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0ebby Woollacott, August 15, 2023
Certainly feel the methylation process kick starting
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Tammy Gouweloos, August 13, 2023
happy with this IC, makes a difference for sure
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Tammy Gouweloos, August 13, 2023
helps to create calm
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NORTES Pascal, August 13, 2023
My plants are superb and reboosted

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Susan Deuville, August 13, 2023
Amazing!! within an hour the pain is normally decreased. Works very well!
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Susan Hart, August 12, 2023
i was stung by a jellowjacket and was miserable and whining for 2 days due to crazy swelling, itching and pain. i went online and saw that people recommend apis, almost bought some then realized it could imprint my own. imprinted into aloe vera gel (that i was already using) and the discomfort almost immediately resolved. now 24 hours later it's almost all healed. LOVE INFOPATHY!!!!
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anonymous, August 12, 2023
It is awesome!
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Renee, August 12, 2023
I take this in morning on an empty stomach followed by the Hashimoto's ICs.   It just makes sense.  
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Kirsten Hedden, August 11, 2023
Wow. I ran the cycle three times and my headache was gone without taking a pill. That’s incredible. 
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Mai, August 11, 2023
one of my new fav to address stubborn yeast infection / doggo ears and paws
anonymous, August 09, 2023
I notice a difference, especially in the winter months. And I am very grateful for that 🙏🏻

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Tammy Gouweloos, August 09, 2023
happy with this ic, gives me more energy for workout
S Akhtar, August 09, 2023
This complex combined with an imprinted hologram sticker on the shoulder removed the viral symptoms by the next day.
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Tim , August 08, 2023
I love this it really works for me
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Guilbot Franck , August 08, 2023
I feel soothed as after a prayer made to life for all its magic .... 1 liter per day for finding cardiac arrhythmias

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Patti Hitchman, August 07, 2023
Sleep great, deep and rested!!
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anonymous, August 07, 2023
Helps with congestion and coughing. 
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Tim , August 06, 2023
love it works great
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Sarah Fordham, August 06, 2023
All my hair has grown back, I take in conjunction with Omega 3. Would def recommend this IC 
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anonymous, August 05, 2023
I put it together to lose 2-3 kg. It worked wonderfully

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Tammy Gouweloos, August 04, 2023
more new hair growth and thickness
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Nathanael, August 04, 2023
When I start to get sick from an attack of hypersensitivity pneumonitis, this almost always keeps me well.
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Tammy Gouweloos, August 04, 2023
more energy, more calmness
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anonymous, August 04, 2023
Was using the Skin and Wound IC but once I used this IC my wound really started healing.
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anonymous, August 03, 2023
Works great,with deep sleep, sleep well!
anonymous, August 03, 2023
This definately works with energy levels within a short period of time!
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Sabine Monheim, August 03, 2023
My plants are growing great.

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Robert M Black Jr, August 03, 2023
It keeps me in great balance and optimal health.
Rebecca Johnston, August 03, 2023
I was very lethargic and not sleeping well.  Every day is getting better, however these days of 3 digit heat are tough.
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Alexandra, August 02, 2023
A friend of mine (82 years) is having surprising results from this IC combination! 

He has had many illnesses for many years (trackrecord of heartattacks, diabetes, neuropathy and more) and uses lots of regular (chemicals) medicins because his wife is a former MD and only beleives in alopathy.  At his last hospital visit he was told that he was out of treatment because they could not do anything anymore for him. 

That was a month ago when he started with this IC complex.  I did add Bach Rescue remedy because he was very stressed. Since then, his situation is improving little by little and the awfull open wounds on his feet are healing now! He can sleep throughout the night mostly and I hope he will improve more. All this is just miraculous! Thank you so much!!

anonymous, August 01, 2023
I've always had a liver problem and the IC really helps in the simplest of ways, the bloating goes away immediately and I have energy again.

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