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anonymous, March 12, 2024
Has a calming and relaxing effect, reducing head pain.

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anonymous, March 11, 2024
It is subtle but it works
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anonymous, March 11, 2024
I don't feel much to be honest, but I am certain it makes me calmer.
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Ll, March 09, 2024
Excellent. I imprinted a strip of holographic bird tape and adhered that to the inside of a leather cuff bracelet. I can take it on and off as needed as well as recharge as necessary. Results are noticeable in terms of elevating mood and mood stability. 
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Wendy, March 09, 2024
I’ve been making this for hubby for the last few weeks. He drinks the water 3 times a day. A little over 2 oz each time. He believes it is working - he’s sleep is getting better and doesn’t wake up as often as he had been in the past. 
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anonymous, March 09, 2024
I’ve been using only EZ Green Thumb for my plants for over six months now, and they are thriving.
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Susan Raposo, March 08, 2024
I apply the IC pad to my shoulder area. I have frozen shoulder and bursitis. After using it the pain has significantly decreased and I have more mobility. 
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anonymous, March 07, 2024
Definitely feel better 
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anonymous, March 07, 2024
When it comes to treating my skin fungus— a common problem for me.  This does the trick!!
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Sheila , March 07, 2024
I feel very confident that I am protected
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Beth Beyer, March 06, 2024
The fda pulled all homeopathic eye drops. I couldn’t wear contact lenses after they did that, but now I just make my own with this and it works perfectly!
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anonymous, March 05, 2024
Amazing effect! Stomach pain after (healthy) lunch.... After only 10 seconds listening to this song the pain was gone.
Wendy, March 05, 2024
I made this lotion for my 94 year old Mother - who was waiting to see a heart doctor. She was having a lot of edema in her ankles and legs. I made up this IC in a bottle of Aveeno body lotion - it helped her till she got into see the doctor. I’m amazed  because every ache and pain she has she swears this takes it away! 
anonymous, March 04, 2024
Helps very quickly and I don't have to take any ointments or tablets.

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Laurie Nickell, March 04, 2024
Using this often with 3 kids and an airline pilot husband.... works well when used at onset of symptoms. 
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Laurie Nickell, March 02, 2024
Works really well to fight fatigue from the cellular level!
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Yasmine, March 02, 2024
Immediate effect wow it’s great!!

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Judit , March 01, 2024
We keep using this IC helpful every time.
anonymous, February 29, 2024
Easy and effective 
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María José , February 29, 2024
It has helped me a lot with my toothache.

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anonymous, February 29, 2024
This one has been saving my bacon. I'm working to heal from becoming immunocompromised for the last decade. I've been running this as an imprint to a drink 3x daily, as a member of my household has been getting sick frequently, which is obviously terrifying for me. This as an imprint and as PEMF has so far kept me from going down. I'm very impressed, and very very very grateful. 
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Chris Reid, February 28, 2024
I have been using this IC complex for almost two months. I drink a half glass of this 3 times a day. I previously suffered with sensitive teeth and often had to chew things like nuts very carefully because my teeth would hurt if I put too much pressure on them. During this time, I also had two cases where my teeth or gums were very saw so I used a PEMF to relieve pain in both cases. But here I am 8 weeks later, and my teeth are no longer sensitive and my "nut chewing" can now continue without any gum or pain because of sensitive teeth. In my opinion it was this IC that I have used "religiously" each and every day that has benefited me. Consistency is the name of the game. Thank you Infopathy team. This not only saves money but lots of time researching dentists of which I have no trust and therefore much prefer the DIY treatment because I have got results.  :)
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Chris Reid, February 27, 2024
My wife and father in-law use this and both feel significant relief after using it
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Tim Jacob, February 27, 2024
I use this for my pets, based on a comment by someone else.  Can't say I've really noticed a difference in them: 2 cats and a dog, all getting older
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Laurie Nickell, February 26, 2024
Recovering from long-haul virus and mold toxicity. This used with liver glandular have been amazing in restoring immune system and general health. Highly recommend adding virus blocker as well if you're fighting virus or mutations.
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Jeffrey Johnson, February 25, 2024
My wife and I use this IC to charge small metallic coated patches and wear them in isolated areas of the body for temporary relief such as knee pain.
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Joanne Thomson , February 25, 2024
I noticed that my cramps and bone pain went away. If I dropped this out it came back. 
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drkropf, February 24, 2024
Helped a lot with medication induced foot swelling
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Jennifer Marshall, February 24, 2024
On behalf of my cat!
My 13 yr old cat Willy and  last yearattacked my 9 year old cat Timi so that 5 times she had to have veterinary treatment. This had never happened before and he seemed to be in perfect health otherwise, as a last resort the vet prescribed Clomicalm – which knocked him out, and even on ¼ tablet he was dopey. Deb, a friend gave me 2 bottles of the 5- HTP to try. It worked immediately – gave him 1 tspn 2 x day with a dropper – he liked it – even asked for it when I ran out. I gave some to Timi - she liked it too and wanted her dose after it ran out! So I bought the Glowing IC pad from Deb, as she had a spare one, and am making it myself for my cats- it has certainly restored tranquility to the cat department of the household! Willy has never been so affectionate and contented! We are now experimenting on ourselves! This is a most marvelous process and technology. Thank you 
anonymous, February 24, 2024
Continue to feel good. Question: What would you suggest to use to get rid of a fat lump on my side near the waist? Thanks.
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anonymous, February 23, 2024
I think theback of my hands are better looking.
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