Plant growth booster

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This complex contains ingredients to grow huge plants!
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Advanced Multimineral Formula is a balanced blend of minerals that help one stay healthy. It may be used to support mineral repletion as well as sp...
77.6 k
Growth hormone is a peptide hormone produced by the pituitary gland and is vital for growth, cell reproduction and cell regeneration. It can be use...
7.32 k
This mineral combination contains nitrogen, phosphate, potash, iron, manganese and zinc. It is for nourishing soil for optimal growth of plants of ...
This is new in the field of traditional medicine (peptide-mineral hydrolyzate from mollusks) - a living biological substance of marine origin. It ...
11.1 k
Supercharged Water may help eliminate toxins from the body. It may also be used to help increase mental clarity, support immune system function, in...
This IC is created with a help of green superfood nutritional mineral supplement - mix of Spirulina, Chlorella, Algae, Alfalfa Grass, Dandelion Lea...
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Laurie Coreno, September 22, 2021
My plants look amazing!
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anonymous, October 25, 2021
The plants literally explode. Do not need any fertilizer or the like.
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Related Complexes: Plant growth booster
Don Beaulieu, November 08, 2021
My palm trees and tropical plants love this IC and show it by sprouting lots of new growth and healthy branches.
Related Complexes: Plant growth booster

Apr 30, 2021
Just wow. I used this and the Schumann Resonance imprint ONCE for water that I used for a plant that I've had eight years...and within two weeks, it flowered. It never has flowered before. I wish I could upload photos!
Hi Michelle, you can create a testimonial and there is an option to upload a photo there. Thank you very much for your feedback!