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anonymous, April 28, 2023
In combination with the pemf, cold infections are not gone, but they are hardly noticeable and are dealt with more quickly.

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Penny Heer, April 28, 2023
I take 2 droppers 3xa day  for an abcessed tooth. Swelling has been coming down. 
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anonymous, April 28, 2023
We love it. Has helped us a lot. 

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anonymous, April 27, 2023
I feel like it works. Nose cleared after a few minutes (audio).

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Jeffrey Johnson, April 26, 2023
I created this complex to reduce the skin disorder symptoms experienced by my elderly house cat. There were noticeable improvements within days.
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anonymous, April 26, 2023
Excellent! My Dr. wanted to put me on BP meds & I told him I didn't want any more meds. I use this to get my  levels in the normal range & this IC helped me - it took 2 months to lower but another drug bites the dust...  RCK
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Jeffrey Johnson, April 24, 2023
I created this complex to reduce and eliminate my symptoms of MRSA
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Jeffrey Johnson, April 22, 2023
This complex was developed to help restore prostate disfunction and help reduce stress related symptoms. 
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Guilbot Franck , April 22, 2023
Very good experimentation on a fairly recurrent problem in my physiological reality after a week of use (1 liter impregnated per day)

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Robert M Black Jr, April 22, 2023
This is my key to optimal health and wellness.
anonymous, April 22, 2023
This is a trip - another bolster I found that works with many different ailments, you guys are awesome. You have changed my idea of health care.  RCK
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anonymous, April 21, 2023
Started with a sinus infection that went into my left ear then it got stuck in my throat, could barely swallow. Used this with Coltsfoot, Tracheitis, G. Sempervirens 30 & Otitis-media what a difference! I'm swallowing, my sinuses are draining and my ear no longer feels as if someone is attempting to poke it with a chop stick... Thank you I might even sleep tonight... RCK
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anonymous, April 19, 2023
my wife has less nausea and I have less pain
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Enrico Franz, April 19, 2023
Happier of course

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myara, April 18, 2023
I used it continuously and my osteoarthritis pain in my back reduced by 90% it's true that you have to leave it on for a long time, 1 to 3 hours, but it's very effective

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anonymous, April 17, 2023
Much better sleep and Calderon night!
drkropf, April 17, 2023
IC help with 78 yo with acute degenerative fractures 
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Jodelle Fitzwater, April 17, 2023
Saw a difference in my husband's oncoming fever blister in just 3x use of this transfer. It dissipated overnight. 
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anonymous, April 16, 2023
I had a canker sore for 5 days. I used ACV and salt and it won't go away.  I ran this pemf once and it reduced it to 1/2 of its size.  
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M.Virginia, April 16, 2023
These ICs, together with 3 Bach flowers, totally appeased the hysterical pregnant dog's ailments - because she was not sterilized - Excellent elements

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Caroline Droege, April 16, 2023
I have used this with dental abscesses when I couldn't get to a dentist. It helped a lot.
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anonymous, April 16, 2023
This ic really helps with stiffness in feet and hands and eases back pain
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Kathrine Lavidas, April 13, 2023
I love using this, it has improved not only my life but my Family and Friends!!!
anonymous, April 13, 2023
I feel it works half the time. But I am still experimenting 
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Bruna Ballan, April 13, 2023
Alleviates  heavy mood 
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EvitaK, April 12, 2023
I printed 20 min on a magnetic card. The card is on my cat's sleeping place. It works very well :) I keep creative <3

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anonymous, April 11, 2023
Seems to work.

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drkropf, April 10, 2023
this did make a chronically. degenerative finger joint some better. Less pain and less swelling 
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ecorreia, April 10, 2023
More optimistic about my life and calmer
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Kathy Larson, April 10, 2023
I created a combination for my dog to address what the vet diagnosed as vascular - not getting blood to extremities resulting in hair loss on tail, paws, and ears. The meds slowed progression but were not curing it. We've been treating her for nearly a year with the prescribed meds. 

A month ago, I made a mix of hawthorn, hibiscus, gota kola, TB - 500 and BPC-157 peptides, naproxen, and pycnogenol and I charge a two liter container of water and bone broth. We pour a bit of that into her food twice a day and when I remember I give her a bit midday.

Her hair is now growing back. She has more energy and acts like a puppy again. Thanks. 
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anonymous, April 09, 2023
It’s helpful when I have a cold 
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