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anonymous, April 12, 2024
I had a hard time with overeating.
I feel comfortable right away.

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Sheila , April 10, 2024
I feel confident that i am safe and combating the spike protein that i might be exposed to
anonymous, April 09, 2024
Helps increase the muscle movement that gets the stool ready to be evacuated. I use it myself, and give it to my elderly 2 cats. It works very well with them as well! 
Kathy misaki, April 09, 2024
I feel better than I did before less stressed and my pain level has decreased. I use it in the morning for my whole family and my pets
Kirsten Hedden, April 06, 2024
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Robert M Black Jr, April 05, 2024
It is important to keep your body in balance and this complex I have created for myself is always keeping me feeling great !
Marian Roper, April 04, 2024
regular, every morning 'go-to'...

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Chris Reid, April 04, 2024
My wife uses this over her lymph nodes on the right and left side of her body. She feels relief and continues to see a marked improvement on the appearance and occurrence of the edema in her right side. 
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Katja Riemer, April 04, 2024
Yay! This morning I was limping with a sprained big toe and now, by midday, it hurts 0.0 and is fully mobile again.
I listened to the songs one after the other (trauma-balance-balance-total-joint) with both balance songs and the joint song twice because my toe wasn't completely pain-free after the first listen.
I love the platform. I was able to work, didn't need an appointment anywhere, no prescription and can dance again tonight!!!!

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Yvonne , April 04, 2024

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Chris Reid, April 03, 2024
My wife has just started using this and seems to experience some relief.
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anonymous, April 03, 2024
Feel much better. More energetic.
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Chris Reid, April 02, 2024
My wife has seen a reduction in the visibility and action of parasites after using this for a few months. 
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Jennifer Marshall, April 02, 2024
I use this for my 2 cats. Willy (13) had become very aggressive to Timi (9) to the extent that veterinary treatment was required. Since using the 5-HTP Willy's aggression has dissipated and he is more happy and content than ever. I added the Anti-parasites  and Cell Salts for their benefit. They both seem to like taking their drops - actually ask for it, but I have also been putting it in their drinking water- they still ask for their drops though - maybe they like the attention!
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Don Malec, April 01, 2024
I add it to my preworkout drink for additional benefit
anonymous, April 01, 2024
I have follow-up labs done every 3 months for a prior diagnosis.  At my recent check-up my doc commented how good it was for her to see such normal and good bloodwork on my chart. In her practice and specialty that is not usually the case. when she sees patients.  I credit my 'good report'  to this PEMF and others I have been using for over a year with great results.   
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Kathy misaki, March 31, 2024
Amazing tool for optimum health
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anonymous, March 31, 2024
The pain levels of a migraine went down significantly while running this on my head. It did not cure the migraine but so long as it was running, the levels were down.
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anonymous, March 30, 2024
I was under a lot of stress and today I discovered that the PSOAS is also called the soul muscle because it works closely with the nervous system. I felt a lot of emotions when the PEMF was running...but in the end the acute pain in my hip was actually less! I'll try this more often.

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anonymous, March 30, 2024
This helps really quickly and very well!! I ran it 3 times and laid it on my stomach because my muscles were quite sore after a massage - especially in the hip area.

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Gayleen Richards, March 30, 2024
when used consistently it certainly helps 
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Candace Milbry, March 30, 2024
This IC has helped me to get a good night's sleep!
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Banana Bev Emmenecker , March 29, 2024
D, March 29, 2024
Used this on an epidermal cyst on the back of dog's neck.  Cyst comes and goes of its own accord but never truly goes away.  The cyst ranges in size from a shelled walnut to a golf ball, and the size fluctuation is gradual lasting over several weeks to grow or diminish.  I used this IC 3x in a row on the cyst when it was fully engorged.  The next day it was half the size.  Used it again 1x (dog wouldn't sit still for longer than one session) the following day and it shrunk to half its size again.  After those first 2 days in a row, I've been using this IC on this neck cyst for about 2 weeks intermittently but not daily; sometimes dog will stay long enough for 2 or 3 cycles, sometimes he only gets half a cycle.  This cyst has not grown since and is currently about the size of a pea.  It has not fully disappeared, and the empty fluid sac is still palpable, but there is no indication that the cyst is growing again.  I will continue to use this IC to see if it will eventually permanently disappear.  This was amazing to watch happen.  It provided a very physical affirmation for the use of IC's and frequency healing.
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[email protected], March 28, 2024
helps every time!  I love my infopathy now!
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Penny Heer, March 28, 2024
it works really well
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Sonia Roy Hamon, March 27, 2024
really effective and no need to spend money to buy vitamins 111

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anonymous, March 25, 2024
anonymous, March 25, 2024
Everyone needs flowers to handle the expected and unexpected moments in a day!  
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Carla Alton, March 24, 2024
This allergy IC is very effective. I use this one daily due to my extreme allergies year round. Highly recommend this one and others similar to this program.
anonymous, March 24, 2024
We both suffer from the effects of 5G, so much that we considered moving from our home in Australia. We had been using the IC for 5G with mitochondrial energy support. My wife added magnesium, as she had been taking supplements to prevent leg cramp at night. We stopped using this IC and I must say we have certainly felt a decline in our health......perhaps we were unsure of it's efficacy, or we became complacent.....we have started taking it again.😊
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