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Anton SF, August 19, 2021
One of my favorite ICs. Helps to stay calm, remove anxiety and act in a more mindful way.
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anonymous, August 19, 2021
helps to clear brain fog
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anonymous, August 18, 2021
improves mental ability , focus , positivity
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Michelle Phillips, August 18, 2021
I have used this complex a lot of marathons long trail runs etc and am amazed at how I feel the next day! It works awesome
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Scott Hamill , August 17, 2021
Pre workout boost is great
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Scott Hamill , August 17, 2021
Gives me a boost in the morning.
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Andreas Mildner, August 17, 2021
I love this IC.
stacey faircloth, August 17, 2021
This IC clears my allergies right up. I takes about a half hour to an hour to kick in but I am clear all day!
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Logan Abassi, August 17, 2021
I find the IC easy to use and it has multiple modes for infusions of all my vitamins and minerals, supplements and even pharmaceuticals as well as the PEMF mode for direct stimulations. It saves me thousands of dollars every year.
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anonymous, August 17, 2021
Got rid of my shoulder pain after a few days using this IC.
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Todd, August 17, 2021
This really helps with my memory and focus
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Marion Delannoy, August 17, 2021
after 3 weeks, significantly less hot flashes during the day and especially at night.

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anonymous, August 17, 2021
I have been struggling with energy, low iron, low bowel movement, the list goes on. After drinking at least 30 oz of this IC per day for a week I feel tons better. It is truly amazing.
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Dr. Akemi Borjas, DOM, August 17, 2021
If my nose is runny or I have a scratchy throat or feel down I drink between 40-50oz a day and it helps clear everything up.
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Matija Remec, August 17, 2021
I created this complex for my gym workouts, long tennis games and basketball matches. I've been seriously thinking to drink only this IC during excersises.
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Katja Riemer, August 17, 2021
I program myself 6 times a meal / day with it and have among other things reduced edema, been able to reduce food intolerances and keep the detoxification with this IC among other things upright

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Jess Schroeder, August 17, 2021
I have tested using this IC multiple times and can definitely feel the difference and get increased clarity and reduced stress when using it!
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Robert M Black Jr, August 17, 2021
Great program that I am sharing with more and more people ! It has helped everyone in my own family.
anonymous, August 17, 2021
It works perfectly !!!
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Joseph Ruzich, August 17, 2021
works for sure! For both me and my daughter, thanks
Anton SF, August 16, 2021
Sometimes I have muscle inflammation in my neck/shoulder, probably caused by a draft (cold wind flow) when I sleep with an open window and no blanket coveres my shoulders. I applied this IC two times with Glowing IC Pad to my shoulder and the next day could move my neck much better, which was a faster recovery than in previous cases.
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Bernd Stößlein, July 18, 2021
I have described my experience report in detail on my blog: https://www.bernd-stoesslein.de/2021/07/10/infopathy-moderne-homoeopathie-aus-dem-internet/ I wish you an energetic time. MfG from Kulmbach, Bernd Stößlein

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anonymous, May 12, 2021
In 2 1/2 weeks my total cholesterol went down 26 points and my LDL went down as well. I wear the IC Pad when I sleep not to interfere with my day.
Michelle , April 30, 2021
Just wow. I used Plant Growth Booster and the Schumann Resonance imprint ONCE for water that I used for a plant that I've had eight years...and within two weeks, it flowered. It never has flowered before!
Juan Velasquez, April 10, 2021
I had a 12 hour road trip and used some caffeine to keep me alert at the expense of a good nights sleep. I heard about this site from Ben Greenfield and I used this IC and slept the deepest sleep I’ve had in 4 months.
John de Paulis, April 07, 2021
I’ve always had issues with my right leg being a bit shorter than my left due to a minor Tibial Valgus condition. Chiropractic adjustments are the only thing that helps keep my legs near the same length. The ‘Whole Body Alignment’ PEMF is amazing. After two sessions I’m walking on an even keel without any physical adjustment necessary.
MNSR, April 03, 2021
I use this one with the IC pad which I put on my lower back or sacrum (for ex when I seat in from of my laptop). It’s one of the most powerful PEMF I’ve tried so far, I feel tingling of energy all over my body, very nice feeling, very relaxing and energising at the same time. Kudos to the dudes who made this one!
anonymous, March 19, 2021
Have loved "playing" with the glowing IC pad. I have noticed a difference with PEMF for symptoms such as fatigue and muscle soreness (I got a nice afternoon energy boost after using the "Female Vitality" PEMF). I have been adding vitamin and immune boosting ICs to my family's morning water and green juice. Looking forward to getting Vitamin D and zinc levels checked after using consistently for a couple months.
sia1019, March 04, 2021
This is an amazing tool to have at my finger tips. I have the hummer and love the convenience of it. I love the vast list of IC"s!! It helped me clear my vertigo within in a few minutes. It helps me sleep deeply and currently using it to improve my eyesight . Will update results. I imagine eye sight may take awhile. Stacey
Matt Sena, February 02, 2021
They invented a real Start Trek Replicator. I'm having and amazing time. My body is overall detoxing faster regardless of the IC I'm using, I can tell because my pits stink really bad. Trust the formulations given on the platform! I'm having a great time with them and they're nearly endless. There is no way to overdose and it seems the body uses exactly what it can use or needs from this. If you're deficient in something, you'll feel a big boost from its IC. But if you're full up on something, you might not feel as much. There is a beautiful homeostatic component to this. This is a steal and is most likely much much safer than taking compounds, especially pharmaceuticals. I wrote this on IC Piracetam for instance. Cheers everyone, your open mind and good karma brought you here!
Zaki, January 05, 2021
6 patients aged 55-68. 4 females and 2 males suffering from CFS for about 5 years. Fatigue level 1 - 10 (1 min.- 10 max. fatigue ). Before the treatment level of the fatigue was 8. As a result after 10 sessions, the CF decreased to 3. Methods of treatment - a combination of the following infoceuticals have been treated each session 12min for each remedy: NADH+ 12min; Q10 12min; Acetyl L.Carnitine 12min; Equipment: PEMF + Imprinted simple water with the same remedies at home. Results: very good. The question we ask the patients: do you have the same experience? Patients answers: Yes, the experience repeats every time. Thanks to all the collaborators of Infopathy. dr. med. Zaki Asalli 5.01.2020 www.medicalpraxis.it
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