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anonymous, October 05, 2022
This IC helps clear deep emotions so they are able to be released and I can feel more even and balanced
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Jeremy Makin, October 01, 2022
Great feeling of energy and vitality after using this one
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ryan creek, October 01, 2022
I had an allergic reaction to something. All over my body were raised red lumps. I had this for 4 days and it was getting worse. I used this for 1 hour the following day lumps started to disappear. Used again. The following day again lumps almost gone. Wow!
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Barbara Andrew, September 30, 2022
Calming. And uplifting. Refreshing after the fatigue and energetic drain of being around other people for several hours. I feel like I can take deeper breaths
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anonymous, September 29, 2022
I felt relief immediately.
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Marian Roper, September 28, 2022
using this on an ongoing basis... and like that I am less hungry in the eve...
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Kevin Brick, September 27, 2022
Using the ICs of Diphenhydramine and Super Sleep + CBD, allows me to return to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night. Each has a repeat of 6x. Two ounces works well, especially if you hold some under your tongue for 30-60 seconds.
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Sonia Roy Hamon, September 27, 2022
my plants are beautiful and growing visibly!

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ARAMEIE-Renate Matile, September 26, 2022
It quickly brings rest and relaxation. Rested in the morning.

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Anne Lelong Trolliet, September 26, 2022
The rashes are much less inflamed, they appear already dried when they occur. The next step is their total disappearance, I am convinced of that. This informational world for health is the holistic and quantum medicine of tomorrow. On the way to 5D

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anonymous, September 25, 2022
Better than I did taking the Armour Thyroid. More consistency, and my Blood Tests show perfect numbers! Thank You!
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Don Beaulieu, September 23, 2022
This formulation is created to provide what the body needs to maintain health and well being with ICs that provide energy and restorative properties, balance and protection for the immune system and body.
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Randy Usin, September 22, 2022
i take one cup 30 minutes before my workout🏋. i have noticed an improvement in my performance 💪. Thank You
Marian Roper, September 18, 2022
I use this regularly for all plants in and out...with visible positive affects... thanks..
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anonymous, September 17, 2022
I sleep soundly and without waking with side effects. I love it!
Grant Miller, September 16, 2022
This IC works well to reduce ringing in the ears. I found it to work best when used at least 3x day. Consistency is key, same with most ICs for greatest effectiveness. 4 to 5 uses per day has proven to be even more effective!
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David Arnett, September 14, 2022
After two weeks I stopped getting leg cramps at night. I can sleep all night without getting up to go to the bathroom. I had cancer sores on the top of my head for over 7 years and they are gone. We treat the entire home and plants. My wife has Parkinson's and i am praying for the best for her.
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Kevin Brick, September 13, 2022
Combine this with any of the heart health protocols appears to lower overall blood pressure.
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Patrick , September 11, 2022
use it for my 12 year old dog each day as her drinking water and the limp has gotten a lot better
Dana Prall, September 08, 2022
I fell better, which is good, but I dont feel great. So maybe I need to increase the infusion quantity. I will have to try it out.
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Thrive Natural , September 08, 2022
An outstanding IC- it works really well. Results are felt and lasting. Thank you!!!
Sharon Sanders, September 06, 2022
I have neuropathy in the pads of my feet. After doubling up on the IC water, I feel about 70% better
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Caroline Droege, September 05, 2022
This complex has helped me recover from several infections.
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Marian Roper, September 02, 2022
felt an immediate 'shift'.. quieter system...
Theresa Killer, September 02, 2022
The pain in my shoulders, which I felt especially at night, has disappeared.

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anonymous, September 01, 2022
Over time I believe that the desired effect is working..... only more time will revile the nature of the change will show itself. I have been trying the ic once daily.
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조승연, September 01, 2022
There seems to be hair loss and relapse, so the bar seems to be effective. And as a result of using growth hormone information, it seems that my skin has definitely become stronger.

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anonymous, August 30, 2022
I just feel better everyday.

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Lorna ronneberg , August 30, 2022
I used this Tendon Injury Acute plus Acute Ligament injury and it helped enormously with a torn rotator cuff injury. I did them both morning and night and was much relieved by the reduced pain, which lasted through the night while sleeping too.
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John Roberts, August 30, 2022
Placed direct on my head with IC pad. I was a little skeptical but it cleared massive headache in two goes . recommend it
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Markus Degenhardt, August 30, 2022
It helped me a lot after the first time, I can only recommend everyone.

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