Infection and Immune System

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Immune and Lymphatic
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This IC Complex is to help support the immune system.
Included ICs
10.4 k
Mushrooms for Immune is a combination of over 10 medicinal mushrooms known to support health. It may be taken to boost immune function as well as s...
59.1 k
Umifenovir is an antiviral treatment against influenza A and B. It can be used for chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, and recurrent herpes infections. ...
5.79 k
The immune system plays a vital role in ensuring the body functions properly. It is dependent on the sufficient supply of energy and vitamins, trac...
20.1 k
Immune System Boost promotes a healthy immune system. It may help with activating immune cells, maintaining a normal functioning immune system duri...
Probiotic Support for GI & Immune Health promotes a healthy gastrointestinal environment and immune response. Moreover, it may be used to relieve b...
16.6 k
Optimum Nutrients is ideal for those with busy lifestyles and who have difficulty maintaining a completely balanced diet. It may be used to help su...
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anonymous, October 07, 2021
a well-rounded formula for overall Immune Support
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Anne Schneider, January 03, 2022
Helps very well👍🏽
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Related Complexes: Infection and Immune System