Super Sleep Stack plus Immune System

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For a deep, restful sleep, it is recommended you drink 8-12oz of this IC between dinner and bedtime.
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Synthetic delta sleep-inducing peptide is used to treat withdrawal symptoms related to both alcoholism and narcomania. It can also be used to help ...
27 k
Melatonin is best known as the sleep hormone. However, there is a very large body of research showing its important role in both prevention and tre...
Phenibut has been extensively researched in Russia. It is used for anxiety; depression; withdrawal from alcohol, narcotics, and benzodiazepine medi...
44.3 k
Inositol is a small molecule structurally similar to glucose that is involved in cellular signaling. It is used to help with relaxation, reduces br...
41.6 k
Immune System Boost promotes a healthy immune system. It may help with activating immune cells, maintaining a normal functioning immune system duri...
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anonymous, May 15, 2023
For me this is the best imprinted water for my sleep and health. Much deeper sleep and feel immune health much better
anonymous, January 07, 2023
I make this for a friend and she states it helps immensely! I take it occasionally and get the same results. I sleep like a baby.  I plan to take it more often now. 
Thank you so very much.

Elliot, February 22, 2023
Use it for sleep
Both my girlfriend and I feel it makes us drowsy almost immediately. Haven't discerned if sleep quality improves as measure by oura ring yet.
The only IC I've noticed significantly so far really 
Linda Harris, February 18, 2023
My friend has solved her sleeping problems with Super Sleep Stack plus Immune System.
She sleeps like a baby now.  Thank you.
anonymous, February 24, 2023
Longer and calmer sleep

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Diane Wells, November 27, 2021
Amazing , is an understatement
anonymous, August 19, 2021
deep sleep
Joseph Ruzich, August 17, 2021
works for sure! For both me and my daughter, thanks
MP, April 06, 2022
Amazing... This IC packs a wallop! Gave it to my brother and it helped him sleep quite well. After trying it, he said it was best sleep he'd had in months. I tried myself when I had trouble falling asleep a few weeks ago - I slept very soundly for the next 5 hours. I woke feeling refreshed.
Elizabeth J N Freeman, April 22, 2022
Best sleep IC ever! RCK
anonymous, May 24, 2022
I slept so hard after using this IC- wow!
Daphné, July 24, 2022
My husband sleeps much better when he takes this IC before bed. Its deep sleep range is much wider.

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anonymous, August 28, 2022
it is great. my children usually stay up late in bed singing random songs and taking turns keeping each other awake, but when we discovered this they fell asleep quickly and didnt wake up in the middle of the night to bug me.
anonymous, September 17, 2022
I sleep soundly and without waking with side effects. I love it!

Super Sleep Stack plus Immune System
Aug 11, 2022
I shared this IC with my brother during a time of stress for him. The next morning he woke feeling very refreshed and said this was the best night's sleep he'd had in months. It works very well!
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May 21, 2022
This IC has helped a great deal for a friend. He sleeps very well.
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Imprint For a deep, restful sleep, it is recommended you drink 8-12oz of this IC between dinner and bedtime.
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