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Kevin Brick, March 28, 2022
This IC allows me to compete with people 40 years younger than I. I repeat it 5x and occasionally add Ben Greenfield's Pre-workout.
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Don Beaulieu, March 27, 2022
This IC formulation I compiled provides real health benefits while strengthening the immune system and removing unwanted toxicity.
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Javier Perez-Ramos, March 26, 2022
ever since I started using my IC.! I am out of my meds and feeling way better without the meds side effects...! simply the BEST!!
Carla Alton, March 24, 2022
Definitely notice a difference when using this IC Immune Boost I created. Use it daily for energy, wellness and have not been sick for over 2 years.
anonymous, March 24, 2022
I really didn't expect it to work & was happily surprised! Had to repeat more than 6 times but after reading about the positive effects of Psilocybin on depression, etc... Thought it might help a friend of mine & we both had a great trip. Not as intense as the real thing but very pleasant... RCK
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anonymous, March 24, 2022
It helps slowly but surely. My gut health is going in the right direction.
Vanessa Mendes, March 23, 2022
I love it and have been using for all my animals as well, with remarkable improvement on their health.
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anonymous, March 23, 2022
after daily use my dog became much more active
Jennifer Norman, March 22, 2022
Paul created this for me and I have found it useful. It is sometimes helpful when I am having specific issues with my stomach.
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veronika, March 20, 2022
Me and all the kids love it even the small ones. It makes everyone feeling more grounded and self.
anonymous, March 20, 2022
has gotten us through the Corona period well so far

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anonymous, March 18, 2022
Seasonal allergies, takes about 20 minutes to effectively eliminate the headache and post nasal drip.
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anonymous, March 18, 2022
I can really feel this complex working. I had a viral infection that completely clogged my throat and nose and after running this IC (I tried a few different ones), I could clearly feel this one working. Highly recommended
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Joe Cresgy, March 18, 2022
I have been using this for several months now and I do feel that it helping to reduce my tinnitus. I wasn't sure at first, but then I stopped for awhile and the tinnitus got worse. I restarted and it is better.
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Monica Prescott, March 17, 2022
This thing does what they say. Tried the measure leg before & after & there WAS a difference in length. Also - used this in conjunction with HSW, Atlanto occipital, stiff neck, & super sleep PEMF’s in succession before bed. Had the BEST sleep in. MONTHS & also neck pain (chronic for months) is nearly gone.
Monica Prescott, March 17, 2022
Amazing!!! Used this with HSW, whole body chiro, stiff neck, & super sleep PEMF’s in succession before bed. Had the BEST sleep in. MONTHS & also neck pain (chronic for months) is nearly gone.
Monica Prescott, March 17, 2022
Amazing!!! Used this along with HSW, Atlantic Occipital joint, whole body chiro & super sleep PEMF’s in succession before bed. Had the BEST sleep in. MONTHS & also neck pain (chronic for months) is nearly gone.
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Monica Prescott, March 17, 2022
Amazing!!! Used HSW, Atlanto occipital, whole body chiro, stiff neck, & super sleep PEMF’s in succession before bed. Had the BEST sleep in. MONTHS & also neck pain (chronic for months) is nearly gone. Noticed some instant relief in neck with this HSW.
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Suzanne Sarmasti, March 17, 2022
Works! Lowers bp by 20 points consistently. Super pleased!
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anonymous, March 15, 2022
I use it in my headphones, before meditating and going to sleep. It really helps me fall asleep quicker and have a deeper sleep, and in the morning I always wake up full of energy. I never feel tired or restless anymore and my sleep has hugely improved after using this IC. I am extremely grateful I have the opportunity to use it.
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Esther Kopp, March 15, 2022
The booster worked on my houseplant after the second watering, i.e. within about a week. Great :-) thank you so much!!!!

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Christiane Becht, March 15, 2022
Miracles! This worked immediately to have my nose stop running and me breath better right away, my head feeling clearer! (My nose had been running all day yesterday and with this stopped in the evening, I placed it on my right cheek as it was mostly my right nostril, and I was able to breath there again afterwards! Symptoms came back a bit this morning, and after breakfast with this PEMF, much better again! :-)))
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Iris Rothenberg, March 14, 2022
Had a bad stomach ache my icpad helped a lot I used it directly on my body.
Michaela Noß, March 14, 2022
Honestly? My ICPad arrived yesterday and I immediately charged my water for the next day. I already drink enough, but a) the water tastes even better with it and b) I have to pee every half hour 😆 ... I would say it works 100% 👍 My cats have to go too. I'm curious to see how the specially charged water works!

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Yui, March 14, 2022
Before I use this, I would feel tired after visiting crowded places. But after I use this, I wouldn't feel tired easily, and even if I feel tired I can recover much faster than before.
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Ecker, March 14, 2022
This IC is awesome, I'm in a good mood and fit. Should not be used in the evening if possible, otherwise night becomes day... at least that's how it was for me. My heart was pounding during the night as if I had drunk 5 espressos ;-)

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Don Beaulieu, March 13, 2022
My plants love this IC I formulated yours might too.
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Jared Leier, March 10, 2022
I drink this on my way to the gym and really notice the effects of it within 5-10 minutes. Always have a great workout when I use this IC.
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Russell, March 10, 2022
I use this every morning for the past 8 weeks. It has got me back to the point of actually wanting to work out again!
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Adrian West, March 10, 2022
Combination mix worked brilliantly.
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Kathrin Ben Haim, March 10, 2022
Have an old injury from a skiing accident with pain both with and without weight bearing. Able to walk with virtually no pain after application

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