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An instantaneous at home self-healing method. Directions: Run PEMF all at once with 1 repeat (total 40 min session) using Glowing IC Pad. Sandwich affected joints with 2 Glowing IC Pads. Intermittently reposition the pads to ensure 360 degree PEMF. After the session, it is normal to notice slight edema with lumps due to previously bonded toxins in the joints, ligaments and/or tendon finally detaching and releasing into the lymphatic system. To drive toxins further away, use a handheld electrical massager, a butter knife or Chinese Gua Sha to manually massage affected finger in extended and flexed positions. Thoroughly massage every nook and cranky sore spots and nearby small muscle groups to breakup any old myofascia scarred tissues. Expect to see immediate relief within 1 or 2 healing sessions. Although this is designed specifically for trigger fingers, it may also help improve severely inflamed and stiff arthritic fingers and knees using the same instructions described above.
Included ICs
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This PEMF was designed to help with body trauma and injury as well as support healing.
6.98 k
This PEMF is for the rehabilitation of the connective tissue!
25.8 k
Joint Pain is a major health problem for many people. If you want to support your joints just use this PEMF protocol. Always add ICs to the PEMF ma...
This PEMF was created with the help of essential frequencies that aid with chronic joint or ligament pain.
14.8 k
This PEMF was created with the help of essential frequencies that aid with joint cartilage pain caused by over usage, old injuries or repetitive st...
Rife frequencies to help with arthritis and the buildup of fluid in the joints and tissue.

EZ Trigger finger PEMF
Jul 24, 2023
Thank you.
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Jun 29, 2023
Has anyone tried this trigger finger complex for hip and spinal pain? 
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May 26, 2023
I only have one glowing IC pad, is there a way you would suggest maximizing results with just one? I have two ideas that I have yet to test and was wondering about their efficacy. The first was  putting a mirror on the opposite side of my finger and IC pad? Second was putting my finger in a glass jar filled with water and had IC pad underneath it. Would love to hear some feedback, thanks. 
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May 18, 2023
It says to use the glowpad, why not the hummer? IntoSoul 
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Feb 22, 2023
I am very gangster myself, regularly slaughtering my enemies in the mean streets of my hood with a variety of firearms, so this IC will be useful!
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