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Results for Mitochondrial and Energy Production: DREC
    2.1 k
Imprint This IC Complex contains manganese, calcium, and sulfur.
Contains: Calcium (MCHA) Manganese (Citrate) Sulphur
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Imprint Germanium is a trace element found in the earth's crust, but it is also found in mushrooms, ginseng, chestnut, chlorella, garlic, aloe - all foods ...
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Imprint Hypertonic seawater is a mineral-rich fluid used to replenish electrolytes and balance hydration. It may also be used to boost energy, increase met...
    21.4 k
Imprint Isotonic Seawater is a nutrient-rich solution that is similar to the composition of blood plasma. It may be used to support cellular homeostasis an...
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Imprint Marine Plasma + is an intracellular fluid balancer. Our cells need minerals and trace elements and, in order to cross the cell membrane, these mine...
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Imprint Olive leaves are rich in oleuropein (a bitter glucoside), elenolic acid, hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, and rutin. These elements are known to have antio...
Imprint The amino acid ornithine is involved in the degradation of ammonia in the liver, and is recommended by Dr Clark as part of a parasite and liver cur...
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Imprint Orésine is an essential turpentine oil obtained from coniferous trees, particularly those of the genus Pinus and has been used for its medicinal pr...