Will Power (Sacral Chakra)

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The Sacral Chakra helps to move clearly towards your goal with motivation and strength, aligning with your purpose - live your passion, whatever that may be. Problems with the Sacral Chakra lead to issues with physical and material desires. This IC is indicated for bladder problems, frigidity, gall and kidney stones, reproductive organs, vaginal cancer, prostate cancer, and pelvic disease.

Mar 09, 2022
This signal meaning is will power of creating, taking on goals, etc which is related to Sacral center, it has different connotation to third chakra such as confidence, and perception of who we are, beliefs...
Mar 09, 2022
Is this correct? I was under the impression that the solar plexus was about will power and the sacral was about safety and located in the navel area.
Mar 06, 2020
This PMF dosn't work on my Glowpad.
Hi Yvonne, please try to set the volume to maximum after you connect your IC Pad. I just tried, my IC Pad glows as usual if the volume is more then half.
Jul 18, 2020
Danke Anton 💗😊

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