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Carla Alton, August 26, 2021
This is a very effective program for treating many allergies I have. It's incredible to get relief without all the bad side effects. Thank you for creating this for us.
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anonymous, August 26, 2021
I like it. I think it is working for me.
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Jonathan Roseland, August 26, 2021
The first IC I tried was Happy Water, one of the most popular, and I did notice something - a subtle Gabaergic/anxiolytic effect similar to what I'd expect from Phenibut. I drank the IC on an empty stomach and about 5 minutes later started to feel a little happier. I had more to joke and laugh about with my wife over dinner. I did a meditation session and was notably more carefree and relaxed than I usually am after a long day of work. I did quantify my meditation session with my Heartmath device and the IC did not seem to have a notable impact on my HRV scores.
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Taylor, August 25, 2021
after having a cup of this IC before and one during, I am able to have more endurance on my workout.
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Michelle Phillips, August 25, 2021
This is a huge help for my dogs to recover after injury Really notice great results
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Paul Sherwood, August 25, 2021
I've noticed improvements after using for about two weeks. Better energy throughout my day, mental clarity and most importantly motivation.
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Broeckx Simone, August 25, 2021
It's very encouraging, it makes you happy, almost silly .. It drives you. I can't take it in the afternoon, otherwise I can't sleep :-)

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Katja Riemer, August 25, 2021
I use the ic with 1l incl pemf and microcurrent. All three together fights a heavy mold / fungus load every day, which has also permanently damaged my liver and intestines. An important building block in recovery as well as staying healthy. Endurance and continuity count!

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andrew black, August 25, 2021
skin , hair, nails have all thrived along with eliminating nerve pain
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Sabrina Kroeber, August 24, 2021
I used it to give my thyroid a good push

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courtney, August 22, 2021
had a headache, didn't fully get rid of it but i definitely feel better in just 2 minutes so I can't complain!
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Daniel Knebel, August 22, 2021
15-20 Mins after drinking the first 500ml i realize improved energy and focus. Today during training i didnt see the typical drop in performance. After being in the gym for 2 hours i did a 2 hour bike ride with my son. No problems so far. Only a little tiredness especially as i trained legs before we took the bikes. Nice IC for fitness,team sports and endurance training.
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anonymous, August 22, 2021
I have been uploading IC programs to my structured water and using rife frequencies with the glow pad for a year now and I really feel the benefit of each program I create addressing specific health challenges and conditions and to improve quality of my health and overall well being. I've realized many benefits by using various ICs to give my body what it needs to be healthy and as I was created. Infopathy has enabled me to be completely off all Rx medications, supplements and vitamins for a year now. How good is that... Massively Good!
anonymous, August 21, 2021
I used this IC once daily when I had flare-ups. I felt the symptom decreased every time I used this IC.
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Cathy Lancey, August 21, 2021
I would never be without my Vitamin C. It has made a real difference in my overall general health. Also now I don’t have to buy the tablets. I take it every day.
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Katja Riemer, August 21, 2021
I basically suffered less from menopause problems. The IC helps me to calm down and sleep better in the evening. It strengthens my thyroid at night - which supports sleep. It also strengthens the vaginal mucous membrane. In the medium term, I was able to stop using vaginal ointments containing estradiol. Although I also drink other ICs with estradiol and progesterone throughout the day. I've always had a rather weak hormone status and a lot of stress.

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danielle okuly, August 21, 2021
Wow! My triceps were tight because I used them for the first time ever. This nearly removed the pain and after the second time it was completely gone. Thank you kraft&gesundheit for developing and sharing this!
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Joe, August 20, 2021
I always get good sleep with this IC!! Make sure to use it at least 3 times back to back 2oz of water or more
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Adam smith, August 20, 2021
Generally, I sleep better and fewer dreams
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Carl fanning, August 20, 2021
helps maintain high intensity workouts...recommended!!!
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Carl fanning, August 19, 2021
all these ICs work ....a is all about consistency . The affects become more noticeable in time!!
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anonymous, August 19, 2021
Taking a glass of this IC before bed firms up my morning.
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Anton SF, August 19, 2021
One of my favorite ICs. Helps to stay calm, remove anxiety and act in a more mindful way.
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anonymous, August 19, 2021
helps to clear brain fog
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anonymous, August 18, 2021
improves mental ability , focus , positivity
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Michelle Phillips, August 18, 2021
I have used this complex a lot of marathons long trail runs etc and am amazed at how I feel the next day! It works awesome
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Scott Hamill , August 17, 2021
Pre workout boost is great
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Scott Hamill , August 17, 2021
Gives me a boost in the morning.
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Andreas Mildner, August 17, 2021
I love this IC.
stacey faircloth, August 17, 2021
This IC clears my allergies right up. I takes about a half hour to an hour to kick in but I am clear all day!
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Logan Abassi, August 17, 2021
I find the IC easy to use and it has multiple modes for infusions of all my vitamins and minerals, supplements and even pharmaceuticals as well as the PEMF mode for direct stimulations. It saves me thousands of dollars every year.
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