Strengthen and Tone Vessels

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Skeletal and Muscular
Vitamins and Minerals
Herbs and Botanicals
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This is a selection of nutrients with a focus on strengthening connective tissue, including blood vessels, ligaments and tendons, skin, and cartilage. Consider it for injury recovery, anti-aging and skin health, hair/skin/nails, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, macular degeneration, bleeding gums, chronic nosebleeds, and easy bruising.
Included ICs
23.6 k
Biotin is in the B complex family of vitamins. It is most widely known for it ability to strengthen hair and nails, and improve the texture of skin...
8.38 k
Weak in veins varicose veins, venous stasis, varicose eczema, hemorrhoids, venous hemorrhages, inflammation of the veins (often caused by thrombosi...
45.9 k
Vitamin C is an important vitamin for the body and helps boost the immune system, prevents common colds, is a natural anti-histamine, improves skin...
28.6 k
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is indicated for pain of all types, especially arthritic pain. It is also essential in the treatment of allergies and h...
22 k
Taurine is an amino acid with a diverse set of functions in the body. It increases parasympathetic tone, thereby reducing anxiety. It plays a centr...
21.6 k
Triphala has a wide range of uses, ranging from relief of constipation and lowering of blood sugar, to anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-bacteri...
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andrew black, August 25, 2021
skin , hair, nails have all thrived along with eliminating nerve pain
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Banana Bev Emmenecker , October 23, 2021
love this ... would love to see what is coming coming in the future.
Related Complexes: Strengthen and Tone Vessels
andrew black, October 24, 2021
use this IC everyday. Definite improvement in hair and skin tone!
Related Complexes: Strengthen and Tone Vessels
Denise Black, October 26, 2021
great addition to my complex
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anonymous, November 20, 2021
I use this for many of the issues stated in the description. I feel as though I'm doing something good for my body.
Related Complexes: Strengthen and Tone Vessels
Denise Black, June 14, 2022
great boost and recovery IC
Related Complexes: Strengthen and Tone Vessels

Mar 22, 2021
Can't you add this IC to a complex? The icon is missing
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Hi Teresa, this is already an IC complex. You can add ICs contained in this complex to your personal complex or you can copy this complex and then modify it as you wish.
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