Getting Started with Infopathy - Webinar with Daniel Knebel

This is the recording of the introduction to Infopathy webinar that was presented by Daniel Knebel, a practitioner and personal trainer with 20+ years of healthcare experience.
Duration: 180 minutes Presenter: Daniel Knebel Language: English

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Video Timestamp

0:00:10 – Introduction to webinar and Daniel Knebel
0:04:55 – Introduction to quantum informational medicine
0:07:45 – Digital medicine and Infopathy
0:10:00 – Root causes of disease
0:25:00 – Allopathy Vs. integrative quantum therapy
0:36:00 – Importance of water; The scientific revolution of water science
0:54:00 – Three new water paradigms
0:58:00 – J. Benveniste; L. Montagnier; Digital biology; Imprinting water
1:12:00 – Infopathy platform; Glowing IC Pad; Signals (ICs)
1:23:00 – Questions & Answers
1:28:00 – How to use Infopathy
1:31:00 – How to create personal IC Complexes
1:49:00 – Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs)
1:58:00 – Examples of ICs for various conditions
2:10:00 – Sound healing; audibles; IC Hummer
2:26:00 – Treatment approach
2:30:00 – Infopathy for professionals
2:46:00 – More Questions & Answers
Q&A from the webinar

About the presenter
Daniel Knebel is a healthcare professional and passionate athlete with over twenty years of healthcare experience. Since 1999 he has been working on optimizing the health of people of all ages and levels of performance.

During his career, Daniel has helped hundreds of clients achieve their physical goals in record time. Additionally, he is an IC Developer on Infopathy and has created over 500 ICs and Complexes.
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