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anonymous, April 02, 2023
This IC is comprehensive like it says. I use it in place of a multivitamin and mineral. When
I feel the need for it, I make it, and then muscle test to be certain it's the one my body is
needing at the moment. And then, voila, I drink it and I feel great! This is my method for all the ICs. 
Lorena Lemaire, April 02, 2023
The future of medicine. Love it. 
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Marcel, April 02, 2023
Works very well 👍 Thank you

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Frank Delventhal, April 02, 2023
standard in our family

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Kari Klassen, April 01, 2023
Can’t measure the results of this complex myself, but I can say that overall I’ve been amazed at what most of the IC complexes have been able to do for me. 
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Susanne Schumacher, April 01, 2023
I can do without sweets more

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anonymous, March 31, 2023
This ic easily raises my vibe. I usually start to sing in my head while listening.
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drkropf, March 30, 2023
Helping lungs lymph 
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anonymous, March 30, 2023
Sleep like a baby!
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drkropf, March 30, 2023
Inflammation decreased 
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Robert M Black Jr, March 30, 2023
This complex help me accelerate the healing on my left hip replacement I just had done.  My Orthopedic Surgeon was amazed on how quickly I healed up and was able to get back to full usage of the hip again.
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anonymous, March 29, 2023
Works better than plain water .. amazing!
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Dominique , March 28, 2023
Hello, I had pain in my right hip due to a rotation of the pelvis. The pain happens when I don't wear my orthopedic insoles enough. I put the IC directly on my pain, after 2 times the pain went away. Efficace.mzrci for this excellent IC.

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Shelby, March 28, 2023
So far,  I seem to wake up pretty quickly and refreshed as apposed to that long, slow to wake up in the morning fog.  Dark spots on skin are disappearing.  
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Monica Monroe, March 27, 2023
I’ve been using this a minimum of once a day for a month and see improvement.   I will continue.  Belching has stopped and stomach sounds at bedtime are gone.  I’d like to hear what others are noticing.
Grant Miller, March 27, 2023
Great full-spectrum frequency formula to start your day.
Nick, March 26, 2023
been using for more than one year and seems to help me focus.
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Kathy Larson, March 25, 2023
I've been using this on my house plants and my vegetable starts for the past month. They seem to really like it. I'll provide another review in a month.
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anonymous, March 25, 2023
This keeps the ringing in ears at bay. Does not cure it but it helps. 
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Kathrin Ben Haim, March 25, 2023
Helps always

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Rolf, March 23, 2023
Have this IC (and many more) as a therapy recommendation from Daniel Knebel receive. I am completely satisfied with the overall package and have been enthusiastic every day for the past 4 weeks.

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anonymous, March 22, 2023
I am listening to these combined ICs all at once daily; for just about a week.  I listen  randomly 3 times a day . I now find that after a couple of minutes into to listening to these combined frequencies that new ideas/solutions come to mind for situations/experiences I have areas of concern. I am incredibly grateful…
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Robyn shields, March 22, 2023
This mix has lowered my cholesterol and triglycerides!  I started using about 3 months ago consisently everyday. I will certainly keep using it!
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Dr. Stacy, NHP, March 22, 2023
Way less gas and bloating, more regular BM's 
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anonymous, March 22, 2023
Frontal headache. I used IC as soon as it was released, several times in a row directly on the forehead. And I drank, because I get dehydrated easily and it gives me headaches. I was quickly better without being totally relieved..

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Robert M Black Jr, March 22, 2023
Keeps me top notch with staying healthy !
Dali, March 21, 2023
Feel more energetic 
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anonymous, March 21, 2023
Brilliant. Whatever I ate for dinner caused doubling over cramping pains, so I thought I would give this a try. Placed Glowing IC Pad over my belly button. Amazing! Dr Borjas - you rock! Within 2-4 mins the pain started to subside, within 5-8 mins no pain.  I can actually feel it working still ... currently at 26 minutes into the 30 minutes. Wondering if I will experience any pain after it is finished. Ok it's just finished and still pain free. Woohoo.
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anonymous, March 20, 2023
 I love this Happy Water I give it to everyone who comes into my house. Then they call me later and says what is that water? I say why they say cause I am so much better, I feel like living got lots of energy. They keep coming back. 
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Rocio , March 20, 2023
I give it a 10...I think it's wonderful.
I had a wound on my gum that was bleeding. He had gone to the dentist and taken an antibiotic for 7 days. It went away, but after 5 days there was bleeding and pain again.
I decided to put this IC on and a wonder. WORKS,!! Three days and once a day. THANK YOU SO MUCH 😉

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Kathrine Lavidas, March 20, 2023
I love what this is doing, its a subtle but definite difference in my mood and health!
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