Charisma (Heart Chakra)

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Blood and Cardiovascular
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The Heart Chakra is associated with the Circulatory System and Thymus Gland. It is the center of Compassion, Love, Group Consciousness and Spirituality. It helps in balancing connection with people with your true self and bonding, influencing people to form positive relationships. Healthy relationships, pets, family, even appreciation of beauty and nature enhance the health of this chakra. Problems with the Heart Chakra lead to issues with love. This IC is indicated for high blood pressure, heart problems, thymus, blood, circulatory system, and involuntary muscles.

May 11, 2022
can you use this on water as well?
Hi Chadwick, yes, you can imprint it to water as well (it is a secondary application method for Imprint ICs, please see here more details: )
Feb 17, 2022
Hi Anton , would it be ok to make a complex with all the chackra pemfs, from root to crown and run it one by one ( provided we have the time, like when watching a movie or relaxing), or it would be too much all of them in a single session?! Thank you
Hi Cristina, I think there should be no problem running them one by one in a complex.
Feb 03, 2022
hello, how many times a day to use the chakra. then I combine it with the other chakras and listen to them all at once
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Hello Hélène, we recommend using the same PEMF IC 1-2 times a day. It is best to apply PEMF IC directly to your body.
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