Cold Complete PEMF

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Immune and Lymphatic
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This is a combination of all the PEMFs for cold and immune stimulation.
Included ICs
24.6 k
This PEMF was designed to boost immune system function. It may be used to help strengthen the immune system and fight infections. Combine Immune PE...
6.96 k
This PEMF contains frequencies to kill common colds in the larynx area. Use it with the IC Complex "Endobalance Infection Killer".
This PEMF contains frequencies to kill common colds in the Common Cold Sphenoid Sinuses. Use it with the IC Complex "Endobalance Infection Killer".
10.1 k
This PEMF may help with bronchitis as well as asthma. You may combine it with Immune PEMF as well as the ICs of antibiotics, antivirals and immune ...
6.38 k
This IC is great for immune-related challenges. It may be used to help re-establish and kick-start immune functions when dealing with pathogen resi...
9 k
Bronchial asthma is a disease caused by increased responsiveness of the tracheobronchial tree to various stimuli. The result is paroxysmal constric...
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Barbara Dollowitch, May 20, 2022
I take it with an Asthma imprint, but not always. It works. As soon as I feel better I want to quit. Have learned to continue the treatment until my body tells me to stop (muscle test).
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SUSAN PATTON GUY, March 03, 2023
Definitely noticed a difference in reducing the severity - duration and - symptoms of a cold, I use this at the first sign of a cold, and continue to use until a few days after symptoms are all gone, Love this PEMF
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Cold Complete PEMF
Dec 11, 2022
Please Anton if you could make it a little more clear....Wen it is written all included IC s at once means that we can apply the complex Pemf all at once and not one by one as you suggested many times for Pemf complexes?Thank you
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Nov 23, 2022
How often can I do this in 24 hoursย 
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Apr 09, 2022
Dear Anton, how do I do this with cats? Kind regards Canan
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