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Tammy Gouweloos, September 11, 2023
more energy for workout
Tammy Gouweloos, September 11, 2023
I notice a difference when not using this combo, less patience,  more mood swings
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anonymous, September 11, 2023
I swapped to this IC a few weeks ago.  I had also at the same time made some dietary changes.  The combination has been good with significant reduction in joint pain.
anonymous, September 10, 2023
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leclere, September 07, 2023
I do this regularly for a golfing friend who has wrist pain. In general, the pain fades after 24 hours, and he regains the pleasure of playing.

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Kat, September 06, 2023
I use this IC mostly on my clients during a massage. I feel it helps them to relax more deeply, especially when they come all hyped up from a stressful day. 

I also use it on myself and my partner before we go to bed together with Happy Belly IC – we both sleep much better after using those

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anonymous, September 05, 2023
The IC acts like a very mild laxative. I have MCAS and if I have too much histamine in the body, my digestion doesn't work. Digestion works much better with this IC. Thank you for developing this IC.

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Jared Covarrubias, September 05, 2023
I notice a sustained energy and overall wellness when used consistently 
Kat, September 04, 2023
I love this IC! It has helped me multiple times with very painful indigestion. Any discomfort usually disappears less then half way through.

My partner had the same experience after I put it on him when he complained about pain in his stomach accompanied with a headache. He was sceptical at first but when I asked him how he is feeling half an hour later, he realized he feels perfectly fine. No stomachache. No headache.

I have now been also running this program for about five days before my bed time together with IC for Vagus nerve – my sleep has greatly improved as well as my peripheral neuropathy in my feet that I've been battling with every winter! I haven't felt any discomfort in my feet for a few days. It's amazing!

Thank you, Anton for developing this fab platform and device and thank you, Akemi for this magical IC mix! 
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Sabine Monheim, September 03, 2023
The plants are growing like crazy.

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Brenda Witherly , September 02, 2023
Growing great tomatoes
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drkropf, September 02, 2023
Using this, with active range of motion can be very effective for pain, motion, numbness and more
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anonymous, August 31, 2023
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anonymous, August 31, 2023
Had 4 bowel movements after using this IC and nothing else with it to make that happen.
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Merilyn Bullen, August 31, 2023
Amazing. I have either bruised or torn the origin of my gracilis muscle (at public bone attachment). Sooo super painful when I moved that it was making me feel nauseous and kept waking me up during the night.😭😫 I tried infrared, near infrared, magnesium, CBD oil orally, cold laser, hot water bottle, hot shower and also balanced the muscle (using kinesiology - but difficult to do on yourself when you are in pain).  Anyway - I'm sure what I did will help it heal quicker but NOTHING took the pain away until I ran this Acute Muscle Injury 2.0 PEMF. Amazing. I can still feel the damage, but the acute sharp pain when I move it is SO much better! Thank you. 😊
Troy, August 29, 2023
This is Kristin, (Troy's wife) this IC brings peace and love into my body. I sleep well and feel emotionally and mentally balanced throughout the day
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Sofia Cosio, August 29, 2023
The first times I used it I felt much better. Now I do not know why but I don't feel It so much
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Jonathan Roseland, August 29, 2023
I would like to say a big thank you to Anton Fedorenko and Infopathy for creating the IC Hummer! Here's a very recent testimonial of how it saved me from excruciating pain…
A couple weeks ago I developed root inflammation in one of my back teeth that hurt obscenely much and wouldn't let me fall asleep. I had to soothe the pain with ice cold water every three seconds because otherwise it was unbearable. It's also of importance to admit that my pain tolerance is not very high. So I was whimpering in agony for over 24 hours straight and I didn't know how to stop the pain for more than 20 minutes with over-the-counter painkiller that could only be used once every 8 hours. I was even considering asking my dentist to pull my tooth out as soon as I saw him. The antibiotics prescribed didn't start working immediately and I was suffering so much that I couldn't think or do anything else. I'm sure it happened to you at least once in your life and you remember how it was. 
The first morning when the pain started my husband Jonathan Roseland suggested that I used the IC Hummer with a frequency called fascia pain which unfortunately not only did not work but it made matters worse. The next evening though before bed he suggested again that I tried the IC pad with a different frequency specifically for toothache and decay https://www.infopathy.com/en/infoceuticals/toothache-and-tooth-decay-rife
Actually, I was a little bit skeptical because the previous frequency had not worked but decided to try anyway. To my surprise the relief was almost instant and I remembered what it was to not feel pain. Then my husband said it could work with the IC Hummer and it really did! I slept with the device on my cheek and I was so tired that I even slept in considering I got no sleep the night before. During the next day the IC Hummer was on my face almost the whole time. I slept with it again and basically didn't part with it until the antibiotics eventually began kicking in (it took 2 days!) 
Thanks to the IC Hummer I was able to wait on that without looking for another dentist to pull my tooth out. So at my appointment 5 days later I almost felt no pain. 
If it wasn't for the IC Hummer I don't know what I would have done… so once again huge thanks to Anton and the Infopathy team. You guys rock, keep up the good work at saving poor people like me from their pain! 

Renee, August 29, 2023
I had my cholesterol checked around January and it was pretty high, 298.  My PCP was freaking out a bit.  I asked her to give me some time.  She said 3 months but it actually checked today and was 189.  I was shocked.  I began working on my cholesterol with this IC about a month or so ago.
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Claudia Zarik, August 27, 2023
It works!
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p0rter, August 27, 2023
My intervertebral disc is not feeling well after long periods of sitting at work and driving. After 2-3 sessions, all tension is gone and so is the pain in the intervertebral disc.

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anonymous, August 26, 2023
i think it makes me feel better.
anonymous, August 26, 2023
I have a pre existing neck back injury. Was recently in a car accident and it's inflamed everything, feels like a hot pocket in my neck and head will explode,  I use the puck all over my neck and back, and it's getting rid of the hot picker, fullness in my head.
Iam so grateful for this, it really works!!
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Gabriela Kaplan, August 25, 2023
I love this IC. I drink it after my walks when the weather is hot and immediately feel refreshed. 
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anonymous, August 24, 2023
This is a great blend of power-filled water :)
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anonymous, August 24, 2023
I was drinking 500ml every day for a month. It seems that blood sugar levels are maintained well for a month.

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anonymous, August 23, 2023
Really helps to calm down anxiety and my fear of the future. 
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Pierre de garam, August 23, 2023
Decreased irritability, better sleep, return to a fulfilling sex life

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Jairo Borjas, August 22, 2023
It's very good, my headache is better

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Marian Roper, August 21, 2023
I use this often ...
Janine Eby, August 19, 2023
This was the first PEMF I used.  I feel much better living gluten free currently and sometimes veer off that course.  After a dinner out, I was very full, my abdomen was quite distended with bloating and I felt uncomfortable.  I used my iPhone, and I placed the IC glow pad over my abdomen.  It didn’t take long till I felt relief.  I was amazed when I could ‘feel things’ happening - including increased bowel sensations such as gurgling and things moving along the tract.  I’m very impressed!
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