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74.9 k
L-carnitine is an amino acid that plays a central role in energy production within cells. It is a necessary cofactor for cells to be able to burn f...
56.3 k
Brain Boost may help support cognitive function and improve memory in adults. This IC was created with the help of various herbs and nutrients, whi...
41.4 k
This IC created with a combination of: Vinpocetine, acetyl-L-carnitine, huperzine A, L-glutamine, L-tyrosine, phosphatidylserine, pyridoxine HCl, M...
141 k
NADH, short for "nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) + hydrogen (H)," is a naturally occurring chemical within the human body, playing a pivota...
Pure Therapeutic Ketones is designed to enhance ketone availability within your body. It may help suppress appetite, which is key for sustaining lo...
148 k
Piracetum is used to treat cognitive problems. It can also be used to improve learning abilities, enhance memory, improve focus and concentration, ...
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Kirsten Hedden, May 09, 2024
Smarter almost a genius 
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Kirsten Hedden, August 16, 2023
This has become a go to. I actually add it to my morning coffee water. Seems to be helping me stay on task. 
Related Complexes: Brain Booster
Carolin Eisoldt, March 18, 2023
meeega, like everything that comes from Daniel Knebel

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Related Complexes: Brain Booster
Kirsten Hedden, January 24, 2024
Starts my day right every day - I use it for coffee water and function great! 
Related Complexes: Brain Booster
Amy, September 30, 2021
I've tried this 3 days in a row and noticed a significant difference on my mental focus, clarity, and general energy levels. Impressed.
Related Complexes: Brain Booster
anonymous, September 30, 2021
Work faster and more efficiently. Tired less quickly.

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Related Complexes: Brain Booster
anonymous, August 26, 2021
I like it. I think it is working for me.
Related Complexes: Brain Booster
anonymous, August 19, 2021
helps to clear brain fog
Related Complexes: Brain Booster
Frank Delventhal, May 16, 2022
better concentration

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Related Complexes: Brain Booster
Esther Kopp, August 19, 2022
The brain booster from Kraft&Gesundheit works efficiently and immediately for me. I drink it for working & learning at my desk from midday, when I usually get tired and cognitively degenerate (whereby I drink 500ml spread over about 1 hour, always at least 100ml at a time - with the 30 day method and glass droppers with water and Himalayan salt ). I can focus immediately and work with concentration. 5 stars :-) Kind regards, Esther! Namaste :-)

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Related Complexes: Brain Booster

Brain Booster
Jun 15, 2024
Anton can you help? I can't get the lamp to transfer this IC. I've logged out, switched off and on lamp twice and still not working. Thank you 💖
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Jun 04, 2022
What are the advantages of 6-fold information on the IC pad compared to 1-fold information?
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