Physical Tension

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Primary Application
For what
Mental Health and Nervous
Skeletal and Muscular
For whom
Release musculoskeletal nerve discomfort and tensions, aching, radiating, shooting or tender pain. IC relaxes, soothes, rejuvenates, improves recovery, localized or widespread pain that can worsen with movement, aching or stiffness of the entire body, the feeling that your muscles have been pulled or overworked, fatigue, sleep disturbances, twitching muscles, the sensation of "burning" in your muscles, also following sports and other physical activities. It works great in combination with EASE function. It provides relief when working on myofascial trigger points on the body.

Nov 12, 2020
Just beginning to use the hummer, have been using the glowing pad. Noticing a loud sound coming from the hummer on programs listed as PEMF, is that normal? I would expect it with an audible, I thought the PEMF would be quiet.
Hi Jennifer, thank you for your question! Some ICs have high frequencies, that would sound loud with IC Hummer. You can lower the volume to a comfortable level when using IC Hummer.
Hi Ufuk, thank you for your question! If it is specifically not mentioned in a description, you can use PEMF (or Audible) ICs once a day.
Oct 12, 2020
Hi, how often do I have to do this per day to achieve a sustainable result? It would be very helpful to indicate in the descriptions how often you have to do this application, for example per day or per week, etc.
Oct 07, 2020
Hi. Where should i place the ic pad when i want a overall effect on the body? Regards
Hi Ufuk, you can place your IC Pad on the sternum (middle of the chest) or on the stomach.

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