Testosterone Booster

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This complex supports healthy testosterone levels. The ingredients will lead to a maximum stimulation of all testosterone related pathways.
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This combination contains several botanicals that inhibit 5-alpha-reductase, which is an enzyme that converts testosterone to the more potent DHT. ...
130 k
Anastrazole is an aromatase inhibitor, blocking the conversion of androgens to estrogens. It is used in the treatment of estrogen receptor (ER) pos...
181 k
DHEA, or dehydroepiandrosterone, is an anabolic steroid and precursor to testosterone. Serum values can be used as a surrogate marker of adrenal he...
116 k
Pregnenolone could be called the "master" steroid hormone. Made from cholesterol, pregnenolone is the precursor to progesterone and DHEA, which are...
189 k
Testosterone is a male steroid hormone produced mainly in the testicles and is important to help maintain bone density, fat distribution, muscle ma...
Urinary Flow and Prostate Support may be used to help maintain a healthy prostate and urinary function. It may also be used to help promote healthy...
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anonymous, August 19, 2021
Taking a glass of this IC before bed firms up my morning.
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anonymous, December 08, 2021
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rusty mack, May 17, 2023
I create a mixed tonic which I consume daily. My total testosterone is high normal, however my free testosterone is below normal. My shbg is triple normal. Working on getting those back in line.
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anonymous, August 03, 2023
This definately works with energy levels within a short period of time!
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anonymous, September 13, 2023
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anonymous, October 16, 2023
This IC is effective. 

Related Complexes: Testosterone Booster
anonymous, February 14, 2024
Works great
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Thomas Dauber, May 07, 2024
I you use it twice every day. I use it for getting more energy. After drinking it I feel more clarity, I make decisions much faster and I have much more sex drive. Physically it turned out that the whole body starts to vibrate.
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Testosterone Booster
May 05, 2024
can this be used to boost testosterone in women too?
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Aug 03, 2023
I started this a few days ago. The first dose was taken in the evening and by the next morning, I woke up like a spring chicken without any grogginess (zombie state) that I usually experience. My increase in energy levels were very noticeable as well as my mental clarity. At the gym, felt a bit more aggressive and was able to do more repetitions and heavier weights. Continued to drink this IC imprint complex at least four times a day. Yesterday... See more
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May 05, 2021
Can you imprint this into a bottle a bottle of Pine Pollen to super charge the formula?
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