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Mike Lucas, April 29, 2022
Very helpful for sasonal allergies
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Dorian, April 27, 2022
I have had lumbar disc problems, arising from an accident that I was in over10 years ago. Every so often it flares up.. This is the first thing that I have come across that actually took away the pain and allowed me to get a full night of sleep.
Trudi Collins, April 27, 2022
I love this I use it every day and it just gets better and better.
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anonymous, April 25, 2022
Every time I use this Pemf I always get amazing sleep. Coming from someone that has insomnia, this has helped me tremendously.
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anonymous, April 24, 2022
This IC helps my son to feel better, more focused and in connection.
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Judit , April 23, 2022
This IC is great I did handle my symproms in 2 days with it. Kids too. Plus every friend I give the water, they have detox symptoms and in a few hours or few days they fully detox and recover and get more healthy. Thank you very much!
Maggie, April 21, 2022
plants love it
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anonymous, April 21, 2022
The skin feels really great the next day and pimples are much better too
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Susanne Schumacher, April 21, 2022
simply super the infusions run twice as fast!
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anonymous, April 19, 2022
Has helped my wife a lot
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Salina Cannella, April 19, 2022
It gives me a get and go in the morning.
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Michael Webster, April 17, 2022
Definitely feeling and seeing improvements in my recovery times and strength
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Jonathan Roseland, April 17, 2022
I blast this into the back of my head with the IC Hummer while reading something dense and there is a boost in concentration and reading comprehension.
anonymous, April 17, 2022
better focus
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Peter Schneider, April 17, 2022
After drinking I feel much more alert and focused..,
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anonymous, April 17, 2022
a sense of calm
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anonymous, April 16, 2022
This is the single best purchase I've made in my entire life! Pure Magic!
Lori, April 15, 2022
I created this complex for my insomnia and I do feel like it really helps if I start drinking the imprinted water an hour or more before going to bed!
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Patrick , April 14, 2022
this gives me a subtle cognitive pickup when I have it in the PM and takes me through to the end of the work day without any mental strain
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Cristurean Dan, April 13, 2022
Improved skin texture, more elastic, less rough patches on the skin surface.
Kathrin Ben Haim, April 12, 2022
My lip herpes was gone after 3 days. brilliant
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Mohamed , April 12, 2022
Imprinted therapeutic custom audio in water and the results are fantastic to say the least. Planning on purchasing a few IC glowing pads for friends family.
anonymous, April 08, 2022
My plants and sprouts seem to love this one.
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anonymous, April 08, 2022
Lack of energy, twitch -it diminishes those issues
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anonymous, April 06, 2022
Urinary tract infection went away immediately with this and the Bladder PEMF
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Jonathan Roseland, April 06, 2022
Made some incremental gains in the gym on this IC
MP, April 06, 2022
Amazing... This IC packs a wallop! Gave it to my brother and it helped him sleep quite well. After trying it, he said it was best sleep he'd had in months. I tried myself when I had trouble falling asleep a few weeks ago - I slept very soundly for the next 5 hours. I woke feeling refreshed.
Lukas Klotz, April 05, 2022
After my 3rd Covid illness I use this daily. I feel better every day.
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Marilyn, April 03, 2022
I sleep much deeper now.
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Victor Kendal, April 03, 2022
I really appreciate the effectiveness of the Infopathy system. The 2000 different frequency sets cover so many different issues and health problems.
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anonymous, April 02, 2022
I use this one every 4 months, for 2 weeks straight- it helps with my stomach issues.
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