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Primary Application
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Mitochondrial and Energy Production
Blood and Cardiovascular
Cleanse/Restore the Body
Mental Health and Nervous
Immune and Lymphatic
Vitamins and Minerals
For whom
L-carnitine is an amino acid that plays a central role in energy production within cells. It is a necessary cofactor for cells to be able to burn fat as a fuel. The acetylated form of L-carnitine is more specific for the brain because this form passes across the blood-brain barrier. It is indicated for improved mental performance, brain fog, and is an excellent therapy to address "chemo brain," the brain fog that is notoriously associated with conventional chemotherapy.

Jan 28, 2022
I'm new here, very interesting all the Infoceuticals. Can the imprint files also be listened to with headphones? I don't have a device yet, but I have old field devices from Klinghardt with red, green and blue light lasers. Which are also used to transmit information. How are frequencies of substances such as acetyl L-carnitine determined? Great compliment, you have created a good opportunity. LG Martin
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Hi Martin, you can try headphones as they also still emit very weak EMF. We record signals using a method similar to that described in the documentation here:
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