Beauty Booster

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This IC may be used to help support skin hydration and texture. It may also be used to stimulate collagen production, hydrate the skin from within, plump the skin and reveal a youthful glow to skin complexion.
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anonymous, April 21, 2022
The skin feels really great the next day and pimples are much better too
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May 25, 2021
where do i have to locate the IC Pad during this PEMF?
May 15, 2021
Can I put this one into a cream? If so does it have to be in a glass container to transfer or is the container it is in fine? How often would I need to charge the cream? Thank you!
Hi Helen, yes, even this is PEMF IC, you can transfer it to cream as well. It can be glass, plastic (including acrylics), or ceramic, any non-metallic material. After the transfer, you can cover the container with aluminum foil to protect it from environmental fields. You can do a transfer once a month.
Apr 29, 2022
Anton, why not metal? I keep it in an aluminum jar to protect the frequencies from external interference. So, isn't it okay?
Hi Patrizia, metal shields the electromagnetic signals, therefore you can not use it for the Imprint, but you can use it to protect water or cream after the imprinting.

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