Dali flowers April 2023

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Cherry Plum is one of the remedies that Dr Bach grouped together under the heading Fear. The Cherry Plum fear is very specific: it is the fear that...
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Gorse is the remedy for people who have given up belief and hope. Gorse represents a stronger kind of downheartedness than the "Gentian" state, bec...
Heather is for people who are obsessed with themselves but do not like to be alone. Dr Bach called them 'buttonholers' because they latch onto peop...
2.73 k
Mustard is the remedy for deep gloom and depression that descends for no apparent reason out of a clear blue sky. People in this state often list a...
6.77 k
This is the remedy for tiredness and exhaustion after an effort of some kind, such as hard physical or mental labour, or the long struggle against ...
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Pine helps when we blame ourselves for things done or undone. In a Pine state we may feel guilty even when events outside our control have caused ...
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Dali, May 12, 2023
I use these flowers everyday for a month helps realign and clear the negative side of flowers to positive feelings. My mother is a master flower reader and she is spot onย 
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Dali flowers April 2023
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