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Pierre-Alain Bise, September 26, 2023
For 25 years I have had chronic bronchitis with severe breathing difficulties. The only way the current medication works for me is high dose cortisone for 5 to 7 days. During this time you are pushed by the medication and you don't sleep much after another week of recovery total 3 weeks not at the best..
This time I took the antibiotic complex and the bronchitis cemp recommended 24 hours after no more colds I breathe normally.
I took the 3x antibiotic complex 4 times.
My question is that we develop resistance to antibiotics with Ics.

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Tammy Gouweloos, September 24, 2023
helps to balance mood
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anonymous, September 23, 2023
try to use this daily --- it's GREAT
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Patti Hitchman, September 23, 2023
Helps with deeper & more restful sleep!!
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anonymous, September 22, 2023
My sleep is easier, I fall asleep in less than 30 minutes and

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Irit Gambuto, September 21, 2023
Since I started using this IC, my Crohn's symptoms subsided significantly. 
By using this IC with conjunction of Elm Bark powder made a big difference in my personal situation. Hope it can help others.   
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Tammy Gouweloos, September 20, 2023
helps to keep up energy after workout
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Tammy Gouweloos, September 19, 2023
has made a difference in balding areas
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anonymous, September 19, 2023
Always helps ease my cramps and period blues! I try to use 2-3x per day around the first 2-3 days of my cycle. 
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Andrei Raluca Victoria , September 17, 2023
I feel stable, balanced, comfortable in my body. I noticed a need to stay more in nature, to do simple things like walking barefoot looking at the fallen leaves, gazing at plants and insects (a more peaceful mood). 
Donna Kearney, September 16, 2023
This really works great.  Made this up myself from some info from an ad I seen on Facebook and they wanted to sell the medication for the “Emma”.  LOL
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RICARD STEPHANE, September 16, 2023
Hello... I use it for myself and my wife mainly, and the results are very positive.. THANK YOU. FRIENDSHIPS...

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anonymous, September 15, 2023
Works great!
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anonymous, September 15, 2023
Creates a very euphoric feeling by placing this on the sternum. Really lovely effect. Will continue this one every day upon waking. 
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anonymous, September 14, 2023
severe flue and herxheimer symptoms starting to lift after starting this IC
anonymous, September 14, 2023
I used this IC to try to regain cardiac coherence and be able to calm my body and my mind. After about twenty minutes my heart rate normalized, and about ten minutes later I was drowsy. Thank you very much 🙏

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anonymous, September 13, 2023
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Katja Riemer, September 13, 2023
relaxed enough to sleep well through the night.

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anonymous, September 13, 2023
i use it on drinking water and directly on psoriasis. i've noticed a big improvement. also using recently on stomach, happy belly, too soon to comment.
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Robert M Black Jr, September 13, 2023
Always feel great !

tom bray, September 13, 2023
Was taking tablet Testosetrone and ran out and started on this and felt huge effects the next day. Helped with mood overall it was better than the $60 pills I was taking
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anonymous, September 13, 2023
I have asthma which is very reactive to many triggers and will often make me systemically ill. When I start to feel myself spiraling down, this IC will stop the process and avert the illness. I also use it daily when my area has wildfire smoke and it really helps keep my lungs calm.
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Katja Riemer, September 12, 2023
relieves the water retention in the tissue that results from the inflammatory reactions of my autoimmune disease as a woman

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Guidoni Valérie, September 12, 2023
A few drops in my dog's water helps him cope better with his osteoarthritis, he climbs the stairs with more ease.

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anonymous, September 12, 2023
feels better
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Tammy Gouweloos, September 11, 2023
more energy for workout
Tammy Gouweloos, September 11, 2023
I notice a difference when not using this combo, less patience,  more mood swings
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anonymous, September 11, 2023
I swapped to this IC a few weeks ago.  I had also at the same time made some dietary changes.  The combination has been good with significant reduction in joint pain.
anonymous, September 10, 2023
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leclere, September 07, 2023
I do this regularly for a golfing friend who has wrist pain. In general, the pain fades after 24 hours, and he regains the pleasure of playing.

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Kat, September 06, 2023
I use this IC mostly on my clients during a massage. I feel it helps them to relax more deeply, especially when they come all hyped up from a stressful day. 

I also use it on myself and my partner before we go to bed together with Happy Belly IC – we both sleep much better after using those

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