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John de Paulis, April 07, 2021
I’ve always had issues with my right leg being a bit shorter than my left due to a minor Tibial Valgus condition. Chiropractic adjustments are the only thing that helps keep my legs near the same length. The ‘Whole Body Alignment’ PEMF is amazing. After two sessions I’m walking on an even keel without any physical adjustment necessary.
MNSR, April 03, 2021
I use this one with the IC pad which I put on my lower back or sacrum (for ex when I seat in from of my laptop). It’s one of the most powerful PEMF I’ve tried so far, I feel tingling of energy all over my body, very nice feeling, very relaxing and energising at the same time. Kudos to the dudes who made this one!
anonymous, March 19, 2021
Have loved "playing" with the glowing IC pad. I have noticed a difference with PEMF for symptoms such as fatigue and muscle soreness (I got a nice afternoon energy boost after using the "Female Vitality" PEMF). I have been adding vitamin and immune boosting ICs to my family's morning water and green juice. Looking forward to getting Vitamin D and zinc levels checked after using consistently for a couple months.
sia1019, March 04, 2021
This is an amazing tool to have at my finger tips. I have the hummer and love the convenience of it. I love the vast list of IC"s!! It helped me clear my vertigo within in a few minutes. It helps me sleep deeply and currently using it to improve my eyesight . Will update results. I imagine eye sight may take awhile. Stacey
Matt Sena, February 02, 2021
They invented a real Start Trek Replicator. I'm having and amazing time. My body is overall detoxing faster regardless of the IC I'm using, I can tell because my pits stink really bad. Trust the formulations given on the platform! I'm having a great time with them and they're nearly endless. There is no way to overdose and it seems the body uses exactly what it can use or needs from this. If you're deficient in something, you'll feel a big boost from its IC. But if you're full up on something, you might not feel as much. There is a beautiful homeostatic component to this. This is a steal and is most likely much much safer than taking compounds, especially pharmaceuticals. I wrote this on IC Piracetam for instance. Cheers everyone, your open mind and good karma brought you here!
Zaki, January 05, 2021
6 patients aged 55-68. 4 females and 2 males suffering from CFS for about 5 years. Fatigue level 1 - 10 (1 min.- 10 max. fatigue ). Before the treatment level of the fatigue was 8. As a result after 10 sessions, the CF decreased to 3. Methods of treatment - a combination of the following infoceuticals have been treated each session 12min for each remedy: NADH+ 12min; Q10 12min; Acetyl L.Carnitine 12min; Equipment: PEMF + Imprinted simple water with the same remedies at home. Results: very good. The question we ask the patients: do you have the same experience? Patients answers: Yes, the experience repeats every time. Thanks to all the collaborators of Infopathy. dr. med. Zaki Asalli 5.01.2020 www.medicalpraxis.it
Geoffrey Nunn, October 22, 2020
I put it on a friend yesterday (who had no idea what it was) for shoulder pain and he came back this morning for more. Also I used myself with a program called brain fog and it certainly did something. Even half way through I felt better
Iris Rothenberg, September 24, 2020
I had a cold stuffy nose/cold. Got rid of it wearing the IC Pad overnight.
anonymous, March 14, 2020
Paul MacDonald introduced me to ICs in 2018. I have been exploring them by making them up then muscle testing before drinking. Over time, many have muscle tested strong for me. Life is in the moment so I make what I intuitively think might help a certain issue and muscle test. This way, I'm not guessing what I need. I can't thank you enough for what you have created. Today I was about to head to the hospital because I've had a wicked sore throat for a week that hasn't budged with all kinds of natural options. It started with sneezing and runny nose before the sore throat set in. I was fearing the worst- Covid 19. I rarely have respiratory problems so this scared me. I could only sleep for a couple hours at a time and the painful throat would wake me up. I felt this burning, super dry sensation in my nasal passages. That's when I decided to give Covid-19 homeopathic IC a try. It clearly muscle tested that I needed it!. So I made it. After my first dose the pain mysteriously vanished yet congestion remained. After the second dose, I had the longest, most restful sleep I've had in a week. I've just taken the third dose. I believe this IC is saving my life. I can't thank you all enough for the IC Platform. And Paul MacDonald is a hero!
Michael Erharter, February 28, 2020
My friend and our 6 month old son went to the doctor for a severe cough. The doctor diagnosed severe bronchitis and prescribed Sultanol (4 pumps per day). When asked if we could wait a bit, the doctor said no and if it gets worse on the weekend, we have to go to the children's clinic and take cortisone sprays. On my own, I decided to wait another day. I treated my son with "Endobalance Infection Killer" and PEMFs (4 hours). The next day we went to see another doctor for a check. The lungs were completely free. Very slight cough, but nothing threatening. No medication was needed... We continue to work with the ICs and PEMFs and it gets better by the hour. Thanks for these opportunities.
Irene Bernstein, February 10, 2020
My health practitioner has recommended me to start using IC. Do not know if it really works for all of my health problems, but I feel some positive differences, when using some of them . For example, I do sleep better when I drink my sleep formula before going to bed. My eyes are more relaxed as I drink my IC complex for eyes. There could be more of benefits to mention, though many of them, I think, is impossible to track. For example, I drink unti-parasites IC and can't say I know it does something good for me. Maybe not. I just hope, that it works. Anyhow I prefer trying to help my body by using ICs to taking drugs. And thanks to AshNu Team for providing variety ICs.
Daniel Knebel, January 09, 2020
I tested the Chiropractic PEMF and the whole body reacted. All joint felt free and my legs were even afterward. The pain in my right lower back was gone. Just put the IC Pad on the floor, lay down and relax. After 15 Minutes check your joint ROM and your leg length! They should be even! I am impressed! You can put it in front of your team bus or in the dressing room and every joint is aligned before the competition! Excellent for Soccer or American Football Teams!
Yvonne Leitner, December 22, 2019
The Supersleep IC is really great. I take 10 drops half an hour before I go to bed. I get pleasantly tired and can fall asleep very easily and, above all, quickly. ❤️❤️

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Yvonne Leitner, December 22, 2019
I swapped my training booster for the IC and I'm really thrilled with how well it works. The great thing in contrast to conventional boosters is that I am no longer excited after training and can go to bed and fall asleep without difficulty

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Shane Jacobsen, December 08, 2019
Heard about ICs from Greenfield Naturals the water man Gary. Just into preventiveness, have always been interested in Frequencies Vibrations, resonants, reading, learning about it. Thanks to Gary, Since taking the ICs, have been going to bed between 10&11 PM and up between 4 &5:30 AM every morning 2 days after starting taking the ICs. If there is no snow to clear, its of to the jim, then the steam, then the inferred sauna. Have been going to a Specialist in deeptissue therapy every week to straighten up all the damage done from years of moving furniture wishing i new about it meany meany years ago, and of course the ICs. Thank You Gary and Anton
Shane Jacobsen, December 04, 2019
Started using ICs, for perventiveness, and they WORK, this is the 5th day, have used a lot of different ICs, they make the day more clear, brighter, even when its cloudy and snowing. ICs are a BIG WOW in my life. Thank You Anton shane
Elfreda Pretorius, December 03, 2019
To me infoceuticals is a miracle method for treating literally anything and skipping the horrible side effects of prescription medicine. Three days ago I got a horrible sinus infection - the kind that really puts you out of action for days. I went to my infoceutical platform and found Influenza Fix as well as Sinisitus. Downloaded it immediately and saw a difference within 24 hours. Three days later it was virtually gone. This is the medicine of the future. Actually it is the medicine of NOW - if people could only believe the truth of frequency and vibration and how that determines everything.
Shane Jacobsen, December 01, 2019
Always looking for the best products, thought many times that it was the ONE. This is the fourth day, have been using a dozen or more ICs. Yesterday could not explain the feelings, it feels like all the Cells are communicating as a team in a learning mode. Thank You Anton. Shane
Elfreda Pretorius, October 17, 2019
I saw Paul McDonald about 3 months ago. I have been struggling with acid reflux for almost 30 years. I gave up on over the counter treatments a long time ago because they simply did not work, and refused prescription medicine due to the multiple side affects. My remedy has been to use some baking soda dissolved in water - it brought instant relief. However, after only one treatment with Paul, my acid reflux disappeared as though I had never had this problem. He also recommended specific infoceuticals - of this is only one I use constantly. Can't say enough about this amazing technology and Paul's professionalism.
Ease2Wellness, July 31, 2019
Shortly after using 9 drops of "Ease" IC the first day of my 2 week protocol, my body starts relaxing and within 2 min I felt very much at peace and my physical body in a relaxed state. After intense yoga practice this is what I needed and the next day I had no muscle pain and aches. I slept very well and had a good, deep rest. I highly recommend it if you are in some physical, emotional pressure, if you are experiencing physical discomfort like aches and pains and if you feel overwhelmed. Try it, it will really help and smoothen your experience!
Cathy Lancey, July 11, 2019
A couple of months ago I was diagnosed with a Fatty Liver. Since I have had some serious health issues in the past, I immediately contacted my guru Paul McDonald. Paul put a complex together for me based on my health history, personality and how he knows me. I felt the results immediately, physiologically and especially psychologically. My most recent blood tests show nothing. My doctor even asked me what I was doing? And perhaps the ultra sound was wrong. I know it was the complex getting ahead of any problems for me in the future. Cathy Lancey
anonymous, June 28, 2019
Do you know what a detox foot bath is with a special ionotherapy device? I use it for a considerable time, that is, for years, I have my own observations! Since I started using infoceuticals, which is a little less than one month, I was not doing the detox procedure and now I decided to do them. I was surprised that the toxin release from my feet changed for the better... there was no obvious mud after the procedure... such dark-black solid sediment in the form of sand that I was getting after each detox procedure. In addition, the color of the water, where the feet were, changed a little and probably there are still liquid, so-called toxins, withdrawn from my body under the influence of the procedure, but practically I saw that infoceuticals works for a positive result! Somehow it is not customary to believe in this "miracle", but the facts... are a stubborn thing!
anonymous, April 27, 2019
I was experiencing sinus and headache discomfort, and I thought I would give the Ibuprofen IC a try, because I really dislike taking conventional medication, but this discomfort was making it difficult to sleep. Well, I took the IC, and within mins, my headache disappeared and the inflammation in the sinuses decreased! YAY Infoceuticals!!!! Thank You so much for this technology!!!!🙏
Lee Hager, April 14, 2019
We have been receiving very effective treatment from Dr. Greg Nigh for several years but we were especially excited by his invitation to try Infoceuticals. I have been successfully dealing with several autoimmune issues with Dr. Nigh’s assistance. In 2005 my husband had major brain surgery and after several years of rehab was doing quite well until he began to show symptoms of an MS like neurological disorder which caused him to fall and break his hip four months ago. Dr. Nigh’s recommendations resulted in a reduced arm tremor, but he was not sleeping more than an hour or two at a time, and his feet were swelling twice their normal size and turning purple. Dr. Nigh put together 2 complexes for each of us, comprised mostly of Infoceuticals that he had prepared and put on the site. Within a few days, the swelling had gone down in my husband’s feet and the natural color had returned. The last three nights he has slept five and six hours at a time, something that has not occurred in several years! The complexes that Dr. Nigh prepared for me have given me the energy and stamina I need as a 24/7 caregiver for my husband and has kept my autoimmune issues at bay as well which usually flared up in stressful circumstances. We cannot say enough good things about Infoceuticals. Getting the assistance we both needed at home has been extremely helpful and your staff has been very gracious in helping me with questions that I’ve had. A huge thank you to Dr. Nigh and everyone associated with this site.
Daniel Knebel, March 31, 2019
One of the most impressive Results was that i was able to go to Roller Coasters without Diziness. My son was sad that I couldn't go to Roller Coasters and the like because afterward, I was unable to move sometimes for 1 or 2 hours. Yesterday I took two ICs against dizziness and I was able to do what I wanted to. Roller Coasters, Twister, Carousels and everything else didn't harm me at all. That was the first time in 35 years. I am impressed!
Erika du Plooy, March 09, 2019
I use the ICs to make various things eg zyrtec, antibiotics, cortisone, cannabis, colloidal silver. I only have good experiences with this. It has saved me allot of money. I love that there are no side effects. Thank you Erika du Plooy
anonymous, February 23, 2019
My husband and I have been using the IC’s since they became available with good results. We are both sleeping better and our digestion has improved. Paul has been excellent recommending certain IC’s to us and we have learned to add new remedies that suit us for morning , afternoon and evening or for various unexpected ailments. We are happy to have access to these remedies when we travel and sometimes we end up needing a new one when cold or flu symptoms occur. I was also able to prepare a remedy for my husband when he had a problem with some tenderness and inflammation related to his gums etc. At the moment I have added Arnica and Ibuprofen to my regular night and day remedies for lower back muscle tightness and tenderness. Recently I downloaded both Betahistine and Gravol which I used to take in pill form for vertigo. I have been taking thyroxin by IC downloads for the past year. I do not miss or feel the need of my former thyroid pill. We also see Paul McDonald for Biophoton therapy when we feel we need to. Overall we feel good.
Mari Gri, February 16, 2019
I am using infoceuticals since 6 years for treating several chronic and acute decease of mine and my family members like diabetes, multiple allergy, cholelithiasis, fever, arthritis, sinusitis, body toxication, high blood pressure, tooth aches, chronic headaches, constipation. In all cases me and my family members used to implement IC medicals prior to any other treatment and have been fully satisfied with prompt and sustainable results. Thanks for giving IC medicals to all people in need. Thanks to the initiative and all efforts to make them as far as possible available.
anonymous, February 13, 2019
I started using IC’s to help with skin issues that I was dealing with - the IC’s are a wonderful, rapid, non-invasive way to treat any type of issue, be it physical or emotional. I absolutely love the Bach Flower Remedies, and use the IC versions frequently. Also use liver support, bacteria, lymph - I have found the IC’s to be an incredible resource for all my health concerns. The only drawback is trying to figure out which ones to use, so I always consult with my health genius, Paul McDonald.
Cathy Lancey, February 12, 2019
I have been using IC’s for about 1 year. It is now my go too place for any kind of difficulty with my health. Paul McDonald recommended I give it a try and it was love at first sip. I do not like drugs of any kind and am always leary of the numerous side affect associated with prescription medication. So IC’s are perfect of me and I think everyone. I am now doing some for a couple of friends, who want to try it out. Its quite hard to explain to people how it works so I just direct them to the web site. I would like a recommendation (if there is one) for EMF exposure. Signed Cathy Lancey
Karen Yeaman, February 12, 2019
I started using ICs over a year ago after several visits with Paul. I found both Pauls treatments and using the ICs to be very effective. My issues were anxiety, problems sleeping, sore joints and constipation. I should mention that I have been negligent in the past few weeks downloading my ICs and this email (about new method) has motivated me to get back on my programme.
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