Electron Spin Inversion

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Electron Spin Inversion is a condition whereby all the electrons in the atoms of the body turn counter clockwise instead of clockwise around their own axis. When this occurs, the body undergoes a great amount of stress, which leads to the production of endorphins and consequently causes the body to become exhausted very quickly. Electron Spin Inversion can be caused by geomagnetic or electromagnetic fields that are too strong for the person being exposed. The major indication of Electron Spin Inversion include waking up tired even after a good nightโ€™s sleep, chronic fatigue or more allergies like reactions and simply tiredness at all times. This IC may help those who live in an environment that causes frequent electron spin inversions.
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Orazio, March 04, 2023
On muscle pain, 2 times a day for 7 days, the blockage is dissolved as after a massage. Incredible.

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Electron Spin Inversion
Mar 04, 2023
I'm using it for a recurring back pain, finally after years, the block is melting, I put ICPad on the pain 2 times a day for 12 minutes x 7 days. Thank you
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Apr 11, 2022
Wow, this describes exactly the sleep issues I am having often that no one has had an explanation forโ€ฆ How do I use this? Preventative? In the morning when I feel groggy? How much - what would you recommend?? Thanks!
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