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Beth Roszman, November 01, 2023
Felt noticeably better after 2 treatments and was not doing any other supports for bladder. 
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anonymous, November 01, 2023
Fantastic for helping to prevent recurrences of herpes simplex. You can also add lemon balm (Melissa officinalis). I take these daily and have been without an outbreak for months, even during stressful times. 
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Nesreen Makhdom, October 31, 2023
When I have stomach pain. This one is the best relieve my stomachache. 
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Penny Heer, October 29, 2023
It works pretty well. I like it
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Jeffrey Johnson, October 29, 2023
I have been using this IC for several months now and I can honestly say it has greatly reduced the symptoms of urinary function I was experiencing prior to starting the daily use of this Imprint. Things are actually back to normal now!
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Tammy Gouweloos, October 29, 2023
helped to prevent the need for antibiotics for infection
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Carl Shanahan, October 28, 2023
Huge help with pain, will take me from a 5-6 to a 2-3…
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Kathrine Lavidas, October 28, 2023
amazingly when I do the infopathy I always feel better, my symptoms subside and I feel more at ease!!
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Anna, October 28, 2023
Feeling good
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Melody, October 27, 2023
Was suffering from terrible anxiety +insomnia, placed this on lower sternum, did the repeat 6 times & this gave me relief and a nap. That’s a big deal. 
Julie Henderson , October 27, 2023
This is my absolute favorite IC! 
Robert M Black Jr, October 24, 2023
Always feeling Great !
anonymous, October 24, 2023
It really helps with tennis elbow

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Taña Zimmermann, October 24, 2023
This has been really amazing from the very first imprinted water that I drank. I saw a complete decrease in pain.  I am now using it everyday for autoimmunity. 
Tammy Gouweloos, October 23, 2023
need to drink everyday!!
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anonymous, October 22, 2023
much better,
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Mariette Lobo, October 22, 2023
I absolutely love this. Amazing sounds especially the gentle “wood” tingles.  Works great on my restless legs too.
Tammy Gouweloos, October 21, 2023
used this in combination with PEMF and happy did not need antibiotics
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Shena Coupal, October 20, 2023
I definitely feel a boost of energy when drinking my water with this frequency set.
Joanne Thomson , October 19, 2023
I love to use this every evening. Really puts me into sleep.
Once I couldn't sleep. It was 3am. I found this. Ran 2x transfer and went straight to bed and slept 🙌
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Kathrine Lavidas, October 19, 2023
when I use the IC regularly, I defiantly feel a difference, but it takes diligence and repetition. Don't miss a day, just do it, it works.
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Joanne Thomson , October 19, 2023
2nd day of flu symptoms. Tried immune boosting PEMFs to no avail. Then saw this one today and ran a triple transfer. Feel much stronger at the end of 45mins. Like something has lifted. 
This is definitely a go to for me and my family in the future. 🙌
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anonymous, October 19, 2023
I use it to raise defenses. It's excellent. I schedule my children's water and my water.

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Jairo Borjas, October 19, 2023
It helps me with my stomach. I have used it and after repeating it several times I feel an incredible improvement, sometimes immediate.

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Renee, October 17, 2023
I’ve been using this for fellow nurse and has been working well.  If I don’t really salt the water well before infusing it doesn’t last as long.  

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Sharon mclellan, October 17, 2023
I love this frequency.
As someone who occasionally get and pain from gallbladder to digestion this calms the area

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0ebby Woollacott, October 17, 2023
A perfect way to start the day. Listen to this while you drink your Happy Water.
anonymous, October 16, 2023
This IC is effective. 

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Svetlana Bisbal, October 16, 2023
my little one likes the water I make for him using IC complexes
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Dr Connie Miller, October 15, 2023
I have used this complex for my 14 year old Springer, who has multiple health issues, including some sort of malignancy. She has been on this complex for a little over 2 weeks and has regained a wonderful amount of energy, focus and health. She has not been this well in months. She sleep really well, and yesterday, had enough energy to hike 2.5 km off leash. I'm grateful for this improvement.
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Jarret, October 14, 2023
If you suffer from PTS, anxiety, or panic attack this is a staple. You have to work through everything without avoidance, but this is a great tool to activate the PNS and down regulate the SNS. 
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