Fascia Pain

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Fascia is web-like fibrous connective tissue that coats your muscles, nerves and organs. This PEMF was created with the help of essential frequencies that aid with fascia pain and dysfunction.
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Jonathan Roseland, January 15, 2023
I often use this IC for 10 minutes on each eye to relieve eye strain after a long day working on the computer. I set the IC Hummer at medium volume and apply the PEMF on and around my eyes.
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Pierre de garam, November 29, 2022
In direct application leads to a real relaxation

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Fascia Pain
Nov 05, 2022
go to block therapy.com. fascia carries memory of all our traumas emoional or physical. it doesnt get fed because it moves location and balls up and attaches to bone. thgere is no flow of blood oxygen lymphatic drainage. when u start doing block therapy you start to find and feel the pain and accept feeling it. you learn how to work through it and release it they have their own channel and you can strt with a rolled up towel or a yoga block or a book. you will learn diaphramic breathing and will be aware of all the blockages that you have stored in places that stop u from standing sitting or walking with proper posture. we learn that in microcurrent of the face but block therapy teaches you how to heal your whole bbody by releasing all that fasia! it is the largest organ in the body, ,ore than skin because it is a web that connects us from our skin to our cartileges and bone and then around the bone and back the other side. it fills in all the area and is a spidery web that lets us stand up. its our connection of one thing to another. there is such a difference in the medical community about its importance. years ago fascia was thrown away from cadavir bodies because they thought it pplayed no roll. like taking that thin material off your chicken breast. please check it out. you can heal yourself in more ways than u can imagine. it just that the body and traumas are connected. the body knows
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Jan 09, 2022
Hi, I have been suffering with pain of trapezius muscle for many years it gets pretty severe, radiates to neck and head makes me nauseous aswell. I also have knots in my muscles. Can u suggest which IC can help Thanks alot.
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Oct 24, 2021
very impressed with this one as well. fascia issues are generally more of an issue than tight or stiff muscles it seems
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May 22, 2021
Wow. Have been suffering from a lot of tightness and tendency to spasm from overwork. Was literally able to feel fascia pulling and unwinding during this session throughout my whole body.
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