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anonymous, January 07, 2023
Used during day 1 of cycle, audible with headphones, honestly didn’t expect anything the first listen but actually noticed the cramping relaxed a fair bit. Will continue to use. 
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anonymous, January 07, 2023
I make this for a friend and she states it helps immensely! I take it occasionally and get the same results. I sleep like a baby.  I plan to take it more often now. 
Thank you so very much.

Melissa, January 07, 2023
I was sick a month ago and am much better now, but for weeks I feel like the air in my lungs tickles my lungs and throat causing a cough/ wheezing especially in the afternoons or when I lay down. I just started this PEMF over each lung yesterday and I feel the tickling cough/ wheeze reduced by 70 -80% in just one day!
jenifer, January 05, 2023
Used the IC yesterday and I really felt very full. I took about 2oz throughout the day. I am goign to add it to semiglutide to see if there is a synergenic effect it seems to mimic GLP- and GIP if you add them together
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Carla Alton, January 03, 2023
Works really well for allergies and internal itchy ears.
Marcus, December 31, 2022
After daily use with 1 liter of water each time, I was able to experience a significant boost of energy, high concentration and stamina for several months, even on very stressful days due to mental stress, sporting exertion and last but not least due to a corona infection.

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anonymous, December 30, 2022
When I put the glowing ic pad on my forehead and run the program I somehow feel happier afterwards. Impressive.
An effect can also be noticed as an imprint. But then I think it would be a little more subtle.

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Claudia & Bernd, December 29, 2022
Very good effect! Had allergies with very itchy pustules all over my body. Hystamin-Buster PEMF applied in the morning, combined with "Allergy-Extreme" imprint during the day and used Hystamin-Buster again in the evening. So I got through the day without itching, the pustules had completely gone. Used for 1 week, after that I was completely recovered. Thanks very much!

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Jeff R Angel, December 29, 2022
I am using this imprint for my Dog Beans and have been using similar ones to treat a cough. I use his water and treat once a day also I treat for worms, and can say much improvement, thanks
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Karl Hochstoeger , December 29, 2022
Been using this often. Very powerful PEMF used one by one. 

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Connie, December 27, 2022
I have used this to help my elder dog who has vestibular disease. I charge the water in a clear bowl, then put a small Shungite pyramid in the bottom of the bowl to maintain charge. Her condition improved dramatically when we used this protocol, 
Marian Roper, December 27, 2022
I use this regularly... following Happy Water ingestion..
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Johnny Can, December 26, 2022
Perfect for the holiday season! I used this and gained instant relief from bloating and over eating. Excited to see how this helps long term. 

My goal is to use this everyday 1-3 times a day after meals for 30 days. On day 3 as of Dec 25/23
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Katja Riemer, December 25, 2022
I let it run one after the other - I'm much more awake and present afterwards.
I also notice when the trauma pemf is needed more by the body depending on the situation,
and, combined with other measures, the hair in my receding hairline is slowly growing back.

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Marian Roper, December 24, 2022
My plants absolutely love and thrive on this... and if you want to make a Florist's bouquet last longer... add this water!
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Banana Bev Emmenecker , December 21, 2022
great stuff

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Anne Lelong Trolliet, December 21, 2022
Very effective, allows better breathing, a feeling of freshness. and significantly reduces nasal and respiratory mucus.

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Ashley Titus , December 20, 2022
I was pleasantly surprised! I get hormonal headaches frequently and while they're dull, nothing seems to get rid of them. This helped significantly and quickly.
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David, December 20, 2022
Noticeable difference in relaxation after drinking this and solid sleep through the night.
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Jeremy Makin, December 19, 2022
I take this in the mornings and notice an increase in my energy and drive.  It also helps with my workouts and performance in other areas.
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anonymous, December 17, 2022
Fast and efficient activation of body energies allow the system to recover quickly and feel better

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Michaela Eilert-Brinkmann , December 17, 2022
Very good for relaxation.

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Mai, December 17, 2022
My tissue (face) is a whole lot stronger, and plumper after the 1st application,  I noticed a significant difference the next morning after pm treatment, LOVE IT
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Toutain annie, December 16, 2022
I had a strong relapse added to a big bronchitis. So I took over this end-balance with the CMP protocol. With other infoceuticals for migraine, sinusitis, in 5 days, aside from fatigue, most of the symptoms were gone. Today, I continue the end-balance with the end of bronchitis treatment to avoid a relapse but also to treat my chronic bronchitis. So. Thank you for allowing us independence and responsibility in care.

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anonymous, December 10, 2022
helped me a lot with a cold

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anonymous, December 09, 2022
With Doctor care and confirming periodic blood test I have been able to use this IC and not have to continue with RX(with who knows what in it!)
Thank You!    Carol Randle
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Barbara Dollowitch, December 08, 2022
I am prone to bronchial pneumonia.  This formula helps me to stay on my feet and keep going.
Guidoni Valérie, December 07, 2022
I made this IC for my old dog who has a lot of osteoarthritis and it suits him well. it goes up the stairs without difficulty whereas before I had to carry it!

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anonymous, December 06, 2022
Digestion is totally problem-free after daily use. Thanks

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Ruhm, December 05, 2022
sugar more stable

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Anne Lelong Trolliet, December 04, 2022
Excellent, your plants will thank you!

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