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Max Zanchi, February 12, 2019
I found ICs in internet research on Biomedical frequences. I started using the bracelets for one year and then I continued using now the IC Pad Glowing. All my family and friends are now informed by me and many of them are using this system and very happy with the results. A big thanks to Anton that was and is very precious with his continues assistance and a big thanks to all the team that is helping us to make a jump in the medicine evolutions and revolution.
Juan Carlos, February 12, 2019
I started to used for testing, but results have been very good. Thank you
anonymous, February 12, 2019
I started because my Naturopath introduced me to IC Platform. It has helped me be more independent - I can make remedies at home as needed. Great to know it’s always available.
Andrea Nicholls, February 12, 2019
Love IC's! Always excited to see what's new. Use it for my massage clients and my kids! Thank you!
anonymous, February 10, 2019
Hello, a few weeks ago the idea came to me to try cream (pH neutral cream) and test it with infoceuticals. After some tests, I can say, its fantastic :) have very good results with this :)
Daniel Knebel, January 04, 2019
A few weeks ago I had a cold. Normally it starts in my nose and throat. Then every time it goes to my bronchi and I am ill for 2-3 weeks with a Bronchitis. This time I used the acute respiratory IC and it was so Impressive. For the first time in 30 years, it didn't go to the bronchi. So the IC stopped it and changed the outcome of my cold dramatically. Every time when I feel any kind of Symptoms I chose an IC and fix it. If you have some knowledge about the human body and disease you have a miracle IC tool that you can use everywhere with your iphone. We are at the beginning of an electromagnetic revolution of medicine.
Daniel Knebel, November 15, 2018
I have used IC for different reasons. One of the most impressive results was with my daughter. She had a severe cat allergy and her face was extremely swollen. I gave her the Cetirizine IC and she was symptom free in 15 minutes. I couldn't believe it. I tested it with myself and it also worked perfectly.
Paul McDonald , November 14, 2018
As a practitioner using the platform it provides me with the perfect follow up and educational tools I need to get my client onto a new non-invasive way to take care of themselves. The platform provides them with the confidence and the understanding they need to see a better way to assist themselves in their own healing and well being. Clients can now interact with the platform and myself as a practitioner and the results are fundamental when used correctly. With the ability to follow up, suggest remedies and support them with their personal issues are outstanding. I would highly recommend the platform to both health care professionals and clients alike!
Cathy Lancey, October 13, 2018
I cannot say enough about the Arthritis complex. Before taking it I would wake up at night with pain in my hands. The pain has now gone, not just decreased but gone. The swelling in the joints in my hands has decreased as well. I can tell because my rings are really loose now. In the spring I broke my shoulder and the X-rays were showing some arthritis but the doctors are quite pleased at the rate at which my shoulder has healed. I love the whole idea of infoceuticals. Can’t get enough.
Hanna Nohteri, September 06, 2018
🐱👤🐱🚀🐱🐉 I have a cat who does not go out, he is 13 years old and his kidneys are getting weak. If I give him strong cat food he will be especially ill. You can see it from his eyes that he is not well and his urine smells strong and he sleeps almost all the time… If I give him daily IC Complex (Allopurinol + Alendronate Sodium + Noni + Berberis + Diclofenac + Omega Fish Oils) with his water and food he will become playful, his eyes are clear and his urine will not smell so strong. Our family has used water with ICs since November 2017 and they work for us. We are very grateful for the IC-inventors and wish all the best for the whole IC-team!!!
Dieguti Guti, August 30, 2018
I suffer from chronic constipation and when I use magnesium citrate infoceutical daily it works quite well (with 3 glasses during the morning). But if I'm busy for some days (working, traveling,...) and I stop taking the infoceutical, it looks like the first day is not enough to restore my normal evacuation. With the chemical form, I can normalize it in one day. So the infoceutical is good enough when taken regularly.
Angel Gonzalez, July 04, 2018
IC Pad is the best way to make the preparations. I used several devices to prepare my IC Complexes - cable, headset, etc. - without a doubt the IC Pad is the most comfortable and best method of distribution for a glass or bottle. I recommend it. I successfully use Weight normalization among others, it is very comfortable.
anonymous, June 26, 2018
Infoceuticals are an ingenious and efficient way to deliver remedies to individuals in a non- invasive and gentle manner. My experience with them is on-going, and I learn more about them every time I use them. It can be overwhelming at first, but gradually I’m starting to find my favourites. I really enjoy the Bach Flower remedies, and the all the liver support - I have no amazing stories yet, but I am working on a chronic skin condition with a new combo from the Heel remedies, and I will update when I have some news. I feel very positive that I will get good results!
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