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anonymous, September 16, 2021
improvement of the quality of sleep. shorter nocturnal awakenings. less problems falling asleep
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Katja Riemer, September 16, 2021
is an integral part of everyday detoxification - especially with my food intolerance, immune deficiency and collagenosis
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Bruna Ballan, September 15, 2021
amazing . i had quite a severe burn on my hand and this relieved it so much to where i had little to no pain at all . I had a sleep after the transfer and when i woke it was so much better
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anonymous, September 14, 2021
This helps relieve my auto immune thyroid condition. Whenever I have flare ups, I run this protocol every day until I can notice a difference.
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anonymous, September 14, 2021
The makes my stomach feel so much better when I have a reaction to processed sugars or gluten.
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anonymous, September 13, 2021
I use it for lower back pain and it seems to help within a couple days. I also combine it with the acute traumatic disc PEMF
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Kevin Brick, September 12, 2021
I mix a multitude of allergy and antiviral protocols and drink 4 ounces each morning. "Allergy Extreme" is a 1 repeat. No allergy symptoms throughout the day. I also include N-AC into all my protocols.
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anonymous, September 12, 2021
Very good effect on sleep
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anonymous, September 12, 2021
Replaces medications and eases pain.
Katja Riemer, September 12, 2021
sometimes I have a headache immediately afterwards - but it goes away with 1 cup of coffee. But the eyelids are no longer heavy and no longer sandy and dry.
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Mason Lucas , September 11, 2021
My mood is slightly better after using this; however, it is not a dramatic change like taking a drink of alcohol or something (that is a tangible change in experience!). With that, it is hard to attribute the effect to the signal, better hydration from 24 oz of water, or even a placebo effect.
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anonymous, September 11, 2021
This IC is an ongoing maintenance for me now. I found it after I first used the "Gall Bladder and Liver Support" - that was amazing! Apparently I really needed that IC at that time. My body had a reaction of "Yes, give me more! ", that I had not experienced before. Later after a diagnosis of higher blood sugars, I found this Diabetes IC listed on the same page, and also saw that this IC complex includes the 'Gall Bladder & Liver Support' as well. When I drink this, I can feel a gentle shifting taking place. The vibrations change- it is noticeable. I drink it every day now. ** These statements are genuine and I am a continuing subscriber of Infopathy.
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anonymous, September 11, 2021
Thic IC has been a life saver. Not just for me, but also for my daughter and my 89 year old. mom. Finally regular after years and years of problems with digestion/elimination.
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Theresa garcia, September 10, 2021
Ive been using IC's for 5 months. This one I use everyday.. I'm 54 with tons of energy. I've also lost 3 pounds and kept it off. The IC's are the only real consistent change.
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anonymous, September 10, 2021
Helps with stuffy nose and tender throat.
anonymous, September 10, 2021
Experienced more clarity right away. Also programmed body cream with it.
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Jonathan Roseland, September 09, 2021
The wife and I bang a lot on vacations and sometimes I need to a little help in the erection department after days of fun in the sun. I had a beer and shot of Grey Goose at dinner, went back to our room, had this infocuetical, and ravaged (righteously) the wifey. It had an effect similar to a low dose of horny goat weed.
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anonymous, September 08, 2021
I notice I have a lot less disturbing dreams, and frequently do not remember any dreams at all after using this one
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Markus Proksch, September 08, 2021
This is my morning booster for the day. Then I am fit, motivated and well-adjusted all round. Just don't drink after 2 p.m. .........
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anonymous, September 08, 2021
Was having really bad environmental allergies and I could barely breathe through my nose. Played this and about 11 minutes in, the allergies were fully gone and I could breathe perfectly again. Amazing!
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anonymous, September 08, 2021
My wife has AITL, which is a T-cell lymphoma and is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus. Oncologists treat this cancer with CHOP-14, four different chemicals that the cancer cells are supposed to kill. In my humble opinion, one should not fight the symptoms but the cause. I have placed Kombi-EBV Killer as direct "radiation" on the place of the thymus gland and with God's help the condition of my wife has improved considerably. Unfortunately I can only give 5 points, I would give 500 points for this. What we know is just a drop and what we don't know is the ocean. GOD be praise and thanks,
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Katja Riemer, September 07, 2021
helps. At night when you wake up, drink a glass of the IC and go back to sleep.
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Jonathan Roseland, September 06, 2021
Got a solid workout in on this complex - did 13 pull ups which is pretty good for me!
andrew black, September 05, 2021
Start everyday with this IC. Gives me the relief and protection i need
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조종한, September 05, 2021
I moved up due to gingivitis, but it subsided a lot after just one use. The pain was also reduced. amazing and thank you
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anonymous, September 04, 2021
I don't know if it is placebo but I definitely feel the difference in my water.
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anonymous, September 04, 2021
One of the best PEMF for the lungs if you are experiencing pneumonia like symptoms. It’s an excellent addition to COVID pneumonia treatment plan.
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Andre Zimpel, September 04, 2021
Used it for our baby when it had stomach issues and it worked really well.
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Katja Riemer, September 02, 2021
I use the IC regularly, also 6 times in a row, as ONE building block to make my liver, which has been developing billirubin stones for many years, less painful. In the medium term, stool becomes visibly more normal. But also detoxify the blood with microcurrent daily, detoxify the internal organs every week, liver detoxification PEMF daily, and drink 1L of an ammonia detoxification IC daily. And try to minimize infections - nevertheless, the PEMF is actually an important component.
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anonymous, September 01, 2021
I just love this IC. Can’t prove anything on paper, no blood drawn yet, but I feel great.
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anonymous, August 31, 2021
Proper good sleep. Non stop
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