I've seen you have other source that homeopathic sources, in this case that question is not relevant.
Hi Elie, yes, looks like for those ICs, IC Developer has not provided the information about the potency. But the description represents the effect which was provided by the source product manufacturer. I will try to get the information what potencies were used to prepare that ICs and update the descriptions if I find that information. Thank you!
Sep 21, 2019
Hello, can you please advise me if once I have infused the water with the IC can it be refrigeratored and maintain its effectiveness? Thanks.
Nicola, yes, you can refrigerate prepared water (2-3 Celcius), but do not freeze it.
Sep 28, 2019
Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko, thank you for response. Another question I have is regarding the cannabis IC - will that test positive in a cannabis drug test do you know? Thank you
Nicola, thank you for your question! some athletes are using different ICs now and their doping tests are okay. For now, it is very difficult to detect how water changes via some standard techniques. Using Electro-Impedance Spectroscopy we can see that water changes, but to determine what IC exactly there, it will require additional development or involving some biological tests to see the reaction, but there should not be any substance traces in blood, for example. So, with a cannabis drug test, it should be okay as well.
May 21, 2019
What kind of bottles(materials) are good for making IC water? Is stainless bottle suitable?
Hi Akiko, the best material for making IC water is glass. You can prepare IC water in a glass bottle and then pour it to stainless bottle. But you can not use a stainless bottle for making IC water, because metal shields electromagnetic signal which is produced by IC Pad.
May 21, 2019
Thank you, Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko! Is it possible to use IC water for cooking and bath ?
Akiko, you can use IC water for cooking and bath, but the temperature should not exceed 50 Celsius (better keep it lower than 40C), otherwise, water molecules will have too much energy and created "IC structure" will be destroyed. Thus, you can use IC water for cold dishes, beverages, slightly warm bath. Also, you can transfer ICs to ready drinks, dairy products, as well as body creams (e.g. to use after bath).
Apr 29, 2019
I am trying to get ic to send an ic pad glowing, but only a small pad is recognized and glowing pad is not recognized. Does it automatically recognize the pad type? Or is there another way? Please tell us how to use the glowing pad.
Mar 31, 2019
Thank you for your quick response. I will try the recording and see what happens. In the meantime, I am setting the pad on a pad of paper that appears to break the magnetic connection.
Mar 31, 2019
I have the small IC pad Circuit. I hope that I did not inadvertently damage it. by using it on a metal topped table. There is a plastic runner between the table and the pad, but today I noticed there was a magnetic attraction between the pad and the table. Since it's not possible to know if the pad is working, do you think it is OK or did the magnetic attraction damage it?
Hi Lee, if cord still attached to Circuit IC Pad, then it should be fine, the metal table should have no bad influence on the IC Pad. There is actually a method to check whether the Circuit IC Pad is working - while IC Transfer (do not forget to put the volume at maximum) you can put IC Pad on a microphone of a smartphone, launch some voice recording app and record for 10 seconds, then playback and you should hear the ICs signal. That is possible because the IC Pad emits electromagnetic (EM) signal and microphone can be influenced not only by sound waves but also by EM waves. This method may not well with any smartphone/table, e.g. we tried with iPad - did not work, seems iPad's microphone has an EM shield, it worked with Pixel 3. I will try to make a short video and email it to you. But still, I think your IC Pad should be fine.
Mar 31, 2019
Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko, I tried the test that you recommended on an Android phone and just got a flat line and heard nothing. I don't know if this phone has an EM blocker or not and don't know how to check on that. We are very concerned that the pad is not working since we have diseases that need treatment. We had no idea that the metal table could be a problem and wonder if we need to purchase a new one or if we can exchange the one we have?
Hi Lee, for your IC Pad it is important that a cord is connected and coil lines are not broken (they can be broken it somebody scratched them intensively with a knife, for example), then a signal will go through a coil and emit electromagnetic waves. As I mentioned yesterday I will prepare a short video and some other information on how you can check whether IC Pad is working. If your IC Pad was just laying on the metal sheet then it should be fine. I hope to create and send you more details and video later today. Thank you!
Feb 25, 2019
how do you know when the water is ready?
Tina, when IC transfer is finished you will see a message "IC Transfer is complete". Also, it is recommended to keep your internet browser up-to-date for both security and ensuring that web pages load properly.
Feb 22, 2019
Are all IC complexes safe for children? I am looking at Cough.
Monica, children may drink IC water under parental supervision. If your child is taking any medication, do not substitute their medication with infoceuticals - IC water should be used to complement their current treatment.
Hi Monica, you can edit any IC Complex that you created and change its name, description, included ICs and related categories. To do this, go to "My Account" -> "My Favorites", then click on "My IC Complexes" and then click on "Edit" button located on IC Complex card that you want to update with new ICs.
Feb 14, 2019
if I want to add one or two components to an existing IC Complex, is that possible, or do I delete the IC Complex and start over with a new one in order to add something to it?
Feb 12, 2019
Hi there, I put two IC complexes Arthritis, and Metabolism plus Vitamin C which makes a total of 8 different items. Is that too much ?
Hi Cathy, the number of infoceuticals that can be used for each personal complex depends on the person’s health and energy state. Some people may include 10 or more ICs into their complex and it works for them. In average it is recommended not to put more than 5 or 6 infoceuticals per personal complex. You can try complex that you have created with 8 ICs, then also try to use smaller complexes and after that decide what is more efficient for you.
Feb 10, 2019
What and how would I use to stimulate rebuilding if knee cartilage?
Feb 10, 2019
hI. How would i know sound range? where is no indicator on the device, just wheel? On the computer or cell it is clear
Hi Alexandrina, it is recommended to set the volume on a computer or smartphone at maximum while IC Transfer and if using Glowing IC Pad then set the wheel at the "maximum" position as well.
Feb 10, 2019
I am assuming that a cell phone or iPad would be an electronic device and not a problem setting the water a foot or two away from those devices.
Feb 10, 2019
Can you tell me if setting my water two feet away from my refrigerator would be "safe". Seems there is confusion for defining an electrical device.
Feb 10, 2019
Hi Monica, Yes, a few feet from a refrigerator is fine. I think the devices that have strong transmissions are the most important to keep from getting within 3 feet or so: wireless base station, cell phone, iPad, smart speaker, etc. The strength of an electromagnetic field falls off quite rapidly the further away you get from the source, so the field strength at 2 feet is not double the strength at 4 feet, but is actually 4x stronger. So I would say, as a rule, at least 1 foot away from standard appliances (coffee maker, toaster, etc.). Two feet away from high-amp appliances (oven, refrigerator, etc.). Three feet away from transmitting devices (cell phone, iPad, etc.). Hope that clarifies.

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When you select the mode "One-by-one", the ICs in an IC Complex will be transferred (played) one after another, like songs in a playlist. It is recommended to use this mode if the IC Complex consists of PEMF or Audible ICs. If the IC Complex is created by someone else and you would like to change the transfer order of the ICs, you will need to create a copy of the IC Complex by clicking the " Copy & modify" button. Then edit the IC Complex, if you wish. Once completed, click "Submit". You will now be able to reorder the ICs under the "One-by-one" mode.
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