Circuit IC Pad

The Circuit IC Pad easily transfers ICs without any extras (i.e. no added herbs). It can be used to prepare up to 0.75 L of water in 12 minutes.
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Product Description
The Circuit IC Pad is the simplest device available for transferring ICs. It can be used to prepare up to 0.75 L of water in 12 minutes and does not require a battery to operate.

The Circuit IC Pad can be used for both Imprint and PEMF ICs (some conditions apply). Since it does not have an internal signal amplifier, for IC transfers less than 12 minutes, you will need to “Repeat” the transfer a few times in order to reach at least 12 minutes. For example, if the selected IC has a transfer time of 2 minutes, you will need to select the “Repeat” icon 6 times and then start the transfer.

When using any IC Pad, always set the volume level of the laptop/smartphone to maximum before starting the IC transfer.
Technical Details
Dimensions: 8.5 × 5.5 × 0.8 cm
Weight: 90 g
Battery: Not required
What's in the Box
1 Circuit IC Pad
1 Audio cable
The Circuit IC Pad includes a magnet, which can cause medical devices to malfunction. Individuals with internal pacemakers, internal defibrillators, and insulin pumps should avoid items containing magnets or magnet closures.
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