Germanium Boost

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Primary Application
For what
Immune and Lymphatic
Blood and Cardiovascular
Cleanse/Restore the Body
Mental Health and Nervous
Mitochondrial and Energy Production
Skeletal and Muscular
Vitamins and Minerals
For whom
Germanium is a trace element found in the earth's crust, but it is also found in mushrooms, ginseng, chestnut, chlorella, garlic, aloe - all foods that are considered healthy. Germanium increases the capacity for self-healing but it goes far beyond that. Especially if we consider that all illness comes from a lack of oxygen and well, germanium may be described as oxygen that we can eat. Indeed, germanium provides oxygen quickly in each cell by accelerating the metabolism. Additionally, it binds to heavy metals such as cadmium or mercury that clog the body. Germanium may be used to help lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, maintain good heart health, manage eye conditions (such as cataracts and glaucoma), treat liver conditions (such as hepatitis and cirrhosis), increase energy, treat heavy metal poisoning (including mercury and cadmium poisoning), suppress tumour cells, and support the immune system. It may also be used to help with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, weak bones (osteoporosis), pain, cancer, depression, food allergies, and yeast and viral infections.