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The Glowing IC Pad 3 stands out as the premier device for frequency transfers, offering unparalleled speed in imprinting water and the capability to apply PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) and Audible ICs directly to the body. For targeted applications, the IC Hummer excels by offering unmatched ease of attachment to any body part, and it is the optimal choice for applying Audible ICs directly to the body.

Circuit IC Pad

Glowing IC Pad 3

IC Hummer
$65.00 USD
$219.80 USD
$168.00 USD
Can be used for Imprint ICs Yes Yes Yes
Transfer time for Imprint ICs 12 minutes 2 minutes 4 minutes
Transfer water volume Up to 0.75 Liters Up to 2 Liters Up to 2 Liters
Can be used for PEMF ICs Yes*
Yes Yes
Can be used for Audible ICs Yes (medium efficiency) Yes (medium efficiency) Yes (high efficiency)
Signal amplification No Yes Yes
Contains LED lights No Yes No
Contains magnet Yes No Yes
Battery required No Yes
(built-in rechargeable battery)
(built-in rechargeable battery)

* If IC transfer time is less than 12 minutes, you will need to transfer it multiple times in a row to reach a minimum of 12 minutes