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Christopher Musil, October 11, 2021
From imprints to PEMF I definitely tell a difference in me and others
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Michelle , October 11, 2021
i was feeling so very tired, simply exhausted, in the middle of the day. I imprinted this and it is now five minutes later and i feel immensely better!
anonymous, October 10, 2021
As Meghan wrote on the comments section, it really works. Thank you, Kraft&Gesundheit.
Sarah, October 10, 2021
It helps against sore muscles and pain after exercise! Excellent!

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Katja Riemer, October 08, 2021
programmed in 1L TCM breakfast soup in the morning I feel much stronger, better overall, physically !!

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andrew black, October 07, 2021
Helps in my recovery and supports joint and muscle pain and recovery
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Katja Riemer, October 07, 2021
drink 300ml of it in the evening and have it on the bed. Sleep faster again at night! a

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Jonathan Roseland, October 06, 2021
I take this when I'm on actual Piracetam and there's a subjective synergistic potentiation.
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Broeckx Simone, October 05, 2021
there is a real drive in your Altagg .. and you are lighter .. there is more to laugh about

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Eda, October 03, 2021
After using this IC i felt inhibited and i had the best day and night. The more i use infopathy ICs and complexes the more they work on both me and my partner, its incredible we wernt expecting this
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violet jackson, October 02, 2021
I found this very beneficial and will be repeating it daily.
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LABORDE Marie-Nadine, October 02, 2021
very clear reduction in muscle stiffness. a lot of biking and weight lifting so IC Hummer, "muscle relaxation" and "delayed muscle pain" one on each thigh in parallel with impregnation drink "post-workout recovery" and "muscle pain relief" associated in the evening to "release emotional and mental stress " it's going well

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anonymous, October 02, 2021
My 89 year old mother is constipated because of her medication (heart problems). I gave her this probiotic to drink and it worked! It wasn't until the next day that I told her that she wasn't drinking ordinary water. Since then I have given her this probiotic to drink every day at her request and she is very satisfied. Thanks a lot for this!

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violet jackson, October 01, 2021
As this played the muscles of my face contorted and moved, it felt like memory of emotional pain was leaving the cells of my face. Will listen to this one regularly for awhile.
anonymous, September 30, 2021
Work faster and more efficiently. Tired less quickly.

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Petra Zülow, September 30, 2021
After a good 2 weeks of use, I feel so good that I no longer knew how it could be almost pain-free. At the moment I only have minor restrictions. GREAT!

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Amy, September 30, 2021
I've tried this 3 days in a row and noticed a significant difference on my mental focus, clarity, and general energy levels. Impressed.
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Carla Alton, September 29, 2021
Love this combination for reducing pain, chronic inflammation, arthritis and digestive issues. Highly recommend this ic's.
ross, September 28, 2021
I found this particular IC to be super powerful, pretty much like I had a triple espresso! I actually had to drink less of it as its power meant I was anxious in the afternoon which would happen to me if I drank an actual coffee, so it works!! Will use but decrease the amount of times I drink the IC. Really impressive!
Carla Alton, September 27, 2021
Really helps with boosting my immune system and energy during the day.
anonymous, September 26, 2021
suffer with outbreaks of eczema around the nose and cheekbones ..this IC cured the problem after 2 days of running the program twice a day.
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anonymous, September 26, 2021
Surprised that this worked. I've felt nothing from any other ic. My back pain has decreased using this.
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Kellee Machado , September 26, 2021
I use it to stay focused and energized to study and work. The story I want to share is about a friend whose debilitating neurolgical disorder causes her to have restless leg syndrome. She stayed the night at my house without her prescription for Gabapentin, so I made her a complex that included Gabapentin, Calcium-Magnesium, Super Sleep PEMF, and Brain Delta. Not only did she not have the symptoms of restless leg but she slept through the night!
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Katja Riemer, September 24, 2021
I program my nasal rinsing with it, since sneezing is my very first cold symptom. Helps great!

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Dali, September 23, 2021
I feel as it says happy especially in the morning
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Pam kososki , September 23, 2021
This really helped me today. My stomach was killing me today. I threw some acupuncture needles in, those didn't help. Used this IC directly on my abdomen and within the first few minutes my stomach pain subsided and it's almost non existent after 5 minutes. Pretty cool stuff.
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Laurie Coreno, September 22, 2021
My plants look amazing!
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Kevin Brick, September 18, 2021
It's been 18 months of patients breathing on me (I don't wear a mask). No CV-19 symptoms. N-AC is an important addition to this.
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Katja Riemer, September 18, 2021
is part of my everyday detox. In the medium term I always notice when I've skipped them again, I'm more concentrated and my immune system is stronger.

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Nathanael, September 17, 2021
I drink this first thing in the morning. It feels like a shot of espresso (that's the pine pollen) and really helps with my energy levels. I like that I am getting a lot of nutrients and micronutrients as well (I hate taking pills). Helps me feel more solid and grounded. Helps with mood as well.
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Katja Riemer, September 17, 2021
belongs to the daily detoxification program - and is unfortunately indispensable. I partially program it into the food in order to be able to program other ICs into the water.

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