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anonymous, November 28, 2022
I add a little vitamin C and nigari, and I spray on the skin. The result is convincing.

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Mohamed , November 28, 2022
Fantastic! Quick acting as well
Banana Bev Emmenecker , November 27, 2022
We use this blend to start our day.
Toutain annie, November 27, 2022
I sleep really better

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Banana Bev Emmenecker , November 27, 2022
I use this frequency twice a day to help manage my nerve pain.
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anonymous, November 26, 2022
Works pretty well. Used it with IC pad, 3 cycles on neck and shoulder area, decreased the pain and stiffness.
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Livia Nemeskeri, November 24, 2022
I sleep better and deeper, On my paining Achilles has less pain, less inflammation, My hair is getting more volume. I created own package of all Vitamins and I drink it 1l/day since 1,5 months. I feel so much better. Than I also created a package for Immune system remedy 1l /day since 1,5 months. These 2 items I drink every day but I drink 1 other liter/day what is usually different like Emsom-barr (for 12 days), Parazites (12 days), Liver remedy (12 days). Thanks for creating all the programm :-)
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anonymous, November 23, 2022
Really good stuff
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anonymous, November 23, 2022
I use this IC quite often to soothe my anxieties and stress

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Kevin Beland, November 23, 2022
This program helped when I had an upper respiratory cough and congestion.
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anonymous, November 23, 2022
I am feeling much better after 4 days of using .this IC
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rudi , November 21, 2022
Thus Imprint really helped my digestion a lot
Kevin Brick, November 20, 2022
It helps with memory and focus. Mixed with 1/2 tsp of protein power appears to make effectiveness last longer.
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Klaus Funke, November 19, 2022
Very good tools. I don't want to miss it anymore in my life

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Robyn shields, November 19, 2022
Really think it is helping with sleep. I drink some after dinner.
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Vidar Mobakken , November 18, 2022
Feeling more energetic and fresh after 20 mins from drinking the ic wather
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anonymous, November 18, 2022
The results are immediate and it helps me in the long term.

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Dana Prall, November 18, 2022
blood flow has increased
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anonymous, November 17, 2022
This PEMF if used one by one works magic . Better than a spa or anxiety medication
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anonymous, November 16, 2022
Helped when our horse injured a fetlock!

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Klaus Funke, November 15, 2022
Without tablets in the normal range. awesome

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Thomas Vitek , November 15, 2022
The five stars of my rating are due to the definitely existing effect. I "irradiate" a glass of water in the morning with the circuit ic pad (2 passes) and drink half the glass in the morning and the second half in the afternoon. About 100-120 ml each. I notice a significant increase in my aggression, which I can almost certainly attribute to this complex. I can perhaps add later if it is also suitable for muscle building. The time is still too short.

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Julie Punishill, November 13, 2022
I make both imprint water and use the PEMF. Using these both together has been offering me so much relief from insomnia, digestion issues and pain.
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Marian Roper, November 12, 2022
My plants thrive with this IC... indoors and out...
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anonymous, November 12, 2022
Improvement in all of my symptoms - less pain .better mood - balanced appetite

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Sophie, November 11, 2022
Immediate amazing effect!

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anonymous, November 10, 2022
I love this one for toning muscles. I think the key is to let your muscles absorb the sounds so you are tuned into this frequency.
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Denise Desforges, November 10, 2022
I use this complex 3x a day and it has so far reduced my sugar levels. I will keep using it until i reach a desired level.
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anonymous, November 09, 2022
Had a sore nerve in my right shoulder blade. As if you were wrong about sleeping. After going through the Circuit IC Pad (two laps) it's almost completely gone. Still about 20% intensity.

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IntoSoul, November 08, 2022
This is one of my first ic complex creation and it's now my family favorite for eye support and boosting. Before drinking it, I used to not able to read business cards , store coupons and even receipts. Since drinking it consistently and frequently everyday, I could read them without my reading glasses. I no longer get eye strain and needing my glasses when I'm on my laptop for hours. It's not a cure and I still occasionally need my glasses like when doing online banking but this IC Complex certainly made my life a lot easier.
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IntoSoul, November 08, 2022
One of my family favorite Ic complex. Can't live without it.
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