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Thrive Natural , August 29, 2022
I used this one and immediately I felt a difference- excited!!!
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Don Beaulieu, August 29, 2022
This custom program I created helps remove the toxic chemicals and metals sprayed on us in chemtrails and from coming into close proximety with people shedding spike proteins. This works to protect DNA and the immune system.
anonymous, August 28, 2022
So so good! I could hardly turn my head due to tension — run 2 times and everything relaxes, becomes loose and supple. Thanks!

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anonymous, August 28, 2022
it is great. my children usually stay up late in bed singing random songs and taking turns keeping each other awake, but when we discovered this they fell asleep quickly and didnt wake up in the middle of the night to bug me.
Frank Ruhl Peterson, August 25, 2022
I have to admit that following a couple/few weeks of using this IC as a regular treatment option my once very frequent dysrhythmias have all but disappeared. I have also been using a collection of cardiac PEMFs which seem to also add a significant measure of help. thank you Anton for providing this wonderful alternative, augmentative treatment option!
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Pam, August 25, 2022
Within 10-20 minutes I feel a calmness down to a cellular level. Amazing for panic attacks/heightened stress.
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Mike Lucas, August 24, 2022
Run on infinite for 1 hour, very helpful
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Robert M Black Jr, August 24, 2022
Best choice I have made along with my structured water to ensure I keep my health and wellness a top priority. I feel almost invisible !
Juan Velasquez, August 21, 2022
After using this, I feel a clean charge and heightened focus across my senses. I use if after a late night or a tough night of sleeping. Works like a charm.
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Jonathan Hunt, August 21, 2022
It works. Leg cramps gone and my sleep is awesome. More energy when I start the day. I have been using for about a year. Potassium is needed for the Magnesium to function. The convenience of using in one IC is a plus.
Esther Kopp, August 19, 2022
The brain booster from Kraft&Gesundheit works efficiently and immediately for me. I drink it for working & learning at my desk from midday, when I usually get tired and cognitively degenerate (whereby I drink 500ml spread over about 1 hour, always at least 100ml at a time - with the 30 day method and glass droppers with water and Himalayan salt ). I can focus immediately and work with concentration. 5 stars :-) Kind regards, Esther! Namaste :-)

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anonymous, August 19, 2022
I notice a difference in myself days I drinks vs days I don’t. Not sure exactly - but I think this is working. Not good at doing it 3 times a day - so that’s what I need to try to see the full benefit.
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Jonathan Roseland, August 18, 2022
Good news. My wife was worried about hypothyroidism with a TSH biomarker of 2.6 back in May 2022, so she started drinking this IC once or twice a day, AND we were pleased to see that the TSH had come down 1.5 in her August labs. She didn't do much else for her TSH in that time so I think we can credit the IC for the improvement. Hypothyroidism be gone!
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Maria Langmayr, August 18, 2022
I have to honestly say that I am completely amazed at what is possible with Infopathy. It is most visible with my orchids. They have tons of buds and look full and strong. A real splendor. They are also a huge contribution to me when it comes to weight loss, after tooth restoration and and and. Thank you to the entire team for this valuable work

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Nathanael, August 18, 2022
This doesn't seem to help me get to sleep faster, but once I am asleep, the sleep is profoundly deeper, I wake less often during the night, and wake up feeling much more rested.
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ELENA, August 17, 2022
The abdominal swelling decreased. It must be done every day

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Jairo Borjas, August 17, 2022
Better of the pressur Better pain back Better of síntomas virales
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Anna Wieczorek, August 16, 2022
I suffer from Graves' disease, an autoimmune disease with an overactive thyroid. As soon as I feel symptoms I use this IC, and within a few days all symptoms go away. It helps so well that I can now stop taking medication from the doctor. Thanks a lot for this!

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Anna Wieczorek, August 16, 2022
I'm just completely thrilled, this audio worked against my hives from the first application, I didn't need to take any more medication straight away. I had tried a lot before and the itching got on my nerves badly, nothing helped. And then heard this audio once and the itch was gone. Simply unbelievably good, thank you very much!!!

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anonymous, August 11, 2022
These frequencies are making a huge positive impact on both my husband and I. Love the audibles!!
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anonymous, August 11, 2022
Immediate relief!
Nick, August 11, 2022
Seems to help me
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MP, August 06, 2022
In October of 2021, I was diagnosed with a high blood sugar of 7.2. I went to work to find out what I could do. Through a friend, I found the dietary guidance of Dr John McDougall and also started using this Diabetes 2.0 IC. This past June, I had new blood work done and my blood sugar level is now down to 5.9!! Thank you all again for this wonderful and amazing site!
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Guidoni Valérie, August 04, 2022
very effective if I put 10 drops in 1/2l of water and drink it from 6 p.m. I no longer wake up with nocturnal cramps in the lower limbs.

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Marian Roper, August 02, 2022
when I am short of sleep... this IC really works well....
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Denise Black, August 02, 2022
great for recovery after workout
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Jossilynn Flewelling, August 02, 2022
Balanced. Alive. Vibrant. Clear. Calm. Content. Ease. Love. Life. Beauty. Abundance.
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anonymous, August 02, 2022
Sore eyes and headache from looking at computer screens too much got better after drinking this IC. I was surprised with quick result.
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Nola Miguel, August 01, 2022
Dogs are great love it
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anonymous, July 31, 2022
Last night I sprained my knee. I have felt decrease in pain after completing this IC. I am also pairing it with the Ibuprofen IC for inflammation. I had trouble walking this am but am eager to see how this goes.
Marian Roper, July 31, 2022
I use this IC for my plants - indoors and out - with great results!
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