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Mike Lucas, May 29, 2022
Helps with mast cell issues
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Don Beaulieu, May 28, 2022
Helps relieve muscle and body aches and pains
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anonymous, May 27, 2022
Great response from indoor and outdoor plants (especially newly planted). Plants cannot imagine improvements - this supports my ongoing use of IC's for my body and for my 4 leggedies!
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anonymous, May 24, 2022
I slept so hard after using this IC- wow!
Karen King, May 24, 2022
This one is a mainstay for me because I can't afford all these supplements in physical form. What a gift this is and so digestible, all in a simple glass of water. It muscle tests very strong for me.
Sonia Roy Hamon, May 23, 2022
My plants have taken amazing shape!!!
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Carl Shanahan, May 23, 2022
It’s awesome that the pain is gone
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Cathy Lancey, May 22, 2022
I have been using IC Complexes for about 5 years. Many different ones. The majority have helped and if I haven't noticed a difference in my particular complaint I just find another IC or remedy that works. The most important thing to me is the cost. Instead of having a cupboard or fridge filled with all kinds of different remedies (as your health and needs are always changing) I have solutions literally at my fingertips. One yearly fee has saved me a lot of money. I do work with a practitioner who has advised me and created some IC combinations and as I become more familiar with them I have recreated some of my own.
anonymous, May 22, 2022
I feel like it helps me lose weight. Use in conjunction with PEM Fat Loss and Metabolism Booster
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Frank Delventhal, May 21, 2022
Has often helped with a sore throat that a cold hasn't even broken out in the first place.
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anonymous, May 21, 2022
Application to our bitch, who is always very restless and currently has a very severe skin and coat problem (probably intestines). Already during the first application, she showed complete relaxation and calm, she even closed her eyes and dreamed. That was so nice to see.
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Barbara Dollowitch, May 20, 2022
I take it with an Asthma imprint, but not always. It works. As soon as I feel better I want to quit. Have learned to continue the treatment until my body tells me to stop (muscle test).
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anonymous, May 20, 2022
Gives me so much power and energy
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anonymous, May 20, 2022
It's very useful in balancing vaccination side effects.I take the water everyday for energizing and protect from virus attacked.thank you
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anonymous, May 19, 2022
This has helped eliminate pre-cancerous cells on my face!
Barbara Dollowitch, May 18, 2022
It seem to be really helping. Inhaler use has become infrequent.
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Jaka Juvan, May 16, 2022
Don't forget to change the frequency in the morning. I forgot and was a bit drowsy that day ;). An awesome IC!
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Caroline Droege, May 16, 2022
I had a tooth abscess and this helped greatly!
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Barbara Dollowitch, May 12, 2022
much better. Right now I'm using it with COLD COMPLEX and an antibiotic imprint. The throat stays away and my sinuses are clear. I am sleeping soundly.
Chris Kidawski, May 11, 2022
My dogo argentino ripped a whisker out by scratching and then it got infected. Vet said it turned into a benign tumor and needed surgery. We thought we'd give this a shot. After a week of charging his water the tumor has shrunk about 30%!
Judit , May 11, 2022
I love this IC. In 5 minutes I feel better and all the pain is gone. Amazing.
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Anna, May 10, 2022
Amazing! My dentist is puzzled - and the severe toothache is completely gone! I used it twice a day for 5 days. Thank you <3
Jonathan Hunt, May 08, 2022
I use this IC to mitigate muscle cramps and to help regulate my sleep. I only take this in the morning with the potassium. At night I use only the Magnesium for sleep. It does work amazingly well.
anonymous, May 05, 2022
Very clarifying in the energy field :)
anonymous, May 05, 2022
I am finding stress relief in general which hopefully will contribute to a much better quality of life.
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anonymous, May 04, 2022
So, my 86 year old mother tested positive for covid. I gave her this IC and this is what she said: "Well I do feel a lot better today. My runny nose has stopped and I don't have a fever and my cough is almost gone. My nose is not stuffed up. The improvement from yesterday is pretty amazing! Thank you so much!"
anonymous, May 04, 2022
I feel light after a hard day's work. I feel relaxed. Very relaxed.
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Judit , May 04, 2022
I always had migraines. I ate boxes of painkillers for it. I assumed it is EBV. Since I drank the EBV water, I have no migraines. None. Whatsoever. I am amazed. Thank you. You guys are the best.
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Judit , May 04, 2022
We like this program. Any infection in the family will be helped by it. Thank you
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anonymous, May 03, 2022
So far (2 times) I find my stress is melting away and this should have a huge effect on all of my life. Thank you
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Isabella, May 02, 2022
it makes a good difference for better.
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