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Katja Riemer, July 10, 2022
I had a tough, wandering BWS problem. The IC helped in the end I think :-)

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Lisa Lampe, July 08, 2022
I am amazed at how much relief I feel from plantar fasciitis after just one treatment! I used the hummer against the bottom of my feet. Years of severe pain 80% gone for 24 hours so far after the treatment!
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Judit , July 08, 2022
This IC really helpful in protecting our family and health. Thank you for making it. You guys are wonderful!
anonymous, July 08, 2022
You notice the detoxification, at first I had very intense dreams, that was awesome. And I often have to go to the toilet, especially when I've taken a break again. It runs... ;-)

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Carla Alton, July 06, 2022
Definitely makes a big difference when I drink this to calm down my asthma flare ups. Better for you than the real medicine with no bad side effects. Very grateful to have this. Carla
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Anne Lelong Trolliet, July 06, 2022
I have been using this IC for about 1 month every day. The results are quite exceptional. I can't say my chronic sinusitis is over yet, but it is moving in a tangible way. My nose is wet, it was dry, I blow my nose, I never blow my nose. My probably inflammatory dry cough has disappeared. I continue again in order to firmly anchor the results.

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Anne Lelong Trolliet, July 06, 2022
This IC is really effective, I recommend it

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anonymous, July 05, 2022
I can drink water imprinted with this much easier then regular water. I have never drank enough water - this helps!
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Banana Bev Emmenecker , July 05, 2022
Makes such a difference! Sleep more soundly. Love it.
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anonymous, July 04, 2022
Excellent for tooth pain!
Robert M Black Jr, July 03, 2022
Great program to help keep your body in optimal balance for optimal health benefits!
anonymous, July 01, 2022
I infuse this into a basic lotion (40 minutes, but I don't know if it really needs that long). It works very well to reduce the itch of insect bites. For me, it is better than calamine lotion. Thank you, Infopathy!
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Esther Kopp, June 29, 2022
It works noticeably - although I'm not taking any medication, there are hardly any symptoms despite a viral infection. The clearly inflamed throat/pharynx runs completely without swallowing problems yesterday (day 1 of the infection) and today. No fever, hardly noticeable pain in the limbs and muscles! I thank Daniel Knebel and Infopathy 🙏

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유인애, June 28, 2022
I did the partial pmsf with hip joint pain, and the pain was much less in an instant.

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Judit , June 28, 2022
A well functioning IC I feel it every time that it helps
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anonymous, June 27, 2022
I made this complex for our dog who is very anxious and has a poor immune system from stress. After just two days, I see a significant improvement. He is very relaxed and the constant scratching has gotten better. I'm just excited. Thanks

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Claudia Zarik, June 27, 2022
I did not notice a change immediately but after a few weeks of using this - I feel and look different. My husband said he says I look different or younger.
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Caroline Droege, June 27, 2022
I have seen increased growth in my plants with the use of this ic. Increased folage and "babies" popping up in plants that propagate from roots.
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anonymous, June 26, 2022
This stuff actually works, I was pretty taken back not going to lie. I tripped in a low-grade microdose way where the patterns on the floor started to emerge and my vision came in and out of focus when I wanted it to. Helped with my mood a bit too but the hallucinogenic effects were definitely there.
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Judit , June 25, 2022
Love this IC, very helpful every time
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Mike Lucas, June 23, 2022
Seems to help with seasonal allergies
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Judit , June 23, 2022
Great IC, helps a lot with bloodsugar. In a week I am back to normal :)
Andreas Mildner, June 22, 2022
Works very well to reduce the effects of mental stress.
anonymous, June 20, 2022
I've been using this IC for a few months and I'm doing much better with it. My period isn't that painful anymore

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anonymous, June 19, 2022
This has been a very successful transition from my Life-long need for a Thyroid Rx (and the vulnerability to Chinese ingredients). In 30 days I was tested and have been using just Infopathy only---for 2 years.
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Tyler, June 19, 2022
AMAZING!! had achilles / heel pain for months. Osteo suggested it was kidney. Used this 3 times (3 repeats each) and pain almost fully disappeared
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Frank Ania Sieben, June 17, 2022
Always my no 1 goto when allergies hit me
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Banana Bev Emmenecker , June 17, 2022
this program helps me sleep like a baby. I have trouble coming out of this deep sleep and waking up to my alarm.
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Sharon mclellan, June 16, 2022
I cannot speak enough of how much better I feel doing the infopathy. I have the ic hummer and the glow pad, and both are great. I do 2 bottles in the morning and one at bedtime to drink.
anonymous, June 16, 2022
My adrenal function is low so I use this formula and you would never know I have any issue with my adrenals at all. I usually use multiple cycles to program but it works amazingly.
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anonymous, June 15, 2022
I use this with a mix of Ginseng daily & I really love how it instantly gives me a mental & physical boost.
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