Bupleurum & Cinnamon Formula

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Bupleurum & Cinnamon Formula (Chai Hu Gui Zhi Tang) is a combination of herbs traditionally used in Chinese medicine to harmonize liver and spleen, release the exterior (taiyang), expel wind, release muscle layer, as well as harmonize nutritive (ying) and protective (wei) qi. Other indications include abdominal distention and pain, chills, common cold with chest constriction, bronchitis, poor appetite, flu/ influenza, emotional instability, poor fat digestion, flatulence, gallbladder stones, tension headaches, hepatitis, irritability, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), joint pain with crackling sensation, muscular tension, nausea, nervous exhaustion, neurotic disorders, stiff neck, passive-aggressive behaviour, pneumonia, psychological boundary issues, pulmonary tuberculosis, stomach pain, sleep disorders, vertebral subluxation, and vomiting. This IC was made with the help of Bupleuri radix (Bupleurum root / Chai hu), Codonopsis radix (Codonopsis / Dang shen), Pinelliae rhizoma preparatum (Ginger-cured pinellia / Zhi ban xia), Cinnamomi ramulus (Chinese cinnamon cassia twig / Gui zhi), Scutellariae radix (Chinese scullcap, scute / Huang qin), alba Paeoniae radix (Chinese peony (white) / Bai shao), Zingiberis rhizoma recens (Fresh ginger / Sheng jiang), Jujubae fructus (Red jujube date / Hong zao, da zao), and Glycyrrhizae radix (Chinese licorice root / Gan cao).

Bupleurum & Cinnamon Formula
Sep 09, 2023
Aย  friend told, me about this cinnamon. I have RA. Really helpful. Will keep using.
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