Em nightly respiratory soother

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Help with congestion, PND, snoring, asthma.
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Jade Screen & Xanthium Formula (Yu Ping Feng Jia Cang Er San) is a blend of herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to supplement qi, stop sweat...
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Oregano oil is derived from oregano and is rich in antioxidants (such as phenols, terpenes, and terpenoids) as well as anti-inflammatory compounds....
2.93 k
Pine needles are rich in vitamins (such as Vitamins A and C) and flavonoids and are known to have various medicinal properties, which include anti-...
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Nathanael, July 27, 2022
I started using this for allergies at night and it is fantastic. I wake up more rested, without a stuffy nose, sneezing, or headache. My son doesn't wheeze in the morning when he uses this. If I skip it for a few days... my body lets me know!
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