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anonymous, January 27, 2022
i feel more focused and able to work.
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anonymous, January 27, 2022
It works very well for indigestion. Take in the morning and evening.

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Jake, January 24, 2022
It helps the whole family. They feel recharged and calmer during the day
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Shari Aultman, January 21, 2022
I love this IC. I feel calmer and more balanced as I encounter all the stressors of the day. I love the concussion mode on FSM as well, but using glowing IC pad is simpler, no wet towels, :)
Lloyd Blake, January 21, 2022
This is pretty amazing. I’m not sure how it works but I do feel something different when I use it.
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anonymous, January 18, 2022
Less negativity from the very first day. It helps me feel good.
Don Beaulieu, January 18, 2022
When I apply this PEMF IC using the glow pad it eases my pain and inflammation resulting from a severely sprained maniscus in my knee. I use this IC a few times daily along with a supporting IC programmed into my water and I'm getting positive results. No Rx or pain meds needed as the ICs are doing the job in reducing inflammation, healing and relieving the pain.
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Gail, January 18, 2022
I applied the Trauma PEMF to a toe that was quite badly bruised after I slipped on rocks. The pain reduction was excellent, I went from hobbling and limping to being able to be able to walk normally with minor tenderness. I ran it three times with the IC Pad placed on top of my foot. Very happy with the result.
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Bek macintosh, January 18, 2022
A noticeable shift in the body towards rapid healing with this IC.
Jonathan Roseland, January 16, 2022
Used this on a day that I was feeling a little under the weather with a head cold. I alternated using it on my forehead and chest. After 20 minutes I did feel a bit more clear headed!
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Sofia, January 15, 2022
One of my daily favorites
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anonymous, January 14, 2022
much more energy and tone clearer and faster recovery thank you very much

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Hanul Hong, January 09, 2022
Migraine is gone after drinking 1 liter. I repeated imprinting this for 5 times. Cool!
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Kimberly Reynolds , January 05, 2022
I had a burst blood vessel in my leg leaving what appeared to be a horrific bruise... that is just a side note... I started using this IC for the varicose veins on my legs. After the 1st treatment the entire inner circle of the bruise was completely cleared. After the 2nd treatment it was down to a tiny spot. After the 3rd treatment it was completely gone. As for the varicose and spider veins... they appear to be changing and some of the spider veins seem to be disappearing. I have only been using this for 8 days... I am very exited to see the results after 1 month!
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anonymous, January 05, 2022
Feel relaxed and full motivated afterwords
Debra Murrow, January 04, 2022
I can tell I am sleeping deeper, my dreams are super vivid and I do feel rested when I natrually wake up and it's early... Thx's Debra
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Robert M Black Jr, January 03, 2022
I have really notice the step up in my training using this pre workout program !
Anne Schneider, January 03, 2022
Helps very well👍🏽

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anonymous, January 01, 2022
Working to decrease chronic fatigue and brain fog.
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Lloyd Blake, December 31, 2021
It’s crazy how well this works.
France, December 31, 2021
I listened to this before going to bed and had one of the best deep relaxed sleep ever!
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Don Beaulieu, December 29, 2021
My plants love this IC
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Robert M Black Jr, December 29, 2021
The IC's that I have put into my complex have truly allowed me to take my overall health and wellness to another level performance. My body has never feel so balanced and in harmony as is does now ! Using Infopathy has by far been one of the BEST investments into my overall health that I have ever made !
anonymous, December 29, 2021
I feel empowered.

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Jonathan Roseland, December 28, 2021
I PEMF'd my tummy for 21 minutes after an epic Christmas meal along with drinking the Digestive Enzyme Composite IC and the next morning I was pleased with my pooping. Sometimes the day after a glutinous holiday is tough on my stomach. The PEMF and IC seemed to help.
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anonymous, December 28, 2021
no Tylonal for 1 month since using for back pain.
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anonymous, December 22, 2021
I look more relaxed.

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Randy Henderson, December 21, 2021
did a sleep frequency and had the best sleep in a long long time
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Matt Sena, December 21, 2021
I can feel it and I'm a huge believer in proteolytic enzymes after learning about the horrors of intestinal mucoid plaque. thank you! this treatment is usually hard to find and very expensive
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Nicki, December 21, 2021
I use this program once a week with the IC pad and place it on my sternum. I feel like I'll have a free head afterwards and I'm more relaxed overall.

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Mike Lucas, December 20, 2021
I find it amazing how well this works to quell my wife's sinus drainage and congestion issues. I run it 6x for potency and she drinks 4 to 6 ozs.
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