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Metabolism Support provides help for insulin, blood sugar, cortisol, and weight management. This IC was created with the help of chromium and the extracts from ashwagandha, green tea, cassia cinnamon, garcinia cambogia, and green coffee.
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Mohamed , July 23, 2022
Wonderful response by a pre-teen in a village in East Africa. The boy is diabetic and was bed ridden. Parents reported lack of appetite, extreme fatigue and weight loss, etc. He was given Diabetic 2.0 & All In One on first day and Metabolism Support & Diabetes Complex 2.0 in day 2 and amazingly t... See more

Feb 02, 2021
I'm programming this into a small black coffee from dunkin mixed with camu camu powder. Will finish this post with results.... Results: Drank it with a really fatty meal. I can feel the fat converting to ketones more rapidly than usual. This is characterized by mental clarity and mental energy. The even feeling of it is also not characteristic of black coffee + fatty meal alone. Much less heaviness in my stomach than would be expected too. Lovely!
Jun 02, 2021
Matt Sena, So what was the verdict? How many cycles did you use.
Jun 02, 2021
Juan Velasquez, I'm using 1-3 cycles averaging 3 cycles. that's just me

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