How to Imprint ICs: Once in 3 Days Transfer Method

To efficiently transfer infoceuticals to water, you will need an IC Pad or IC Hummer, a computer/smartphone, and non-carbonated water.

Using Method 2, you can also imprint ICs into other products as well, like body creams, oils, juices, alcohol solutions (vol. up to 50%), etc.

Method 1 Steps:

1. Sign In and choose ICs, IC Complex, or create your own IC Complex.

2. Take a glass (recommended) or a plastic bottle filled with non-carbonated water that you usually drink and connect your IC Pad or IC Hummer to your computer or smartphone.

3. Set the volume level of the computer/smartphone to the maximum if using IC Pad or up to 80% if using IC Hummer.

4. Vigorously shake the bottle of water for at least 10 seconds.

5. Place IC Pad under the bottle or, if using IC Hummer, attach it to the bottle and start the transfer.

6. When the IC Transfer is complete, the water is ready and you can drink it throughout the day.

7. When you finish half of the prepared water, add new water to your bottle and vigorously shake it for at least 10 seconds. This will shift the IC from the old to the new volume of water.

8. In 3 days, repeat all the steps with a fresh volume of water.

9. Please remember to keep your IC water away from any electrical devices!


Can I prepare a new bottle of IC water every day using Method 1?

Yes, there is no problem to prepare a new bottle of IC water every day.

What type of bottle (in terms of material) should I use to make IC water? Can I use stainless steel bottles?

The best bottles to use when making IC water are glass bottles. Stainless steel bottles cannot be used to make IC water since the metal shields the electromagnetic signal produced by the IC Pad. If you would like, you can prepare your IC water in a glass bottle and then transfer it to a stainless steel bottle.

What kind of water should I use to transfer ICs?

You should use good quality drinking water containing minerals as these minerals help transfer information. Bottled spring water is recommended.

Can I transfer ICs only to water?

No, you can transfer ICs to other products including but not limited to pre-made drinks, dairy products, and body creams.

Can I use distilled water to transfer ICs?

It is not recommended to use distilled water to transfer ICs. The reason being, distilled water does not contain any minerals, which are necessary to hold information.

Can I use carbonated water to transfer ICs?

There is not much information about using carbonated water to transfer ICs. It is recommended that you use bottled spring water. Nevertheless, if you have difficulty drinking non-carbonated water, you can always try carbonated and see if it helps you.

Can I make IC complexes that include both Imprint and PEMF ICs?

Yes, you can make IC complexes that contain both Imprint and PEMF ICs.

Can I transfer ICs into water that already has some ICs in it?

It is recommended not to transfer ICs into water that already have ICs in it. Instead, you can transfer ICs into two separate volumes of water and then mix them, or a better option would be to drink one after the other.

Can I add liquid magnesium or boron to my water before transferring ICs?

Yes, you can add liquid magnesium or boron to your water before transferring ICs. If using “Method 1” (i.e. 3-days large bottle method), place the minerals into your water first and then vigorously shake the water. After this, transfer the ICs to your water. If using “Method 2” (i.e. 30-days small bottle with the saline method), first add the minerals to your glass of water and then add the drops of prepared IC water.

Can I store IC water in the fridge?

Yes, you can refrigerate (as low as 2C / 36F) the prepared water, but do not freeze it.

What water temperature should I use to transfer ICs? Can I use IC water for cooking or bathing?

To transfer ICs, you should use water that has a temperature below 30C (86F) and above 2C (36F). Thus, you cannot transfer ICs directly into hot beverages or soups. You can use IC water for cooking and bathing; but, the temperature should not exceed 30C, otherwise, the water molecules will have too much energy and the coherent domains (which carry the frequencies) will be destroyed. Therefore, you can use IC water only for cold dishes/beverages or in a slightly warm bath.

Is there a way to protect my IC water from environmental EM smog?

Yes, depending on the method you use to prepare your IC water. If you use “Method 1”(i.e. 3-days large bottle method), you can use a glass (recommended) or plastic bottle for the transfer, and then once the transfer is complete, pour the water into a stainless steel bottle. If you use “Method 2” (i.e. 30-days small bottle with saline method), you can cover the small bottle with aluminum foil once the transfer is complete.

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