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anonymous, March 20, 2023
It seems to work for mental health.

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anonymous, March 20, 2023
When I am consistent using this IC, it does something! I feel good. In my  early 50’s and take no pharmaceuticals. 
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anonymous, March 19, 2023
This frequency does as anticipated. I am cheerful and really enjoy gardening after I listen. Check the comments and one will notice how this frequency has inspired request for other hz.
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Stefan Sackers, March 19, 2023
It helps me a lot and also immediately to the application and afterwards. Above all, it has resulted in continuous improvement for me!

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anonymous, March 18, 2023
I noticed an improvement in my self, and my husband was all smiles, laughing and giggling.

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Kathrine Lavidas, March 18, 2023
Incredible difference if I drink the water and if I do not. It is strange how you just feel better when drinking infoceuticles!!
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Donna Kearney, March 18, 2023
I feel so happy with drinking this water the first time drinking it. I keep telling everyone about it. I said before there was no way nothing could bring me off the cloud I was on. I had so much happiness and so much energy. 
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Carolin Eisoldt, March 18, 2023
meeega, like everything that comes from Daniel Knebel

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Les Gaul, March 18, 2023
This IC is great!!! Drink it slow, swish in your mouth for about 5 seconds each drink, and wait about 30 minutes, feel relaxed and let it all go. :)
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Judit , March 17, 2023
This IC always helps. I already feel it in a half an hour :) Thank you
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anonymous, March 17, 2023
Has helped me 3 times with Covid, symptoms have been alleviated within 24 hours. Just great! But it also helps me a lot with other infections.

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Victor Kendal, March 15, 2023
A great piece of software and hardware.  Really pleased with the fantastic selection of frequency sets.  
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anonymous, March 15, 2023
it's part of our lifestyle
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drkropf, March 15, 2023
Very calming 
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SUSAN PATTON GUY, March 14, 2023
this works amazing - to calm and relax
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drkropf, March 14, 2023
Really seems to help with pain and inflammation
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anonymous, March 13, 2023
 I have been remineralizing and structuring my water before using this IC which imo makes it stick better. My hands and feet are not like icicles anymore and I don't take any medicine so I know this works for me 
anonymous, March 13, 2023
I try to transform old trauma (that happened strait after my birth and is  the same trauma my antcestors had), but after 6 weeks daily use, it doesnt make any difference. Probably it takes longer.
Nathanael, March 13, 2023
Having trouble with worsening asthma and recurrent lung infections. This will stop chest heaviness and wheezing in its tracks and has averted illness. It raises my O2 saturation by 2-3 points (using pulse oximeter).
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drkropf, March 13, 2023
Great reset and stress release. Helps with chronic pain 
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Robyn shields, March 12, 2023
I have been using this for a few months for a really tight neck. My neck has loosened up so much that my hairdresser noticed a major difference when he washed my hair! And no more cracking sounds in my neck!
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[email protected], March 12, 2023
It seems to work on plants... I haven't noticed any difference on humans yet

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anonymous, March 11, 2023
runs in the background, so all roommates + pets benefit from the improved room energy

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anonymous, March 11, 2023
im emf sensitive and this works. very very impressive
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anonymous, March 11, 2023
It seems to help keep blood sugar in check.

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anonymous, March 09, 2023
Really good :) Thanks!

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anonymous, March 09, 2023
Almost instant relief. My muscles and facia stopped spamming.
drkropf, March 07, 2023
My related prostate cancer urinary symptoms have improved. Flow, nocturia at times, comfort.
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drkropf, March 06, 2023
This is an amazing I see with lots of long-term benefits
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drkropf, March 05, 2023
My BMs are much better 
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Martina Smek, March 05, 2023
The effect of glutathione enhanced by the anti-inflammatory action.

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