Nerve Trauma PEMF

Primary Application
Apply to sternum
Included ICs
75.1 k
This PEMF was designed to help with body trauma and injury as well as support healing.
This IC may help release past emotional shocks, traumas, negative subconscious belief patterns, and tape loops stored in brain holograms. It may he...
28.7 k
This PEMF is for recovery and stimulation of the vagus nerve. Apply IC Pad to the stomach area.
Rife frequencies that may be used to help with arthritis nervous system paralysis.
This PEMF was designed to correct the position of all joints in the body. Check the length of your legs before and after using the IC - you will fi...
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drkropf, March 13, 2023
Great reset and stress release. Helps with chronic painย 
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Nerve Trauma PEMF
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