Mitochondrial Booster

Primary Application
For what
Mitochondrial and Energy Production
Vitamins and Minerals
Herbs and Botanicals
For whom
This IC has been created to support the mitochondria!
Included ICs
38.6 k
Methylene blue is a dye that was first developed to stain and inactivate certain microbes. It was also one of the first chemotherapeutic medication...
Mitochondrial Energy Support is beneficial for those needing an energy boost. It may be used to encourage healthy mitochondrial function, inhibit c...
72.7 k
NADH stands for "nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) + hydrogen (H)." This chemical occurs naturally in the body and plays a role in the chemic...
41.8 k
Nicotinamide Riboside is an alternative form of vitamin B3 and is converted by the body to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), a coenzyme tha...
17.8 k
A5H consists of A-KGS (alpha-ketoglutarate) and 5-HMF (5-hydroxymethylfurfural). What sounds so complicated is involved in quite natural metabolic ...
31.4 k
Ubiquinol and coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), a.k.a. ubiquinone, are both powerful antioxidants, but they are not the same – ubiquinol is the active form of ...
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Theresa garcia, September 10, 2021
Ive been using IC's for 5 months. This one I use everyday.. I'm 54 with tons of energy. I've also lost 3 pounds and kept it off. The IC's are the only real consistent change.
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Susanne Schumacher, December 22, 2021
The best of =))
Related Complexes: Mitochondrial Booster
Kevin Brick, July 16, 2022
Before, during and after strenuous workouts, I drink a x4 mixture of Mitochondrial Booster, x2 Supercharged Water and recently added x1 Deuterium Depleted Water. It has helped me not to have to take a nap after working out!
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Aug 19, 2021
Hello, 1st time user with Glowing IC Pad. I set up transfer from my computer, only got sound and no lights. Then I tried transfer from my iPhone and only got lights, but no sound. Did the transfer work? Thank you
Hi Bart, if IC Pad is connected correctly, there should be lights and no sound. If using a computer, after connecting IC Pad please check your audio setting, you may need to change the Output device to "headphones".
May 22, 2021
have you seen much difference between ic glowing ic pad vs ic hummer? Thank you.
Hi Peter, there should be same effect if using Glowing IC Pad for 2 minutes and IC Hummer for 4 minutes.
Apr 03, 2021
Does it always have to be 500ml 16oz water that you imprint the IC into . Can you not imprint half that amount of water. Why would the volume make a difference? And what would the point of transfer infinite times? Is it possible to transfer a greater potency by using multiple transfers? How would you keep the 16oz of water vortexing to help the with the transfer. If you were to use a spoon to stir during transfer would the noise nit disturb the EMF
Hi Karl, you can imprint any amount of water up to 0.5 gallons (2 liters) with Glowing IC Pad. The amount of water you should imprint at once depends on how plan to consume it. We suggest drinking at least 2oz (50 mL) water at once at least 3 times a day. Therefore you can imprint 2oz of water 3 times a day before each time you drink it, or you can imprint 6oz of water in the morning and then drink 3 times during the day. You can also just imprint a bottle of water, for example, 32oz of water, and also drink water during the day, at least 2oz each time. We kept options for infinite repeats for those who would like to experiment. Using Glowing IC Pad with 2-3 repeats people were reporting stronger effect from imprints. Regarding vortexing, we suggest vigorously shaking or vortexing a bottle of water before the transfer.
Apr 04, 2021
Anton Sheikh-Fedorenko, Thanks Antonio really appreciate the responses 🙏
Mar 06, 2021
A few questions I would be grateful for your thoughts: 1) May I infuse an 16oz glass of water with any IC or complex and drink the whole thing in one sitting? 2) May I follow that immediately with another glass of water infused with a different IC or complex, or is it best to wait? 3) May I drink 8-10 cups of different IC or complex-infused water each day (ie Everytime I drink, it is never "neutral" water, but always IC water)? 4) Where may I find instructions as to how to create my own personal complex combination? 5) I'm not clear as to when to individually download "one-by-one" versus "transfer all at once". Kindly explain. Thank you so much for answering all of these and previous questions, Anton!
Hi Victoria, thank you for your questions! 1) Yes, you can imprint 16 oz glass of water and finish it all at once. But for the best effect, we suggest using the same IC or Complex 3 times a day (i.e. drink 3 x 16oz of imprinted water with the same ICs a day). Also, before the transfer, you need vigorously shake water. If you prefer imprinting water in 16oz glass, you can shake water in a bottle, then pour it into the glass and imprint that glass of water. 2) It is best to wait 10 minutes. 3) Yes, all water you drink can be imprinted water. 4) Currently you can see short instructions on how to create a personal Complex on Help page if you scroll lower to the “Tips” section. We will also add a short video on that. 5) For the Imprint complexes you need to use “all at once” and if you created Complex that includes many PEMF or Audible ICs you can set “one-by-one” mode and in this mode, all included ICs will be played one after another like songs in a playlist. We will also have a short video about that! Thank you for all the questions!

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